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11th May 2009

Thanks Pedro
Hey Pedro - just wanted to thank you for all the time and effort you put into your travel blogs keeping us all updated and green with envy! It was a real joy to read of your adventures and see the wonderful photographs you took along the way. It's been like being on holidays while at work for me! So I will really miss your blog. Wishing you every happiness during your time in Vancouver. We'll keep in touch I am sure. All the best Pedro. And thanks again! Love Stephanie
17th February 2009

I just thought your pictures were so nice! Just wanted to take a look! :)
21st November 2008

Pete, I want your gnocchi receipe!
18th August 2008

yes i know that, we all know i am stupido :-) i have since been told (by a bloody german no less) that they are a type of deer and that does make more sense but you know its got four legs, its climbing up/down a mountain, its a mountain goat to me ....
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15th August 2008

Hahahaa... Peter, they aren't goats! You're so funny.
From Blog: Banff-tastic
10th July 2008

HI Pete .. dressing up in a a suit again sounds like it would have been a big shock to your system ! Great to hear you are exploring Canada now and your new job. Go collect that money man! EOY is done here and we went out to Jessica's for lunch today - just 3 of us left in the team at present. ( we have another new girl starting on 21 July.) take care, best wishes from M
4th July 2008

ahh Paris
Pete - I missed this blog too! And I missed the red in my honour... shall I never live that night down??? :) Yes, I've been alcohol free (bar a tiny sip of someone elses drink a couple of times just to taste, and a half glass of champagne at an event) for 5 months now... 3 more to go! The poor baby though.. I did had a fair bit of champers on Australia Day and found out I was pregnant the next day!
6th June 2008

Hi Petey, thanks for the great read. I love reading your travel blogs, they are so in depth and a pleasure to read. Can't believe that your Europe days are nearly over. Can't wait to read all about your Canada travels. Keep well and remember to "keep yourself noice". Miss Ruby says goo goo! Nicky and Ruby xx
4th June 2008

Shame on you!!!
The way we're going, I'm tempted to say I'm a Weavil too but it could never be that bad!
12th May 2008

20 degrees
....reminds me of Mallesons meeting rooms....freeeeeeezzzzing!!!
30th April 2008

Thanks Margaret, been pretty busy work wise but still nothing like EOM so sure don't miss that! Man Utd just got into the final for the European Cup so things are mental around here! Hope all is well.
30th April 2008

Hi Pete, well it is good to catch up on all your news. Just finished off an EOM - I can tell you are not missing Mallies. Great to hear you are travelling lots and enjoying all the GIG and evena soccer match - wow . I learnt more gos from your site than I heard here at MSJ ! cheers - keep well - enjoy Canada. Margaret
18th April 2008

loving your blog
hey pedro, love catching up on all your trips and gigs! brussels looked cool, loved the art. sounds like you are having the most amazing time, just been in touch with vaughan - you guys have a great weekend and if you see kendal say hi from me. looking forward to the next instalment, j
27th March 2008

Loved the update
Hi Pete, great to see another entry. Your Easter weekend was packed! Brussels sounds like a great place. I think I would go there just for the chocolate - was it really really good? Biggest news for me is that I'm preggers and expecting in October. There is something in the water over here! Take care. Keep the updates coming. Hugs, tam.
20th March 2008

Can I make a gag about Giza=Geezer?
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19th February 2008

Very exciting you made it to Stockholm! I loved the Vasa museum and the semlor buns (those creamy buns!) I'm heading back there in May for the first time in 7 years - can't wait!!
11th February 2008

Holy crap! You're going to Canada! If you're thinking about Vancouver, tell me and I'll put you in touch with my sister - she works for Tourism Vancouver and has lived there since 1998. Canada rocks. It really does.
1st February 2008

OMG!! you got to see Ronaldo play - so jealous!!!!
23rd January 2008

Casablanca...a legendary movie
Your taste in movies is seriously flawed by friend!!! I'll only say this...Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman - 3 oscars. That's it, I'm going....you've upset me. Only Rhett and Scarlett can fix this now, and don't you dare tell me you don't know about them.
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13th January 2008

Next you'll be buying a Dockers membership!!
So stop it with the sport talk...you're freakin' me out! Talk music, I don't get any of it, but at least it sounds normal coming from you!
31st December 2007

my photos
Thanks for my photos....Audrey...what a legend!
7th December 2007

Happy new home!
Hi Pedro - Happy new home. Your new place looks amazing, so does its position. Similar to your place in King St. Sounds like you've been having a fantastic time. Thanks for the updates. Love reading them. Take care of you.
From Blog: New home
25th November 2007

Thanks for the great rundown Pete, Manchester looks very pretty with the lights up doesn't it? And the tips for the Becks Veranda (now to be called the "Becks Music Box" I hear) are also very welcome (I am also impressed you still manage to keep your finger on the pulse from way over there!) Now about Keystone though - you are such a dag sometimes ;) hehe Anyhoo congrats on making your 6 month milestone, and I hope you enjoy your new pad... j :)
9th November 2007

Hi Pete - thanks for the Praque post card. It sounds like you had a great time. I guess it is now do a little work so you can have a good time in Portugal and Copenhagen. ( sounds cold though ) Lee Anne is back and has told us you are really enjoying youself - lots of gigs and only a little work ! cheers M
From Blog: Prague 2
23rd October 2007

Hi Pete Looks like you are doing a great job of seeing all the sights! So sorry I'm not there to show you around - but am having a great time in London! There is another great vegetarian restaurant called Beas - is indian - near the tine church just off old town square that is worth a visit if you can find it. Glad you found Clear Hear - is one of my favourites!!
From Blog: Prague

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