Summer of lost and confused

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From: June 9th 2009
Until: September 8th 2009

We only needed to walk a little bit out of the town, eventually stopped by a river with the motorway on the other side, to be able to experience that natural beauty basically unheard of to people from large cities, the ability to look up at the midheaven and for it to be so overcrowded with space junk you couldn't even decipher a single constellation. At the hilt of the horizon facing us sat Scorpius, then Ophiuchus, and throughout the course of our timeless chillaxing on the riverbank, Sagittarius eventually came into view, signalling that the Earth had rotated far too much while we were there and that we were probably being ripped to shreds by mosquitos. - Greeted by the stars and turned away by the mountains
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Blog Entries

Date Blog Title Location
June 9th 2009 The most surreal experience at airport security... Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Sussex » Gatwick Airport
June 11th 2009 jak se řekne český "phono to minijack connector"? Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Brevnov
June 12th 2009 City of Death Europe » Czech Republic » Central Bohemian Region » Kutná Hora
June 22nd 2009 Some horrific history lessons for you Europe » Czech Republic » Ústí nad Labem Region » Terezín
June 28th 2009 Krev, pot, slzy Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Holesovice
July 2nd 2009 The land of wine, cycle lanes and border control Europe » Czech Republic » South Moravian Region » Breclav
July 4th 2009 To all my kamarády Europe » Czech Republic » Central Bohemian Region » Karlstejn
July 15th 2009 Greeted by the stars and turned away by the mountains Europe » Slovakia » Zilina Region » Liptovský Mikulás
July 17th 2009 Chiming at five to the hour Europe » Slovakia » Banská Bystrica Region » Banská Bystrica
July 19th 2009 A very unexpected twist Europe » Slovakia » Bratislava Region » Bratislava
July 23rd 2009 Pics only entry from Budapest Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest
July 24th 2009 How many pissed off, confused backpackers can you pile in to bratislava hlavná stanica? Europe » Slovakia » Bratislava Region » Bratislava
August 1st 2009 Jedeme pod zemí: discovering the Prague Metro Europe » Czech Republic » Prague
August 3rd 2009 Probably won't be updating for a while... Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Brevnov
August 6th 2009 Fine, fine, mouse, fine... Europe » Czech Republic » Plzen Region » Plzen
August 16th 2009 Ústí nad Labem: The new riviera Europe » Czech Republic » Ústí nad Labem Region » Ústí nad Labem
August 17th 2009 Switching back to "hvala" mode again Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana
August 20th 2009 It takes a village to raise a child Europe » Croatia » Istria » Novalja
August 22nd 2009 Naive dismemberings of oneself in the name of Bob Marley Europe » Hungary » Western Transdanubia » Keszthely
August 24th 2009 Vienna? It's best described thus. Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna
August 30th 2009 Some pics from the weekend Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Troja
September 7th 2009 Wordless Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Holesovice
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