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So... lets enjoy winter before it goes and try something new, I thought, and borrowed a pair of waterproof trousers from one of my extreme sports-loving flatmates and hopped on the rychlík to Otrokovice while Jitka arranged to borrow some jackets from her parents and book some equipment from a ski rental place. After the previous weekend seeing hordes of people cross-country skiing on Praděd, we decided that this weekend we would go have some fun in the snow before it went. For me this would also be a completely new experience, having never touched a pair of skis before in my life. As I arrived in Zlín, the sun was out and the temperature finally seemed to be peeking above freezing. The next morning, when we planned to take the skis and go, we looked ... read more
The bus timetable at Hlinsko

By the above title I mean to say "the highest mountain in Moravia" and "the God of Moravia" (I don't really know who that is..) This weekend has turned out not to be too much of a language test, I just haven't been speaking much.. instead it turned out to be more of an endurance test filled with walks through landscapes whose off-the-track ground currently bears between 80cm and 3 metres of snowfall. The day temperatures are fine as long as you wear enough layers (maybe around -5 at the lowest), the paths are fine to walk on as long as you can work out where they are, and the air is squeaky clean. We arrived to Vrbno on thursday after a hectic journey featuring a domino chain of delays and running around stations to catch ... read more
Magic Mushroom Rozcestník

Europe » Czech Republic » Zlín Region » Zlín February 10th 2010

And finally. You can't imagine how good it felt, after 4 long, heavy weeks of being tied up in Prague, to collapse into an empty compartment of a rychlik and zip down the corridor again. I'm simply not used to being in this country and not travelling. Just to add a thick layer of icing on the cake, Jitka and I had the compartment to ourselves the entire 3 hour journey to Otrokovice, where we changed onto a little train to Zlín, her home city. Zlín could be renowned for a few reasons. Firstly it was the home of Austro-Hungarian entepreneur Tomáš Baťa, who made shoes, and whose name is still used by the same company he founded in its modern multi-national guise. Although the Baťa company has nothing to do with Zlín anymore, the city ... read more
Functionalist WTF factor

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Bílá Hora February 8th 2010

My first four weeks back in the Czech Republic have definitely been blog-worthy despite the fact that no travelling has really occured, it's been such a different and in many ways, heavy experience. Coming from an absolutely skewiff London which I ended up leaving a day later than I was supposed to because 3 inches of snowfall had closed Gatwick Airport for a day, to Prague riddled with at least 4 times this, and temperatures averaging around freezing by day and -5 by night, but then dropping as low as -20 on the nights when the clouds finally subside. The area I live in is somewhere between the airport, civilisation and hyper-civilisation. To the north is the sleepy, traumatised district Ruzyně, which gives its name to the airport and appears to have once been a tranquil, ... read more
Slánská Silnice
Dental Floss Windsock...
Jitka and Paula

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Wiltshire » Avebury November 28th 2009

So, I was planning to spend this weekend in Katowice as I booked a £2 RyanAir return a few months back, coinciding with what I thought might be another show in Prague, but this turned out not to happen. However some important uni commitments came up and tbh, I can't really afford to spend 4 days in a city where I know no one and didn't fancy sleeping rough in the forest in the bleak Silesian midwinter. Instead I took one day off uni and with this rather wonderful character Jitka (who hadn't left London in months - something which I believe to be seriously dangerous to one's health), headed down to Avebury, a place my friend Gabriela recommended to me due to its high energy, ancient stone circles and rather spectacular "natural" features. It was ... read more
Silbury Hill
Jitka and I

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Ealing November 19th 2009

This isn't really travel blogging but about a project I'm working on for University at the moment, an audio-visual piece taking the ideas from a piece called "Different Trains" by Steve Reich and recreating them using electronic sources, with video to accompany, and a narrative about European Rail Tourism. This documents the production of the project and gives you a preview at the end. The completed product will be with you in December! Part 1 Part 2 Hope you enjoy :)... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Holesovice September 7th 2009

There's little I really feel I can write about what I've been upto in my last week in the Czech Republic this summer. I've had a visitor and we've been all over the place, but the idea of "travel blogging" anything since I've returned from Croatia has just seemed silly as then, I really felt I was returning home, rather than just to "where I was staying". So I just don't have anything to say anymore. Going back to London just feels wrong, and I doubt I'll be staying there very long after finally finishing my degree. So all I have left is to share the one thing in Prague which catches my eye the most every time I pass it. There's always something in every city I live in which does. In London, it's the ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Troja August 30th 2009

This has been a busy weekend, was DJing in Jablonec nad Nisou on friday night and Prague on saturday night (both shows were epic). The rest of the time I've just been chilling and sleeping, and on Saturday during the day my friend Jessica showed me around Stromovka park and Troja castle, just around the north of the bend in the river. I fully recommend a visit here on a warm summers day.. haven't got much to write about it though. Troja had nice scenery, some interesting sculptures around the chateau and lots of fruit growing all over the place which you can eat. There's also a really wobbly bridge going over the river there from Stromovka, and an amazing looking cycle path following the river which leads all the way into the city.... read more
The Vltava
Jessica and the Chateau
Sculpture 1

Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna August 24th 2009

YO tak lets go cook pasta? i don't drink red wine but i'm acquiring a taste for pesto this summer so let's try it then go for some cubas libre (compound plurals own your ass) long island iced tea for me but you're being a lightweight since saturday night clubbers in vienna like musical self-hate with dark techy murkstep, lets go somewhere else mate tak, OONTZ OONTZ OONTZ OONTZ OONTZ OONTZ OONTZ (1 hour later) OONTZ OONTZ OONTZ hey wait a mo didnt he already play this tune liek 10 minutes ago? this guy is slow. lets go check out the ambient room. these lights would make good tattoos for my shirt. wtf. taxi? ach, sie sind an die erste strasse links. genau, ty vole. sleep. massage. frühstuck chleba chleba chleba lets go for a walk, ... read more

Europe » Hungary » Western Transdanubia » Keszthely August 22nd 2009

The last night in Novalja gave me just 2 hours of sleep, it was horrifically hot and for some idiotic reason I refused to open the window to keep the mosquitoes out, despite having a fan on which would have done the job alone. So after writhing in that oven of an apartment all night, I gave a rather tired sigh of relief as I stepped onto the (air-conditioned) coach to Zagreb, knowing that tonight I would be leaving the 36°C August temperatures of former Yugoslavia long long behind. I arrived into Zagreb 3 hours before my train out again was supposed to leave, so that gave me some time to see the city, something which I chose not to do last time I came through here the other way. Apart from the appaling organisation of ... read more
Zagreb Cathedral
Botanical Gardens
Sunset over Balaton

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