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Europe » Romania » Muntenia » Bucharest July 11th 2010

We seemed to go over 40 hills, across 50 rivers and through realms of dragons and trolls as we and and a brigand of insufferable screaming children slithered across the straight 4 hour track to Bucharest. We seemed to stop forever at each station and arrived into the capital half an hour late. As soon as we stepped off the train at Gara de Nord (often cited as the most dangerous railway station in Europe, but we weren't convinced it was anything too bad) we were harassed for taxi rides. Having been instructed to take a taxi, we found the official rank at the front of the station to be safe, but apparently we were ripped off anyway. My friend Anne-Sophie, with whom I lived in Prague last summer, greeted us there by directing us to ... read more
Anne-Sophie and I
Example bank
Piața Revolutiei

Europe » Bulgaria » Dobrich Province » Shabla July 9th 2010

We woke up on thursday morning having slept surprisingly well, considering the wonkiness of our masterpiece couchettes constructed from fully reclined seats and our backpacks. It was 9am, and we were expecting that some earlybird tourists might have started to arrive by now, however, the sky just happened to be covered by a pale but gloomy layer of stratus, and stepping out of the car, we realised it was infact very windy. We pondered what we would do in conditions which made swimming and sunbathing impractical over our breakfast of moar bread and white cheese. We decided to go to the next beach up, Rusalka, which we knew was a resort, so would at least have some kind of bars and such if the beach were empty. When we arrived however, the stratus had started clearing ... read more
Blurry rakija

Europe » Bulgaria » Dobrich Province » Kavarna July 8th 2010

Since last leaving you there has been no possible way for me to make contact with the internet, hence posting these two entries at once. I have even added some more to the previous entry, which I was rushing to write before my battery expired in our restaurant in Sofia. Wednesday morning, arriving in Varna on the roughest zombie train I have ever endured in my life, was our cue to finally leave the theme of heavy civilisation, trains, wifi cafés and even places where we could charge our devices well behind. We were looking forward to three days of sunbathing, swimming, living off bread and white cheese, and sleeping under the stars. I, for sure, hoped that the stars would provide better protection than the compartment on the zombie train, which despite having a route ... read more
Cherno More
Street markets

Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia City » Sofia July 6th 2010

I guess I should remember that "no problem" as an epithet of hope is an extremely unwise remark for a traveller to make. As we left Novi Sad, we encountered only problems - firstly running to catch our train in time, secondly being told we had to pay a supplement for not having a reservation (which the european rail database said was not necessary on this train) and thirdly, after all this stress, sitting in a steamy oven of a carriage half-full of Serbian grandmothers who refused to open any windows because of the noise were not exactly our wishes. Anyway, when we arrived into Belgrade, we immediately noticed that it could not be much more different to Novi Sad, considering that they are both part of the same country. While Novi Sad was flat and ... read more
Jitka and the Sava
Belgrade Cathedral
Zombie train

Europe » Serbia » North » Novi Sad July 4th 2010

The flat, black landscape of Hungary blared at me in vibrant stillness as Jitka slept, and I stood next to the open window accompanied by Lawrence's RA podcast (one of my deep house faves whose company on my travels last summer inspired nenahýbejte se z oken), as our decaying rychlík glided around the neverending plains, with the lights of Budapest still glaring at me 100 kilometers distant, and the faraway streetlights from the parallel motorway just seeming to stay as still as the many visible stars, like a backdrop to a SNES game. Momentarily we seemed to be stopping as the sooty Rothko painting was marred by a house or factory, a level crossing, a buzzing network of sidings and having cleared these, we sped up again, hurtling towards the Serbian border at the usual speed ... read more
Cathedral at dusk
Jelen a Laň

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest July 3rd 2010

I know the feeling too well now - rushing to pack, to tie up everything you need to with uni or work or whatever, and then to make sure that you get enough spirits in your body that you get to sleep at a sensible time... but really? Yeah, this time I had a little extra detail involved in my preparation for this rather epic trip. My birthday, and the need to go and celebrate it (two days early) in Prague before I left for two and a half weeks. This meant that after a lot of beer and slivovice, I arrived home at midnight, and then for some reason only slept until 4am. I was unable to function properly from the excitement. I spent the remaining time in the nether hours preparing a list of ... read more
Our hostel
Old house near the castle
Me at the castle

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Hloubetín May 24th 2010

A quick recommendation for people visiting Prague: Kolbenova Flea Market. I've never quite seen anything as abundant or chaotic in my life - and I wish we had got there earlier than 12.30, one and a half hours before the huge dusty area, on which thousands of little stalls and camping mats piled with the most random assortments of goods were laid, had to be cleared. Some people had obviously come wanting only to try and sell off old stuff as in a car boot sale, but then there were also a few regular stalls run more professionally, some of which were selling the most bizarre combinations of stock you could imagine: Toiletries, sardines and tea (The sardines were in the sale at this time) Porn, spirits and blank media Old turntables and electric hobs (this ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Zlín Region » Zlín May 17th 2010

So, an update then. Well first and foremost I've moved, to a lovely flat right in the heart of New Town, for those who know Prague, less than 10 minutes walk away from Vaclavák, Karlák and Ípák. I've been really enjoying: not having to leave home at 6am to trek from Bílá Hora to industrial parks on the other side of town, being able to walk home from hlavní nádrazí in 10 minutes after completing 4 hour train journeys from Zlín, living just across from a nice vietnamese potraviny as opposed having to go to Kaufland for everything, and finally living in an entirely non-english speaking house. However this is not to say it's entirely Czech speaking - one half of the couple I share the place with hails from the east of Slovakia and speaks ... read more
Picture unrelated
Uherské Hradiště station

Extended title: "Veliké noci ve veliké díře u velikého brlohu na konci světa" - Great nights (Easter) in a great hole next to a great hole at the end of the world At half four in the morning I was roused from my sleep by one of the usual weird 30 minute long ambient soundscapes they play on Rádio 1 in the nether hours, and soon after I was walking through a different kind of ambient soundscape, the Řepy dawn chorus which sometimes accompanies me on my way to work, feeling ready for a long, long trek. Then negotiating the sparse Prague transport system as it too wakes up, and later at hlavní nádrazí as the sun rose, collapsing into a seat on the ridiculously timed one Pendolino per day from Prague to Brno, at half ... read more
In the hole

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Berkshire » Iver March 4th 2010

I'm not going to go into the trouble of explaining Kathau day on here. Every year on March 4th since 2006 I've visited the resting place of the ashes of a writer named Peter Sloane, and this year was especially special. Firstly, it's been five years since he died this year. Secondly it was quite lucky I managed to do it this year, living abroad and all. The real reason I was back in UK was to bring my belongings over to Prague. Thirdly it felt really fulfilling to travel non-stop from Bílá Hora to reach this place. And finally, when I got there, my inscription on the rather distinctive tree which marks the place from the previous year was still very much visible. This yearly pilgrimage really means a lot to me. I hope I ... read more
Remains of the tree

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