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North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan October 28th 2017

Our final day on our cruise was another sea day. The sea was rough and it was very windy on deck. We think it must be the tail end of another cyclone. Thankfully there wasn’t any rain and the sun was out. Mum and I had a really lazy day watching movies on the ship funnel. It was hard to say goodbye to our service team. Everyone has treated us like royalty. The ship docked very early and we were able to disembark by 9:30am. Yvette and Margaret were flying home but Mum and I still had a few more days and fly out on Halloween. After dropping our luggage off at our hotel and with the advice from our porter that the next few days weather was going to very wet we headed back down ... read more

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan October 26th 2017

Never to much chocolate We meet Margaret and Yvette at Central Park Zoo to check out the animals and see if we could find the gay penguins. Although the zoo was small they had a lot of animals and was set out beautifully. We’re in the rainforest area and noticed a dark fish tank that had piranhas in it. At the time I read the sign a leaf fell in front of me and I just moved thinking a fish had gotten out of the tank ... definitely a brown undies moment Mum enjoyed their clock that chimed on the hour and half hour. As it was a lovely warm day we decided to stroll around the park and check it out. There was a lot of tourists about but we managed to have a ride ... read more

North America » Canada October 25th 2017

After a bit of a sleep in today (our tour wasn’t till midday) but we wanted to check out what Sydney had to offer. Disney recommended a shoe store called Rieker that specialised in boots ... we brought 5 pairs of shoes between us ... Mum got 3 😱 We also spent up big in the Post Office. I just wanted to see if they had any 150 celebration stamps. The Lady serving us must have thought we were nuts. We covered all generations with our purchase After a quick Tim Horton’s coffee and the use of their free wifi we headed back to the ship to get ready for our pub tour of Sydney Our tour was to three Local pubs that were all totally different and try their local beers. There was an interesting ... read more

As we came into port the coastline was lined with people as this was the maiden voyage a Disney cruise ship has berthed in PEI. We were extremely lucky to dock at the wharf this morning as the tide was very low. Thankfully Captain Mickey decided to take a chance. There was a small delay for going ashore as they had to modify the gangways this meant our onboard time was extended by 1 hour ... more shopping time for us. I’d booked us onto a private Anne of Green Gables tour with Harry through Duncan’s Tours. We were greeted by a Canadian Mounty and a Anne Shirley lookalike as we came ashore. We located Harry in the Cruise Terminal, which was full of shops with a craft market. As we headed out of town Harry ... read more

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan October 21st 2017

Stepping onboard the Disney Magic felt like coming home and I love the way they welcome every family onboard. The atrium was decorated with Halloween decorations and will be our home for the next seven nights. Not only is our cruise a Halloween cruise it’s also has a Marvel day. We’ll be sailing up the Canadian Eastern coastline stopping at Prince Edward Island ( aka Anne Island ), Sydney and Halifax, Nova Scotia After our mandatory safety drill it wasn’t to long and we were sailing past the Statue of Liberty with cocktail in hand. The shows on board the cruise are spectacular and started with the welcome aboard show ( Mum and I missed this our last cruise ) The Cruise Director ( aka Julie from the Love Boat) welcomed us on board and announced ... read more

North America » United States October 20th 2017

During my holiday research, I came across an article about a coffee festival and it was on the weekend Yvette and her mum Margaret arrived. I booked us tickets in the hope we will find a decent cup of coffee. We were amazed at the varieties of coffee and coffee products. Australia was well represented by a Tim Tam booth and a couple of coffee stands (I hadn’t heard of any of the brands) we loved the coffee from Bluestone Lane, not only were they Aussies they were South supporters And enjoyed catching up on our club news, the newest thing in coffee is cold coffee and I don’t mean the nice ice coffee we get at home. People lined up for cold coffee like it was a bar. We tried the cold brew pumpkin flavour ... read more

North America » United States » New York » New York » Brooklyn October 15th 2017

It’s amazing the difference a day makes. Tuesday has the sun out and it’s set to be a fabulous day in New York., no more wild weather from Hurricane Nate. Mum and I headed out early for a visit to the Empire State Building. We’ve been waiting for a nice morning to go up to the 86 th floor to check it out the 360 degree views we get of New York. We’ve been keeping an eye on the tower from our appartment window and love the different colours it lights up at night. It was blue for the Yankees baseball game and red, green and white on Columbus Day. We get a grest view of the top of the tower from our bedroom window. We decided to head to the American Museum of Natural History. ... read more

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan October 11th 2017

Our aim the next few days is to cross off a few of the magor sightseeing attractions we wanted to see. This in mind we headed off to visit the National Museum of the American Indian which is housed in the original customs house. We were fortunate enough to join a building tour of customs house to learn the history of the beautiful building which is now been named the Alexander Hamilton U.S Customs House. As we were near the financial area I tried to get a better picture of the Charging Bull and Fearless Girl. As it was a Saturday the crowd around the two figures was nuts. I did manage to get a couple of good photos of fearless girl before I lost my patience with the crowd and had to leave for there ... read more

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan October 8th 2017

We were up bright and early Thursday morning, as we‘re being picked up for our trip to Woodbury Common. A premium outlet centre located upstate NY in Central Valley, that has a Disney discount store. The traffic out of town was quite good as we travelled along Sully’s landing strip aka the Hudson River. It wasn’t to long and we were surrounded by National Parks. The tree leaves were starting to change colour and looked beautiful. We had 6 hours to shop and with map in hand we were off. After 5 hours and 30 mins we were shopped out (OK the Credit Cards weren‘t going to work anymore) I always knew this would be a budget blower for us. Thursday night we headed to Times Square to see Hamilton. This Show has been on my ... read more

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan October 6th 2017

This year Mum and I are making our way to New York for our holidays. We will be spending most of our time in New York but have a side trip to Niagara Fall and a Disney Cruise to the CanadIan Coast. I enjoy researching and planning on my standby shifts at work and have a lot of new adventures planned for us both over the next 5 weeks. I hope to share some of these experiences in this blog. This trip I booked our flights with Qantas for one reason only .... we get 2 x 23kgs cases each (this will save me in postage 😉) Our total flight time was just under 21 hours flying via Los Angeles. I’m happy to say we survived the stampede in LA changing flights and but I needed ... read more

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