Trans-Balkan Express

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From: July 1st 2010
Until: July 18th 2010

"When we stepped out, it became clear that what we had been in before was a bit more than just a passing shower. We therefore abandoned our plan to sleep in the forest and moved further north. On this stretch, shower turned rain turned into thunderstorm, which eventually turned into flood. Our search became a perilous sprint to find somewhere far from anywhere on the road where water might gather. Our feelings of being on a summer holiday buried themselves far under the soil. We were now in the same mood as the thousands of drooping sunflowers we rushed past. Jitka's knuckles were turning white on the steering wheel as she tried and managed very well to avoid as many pot holes as possible while following my directions and not falling into any water.

I directed her up a hill away from the sea, which led us away from floodable areas, gaining about 30 metres on the climb, and towards the small town Shabla, where we felt we should look for somewhere quiet, unfloodable, not too close to trees and within town limits, and preferably not too far from a restaurant as we both (especially Jitka) felt like we needed some heavy rakija before sleep, wherever we would sleep. Such a place came to us just on the northern edge of the town not too far from the main road, an old basketball court about 200 metres from a restaurant, which was completely flat and full of pot holes. We found a place away from the holes and away from trees to park, and then dashed through the storm to the restaurant. It took a while for the manager to understand that we had just dashed for our lives away from a flood and just needed a huge shot of rakija." - LOST: One summer. If found, please return to Bucharest.
Trip Length: 2 weeks
Blog Entries: 10
Photos: 60
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Blog Entries

Date Blog Title Location
July 3rd 2010 Is this the balcony, or is this your house? Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest
July 4th 2010 Exit before the festival Europe » Serbia » North » Novi Sad
July 6th 2010 Slow integration to funny backwards letters Europe » Bulgaria » Sofia City » Sofia
July 8th 2010 Pilgrimage to a nose Europe » Bulgaria » Dobrich Province » Kavarna
July 9th 2010 LOST: One summer. If found, please return to Bucharest. Europe » Bulgaria » Dobrich Province » Shabla
July 11th 2010 Return to the international world Europe » Romania » Muntenia » Bucharest
July 12th 2010 Signposts of Fail Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Brasov » Brasov
July 14th 2010 Drum bun, şi la revedere (and have some zombie train fail as a farewell present) Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Sibiu » Biertan
July 16th 2010 Bloodsuckers, bloodbaths and bloodshed Europe » Hungary » Northern Great Plain » Nyírbátor
July 17th 2010 All paths long and winding lead somewhere pacifying Europe » Slovakia » Zilina Region » Demänovská Dolina
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