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Perth boi now in Manchester and set to travel around and see as many bands as possible!

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver March 8th 2010

Hi all! Well the Olympics have been and gone. Did you all watch the Olympics coverage on Channel 9? It was certainly an interesting time to be in Vancouver! Speaking of Channel 9, as I exited my building the other week, Grant Hackett was standing outside chatting on the phone. I wouldn’t have noticed him except for the Channel 9 Olympic gear he was wearing. I didn’t really do anything exciting for the Olympics, but I did make it to one event - Men’s Curling. There were three matches played at the same time: USA v China, Great Britain v Germany and France v Norway. You can laugh at Curling (even some Canadians do), and it isn’t really a sport, but it was fun to watch. The crowd were crazy (although consisted of too many yanks ... read more
Less than 24 hours to go!
Being silly, again
The cauldron

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver January 17th 2010

Hello my trusty readers! 2010 which means a new decade, and, more importantly for someone living in Vancouver, Winter Olympics time. The February 2010 Winter Olympics seemed so far away when I first arrived in Vancouver in June 2007, but time seems to have flown by and there are now less than four weeks until the big event. You wouldn’t know it, though. All the expected road closures and pavilions have not yet materialised, but I presume these will start popping up soon. Also, with a mild winter (little or no snow since mid-December), the idea that we will be hosting the Winter Olympics doesn’t really compute. Still, Vancouver’s weather can change with little warning, so maybe we will get some much needed snow in time. Otherwise, I hope they have enough snow stockpiled! Perth! It ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver December 13th 2009

Well it has been a few months my last update. As my trip back to Perth is fast-approaching (one week to go!), I thought I’d say hello (HI!) and give a run-down of the past six months of my life in Vancouver. June 2009 A quiet month for me. The event of the month was the Scotiabank Half Marathon. My second half marathon and I completed it in 1 hour 27 minutes and 19 seconds. July 2009 I played host to another Couch Surfer this month, Paul from Brighton is a travel writer so was able to score us a free dinner at Rain City Grill and tickets to Bard on the Beach (The Comedy of Errors). A rare treat in Vancouver this month - a lightning storm! We had gone to Trout Lake Park for ... read more
Ile juggles

Well I’m now well and truly settled back in Vancouver with a place to live and a job. In typical style for me, my job sees a return to Davis, the firm I worked for before leaving here last year. I really enjoyed my time at Davis last year, so it is nice to back amongst friendly faces. As an added bonus, I get a small pay rise and for the first time in two years I get paid holidays, medical cover plus a few other niceties! Also my contract is to July 2010 so there’s no need to worry about a job whilst I am in Vancouver. So, yes, that means I will be in Vancouver for another 15 months at least and possibly longer! It also means that I won’t be travelling much over ... read more
Vancouver - view from Lions Gate Bridge
Lost Lagoon - swannies
Art exhibition by friend Jay

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City April 22nd 2009

Well I’m almost about to take my flight back to Vancouver (via Seattle - always on the hunt for the cheapest flight options!). I’ve had an amazing four months since leaving Vancouver but I’m super excited about my return, the chance to return to a more relaxed lifestyle (travelling will become few and far apart) and the prospects of a Vancouver summer. Upon my return to London from Paris, I had a hectic Easter Sunday making a return to the stunning Natural History Museum to catch the Charles Darwin exhibition to celebrate what would have been his 250th birthday. The exhibit was fascinating showing various specimens he collected on his life-changing five year journey on the Beagle. Stories of eating Armadillo and shooting trips were less appealing! I also went to the nearby Science Museum to ... read more
London - Darwin exhibition
Science Museum - Wallace and Gromit
Science Museum - Wallace and Gromit

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Islington April 12th 2009

Happy Easter everyone. Trust you all enjoyed your time off work or study. Well, I’m now unemployed! At the start of April I said farewell (again!) to the Horwich Farrelly gang. We did have one last night of fun, my leaving drinks was a riot with some nice beers and tasty cocktails followed by lots of dancing - wicked times! The next day I made the most of my last day in Manchester by, finally!, visiting the Central Library (very beautiful inside) and then the John Rylands Library which is stunning outside and even more so inside. That night I went to a gig by Denis Jones, a great local musician. The gig just happened to be in a vego café - perfect! I spent the following day with my flatmates at the Ramsbottom Chocolate Festival ... read more
Manchester Central Library
John Rylands Library, Manchester
John Rylands Library, Manchester

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater Manchester » Manchester March 31st 2009

March - four weekends and four trips … hey, something sounds familiar there … Keeping with tradition, I spent my weekends *in* Manchester, mostly not actually in Manchester! Biggest excitement of the month was my first flight since the start of January with a three day trip to Finland’s capital of Helsinki. Main attraction for me was a concert by Antony and the Johnsons, an amazing band (well singer) who I have obsessed over for a few years now. The concert was truly amazing and Helsinki itself was definitely worth the visit - very similar to Oslo, lots of lovely buildings, super expensive (Aussie $13 for beer, $15 for my compulsory morning latte and pulla pastry) and damn cold. A special treat were the harbour areas that were partly or fully covered in ice. Given that ... read more
Steam train
strong man!
Irwell Sculpture Trail

and believe it or not, this was meant to be a quiet month … First up was a trip up to Glasgow to catch up with friends Anthony and Iain. I’d been planning to visit Glasgow for a long time now, but sadly never got around to it until now. Everyone raves about Edinburgh, but Glasgow is almost as good - the only thing missing is the stand-out beauty of Edinburgh’s castle and surrounding hills. Sadly I only had one night in town but still managed a little sight seeing (some great, old buildings including the impressive Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum‎ where we had afternoon tea), an awesome home cooked meal and then a trip to the pub. It was all too brief a trip, but I’ve already planned a return trip for my birthday ... read more
Peak District
Peak District
Peak District

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater Manchester » Manchester January 31st 2009

Well I’m well and truly settled in Manchester. I arrived on 8 January, met my new housemates, brought a few necessities had a night’s sleep and then early the next morning I bussed it down to London to catch up with Vaughan and Lucy. That night we caught up with their friend Catherine, Michelle Dean (ex Mallies) and Michelle’s boyfriend Jeff, to catch ‘Le Clique’ a circus/cabaret/burlesque show that has toured around the world. Not my usual cup of tea but it was a great show - favourites being the bendy ‘Captain Frodo’ who contorted his body through a 12 inch then a 10 inch tennis racket; the ‘Freddy Mercury’ juggler and ‘the English Gents’ who did amazing acrobatic feats such as a one hand handstand on a guys head whilst he stood up! I also ... read more
Manchester - 'the fling cabinet'
Manchester 'eye'
Manchester - Urbis

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan January 7th 2009

Well I had a much better time in New York compared to when I first arrived two weeks ago! Most of my time was spent walking all over the city and then adding the calories back on by eating heaps! Most tourists would catch several buses/trains/taxis a day, I managed 4 ½ days with only two rides on the subway - crazy, but that’s me : -) After my overnight bus from Toronto to New York, I checked into my hostel (way, way better than the previous NY one - conveniently located close to Times Square and hot showers!) and then went for a nice long walk from 30th street up to Times Square and then all the way downtown, over the Manhattan Bridge and over to Brooklyn - over four hours solid walking. It was ... read more
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