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7th December 2015

True artistic photograph.
True artistic photograph. I hope you know.
23rd April 2012

Ahh.....I wondered where you had got to!
DJing in Bratislava ehh? .....Ohh memories of that wonderful town :) Yes, I remember almost cracking my skull open in Bratislava too :/
31st March 2012

Great blog, as usual!
19th December 2011

You are a 2011 TravelBlog favourite blogger!
Check this out, and feel free to add some 2011 TravelBlog favourite anythings of your own. :) http://www.travelblog.org/Topics/30521-1.html
13th September 2011

Interesting blog! I like the scar left by the iron curtain, looks kind of surreal. I'm definitely not a fan of Bavaria, and hiking up mountains with lots of tourists is something I'd rather not do. Cheers, Jens
25th August 2011

Great blog. Sounds like a good way to spend an enforced day off. xx
24th August 2011

I now find myself somewhat curiously enlightened! Cheers :)
23rd August 2011

Hah! I had to cheat, but it's a 240 class, operated by ČD Cargo. http://cs.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lokomotiva_240
23rd August 2011

Err, yeah...umm.... sorry about that. It just goes to show how observant I am! Next you will have me going into one about 60s and 70s British EMUs!!! :) Just posted a locomotive pic on my Bratislava blog. I bet this will be an easy one for you. Any idea what it is?
23rd August 2011

hah! not exactly a train spotter (never collected numbers) but definitely not closet, I warn on my profile that I'm a European train buff ;)
23rd August 2011

....something tells me that you are a closet train spotter ;) Interesting stuff though :)
9th May 2011

Great information! :)
I have added this blog to the useful blogs about Europe list. :) http://www.travelblog.org/Topics/22952-1.html#post_103376
4th March 2011

Thanks Jon - nope I'm playing a show in Wigan then flying back from Manchester next Sunday. No plans to go further east except a show in Bratislava later on this month.. I don't think I'll be returning to Bulgaria or Romania any time soon so I guess it's Poland and Ukraine next!
4th March 2011

Really good blog, as always. Your writing always reflects the pace and comfort of the trip, and is always entertaining. Are you going back the same way? Not heading further east any time soon?
20th February 2011

@Agne It was mainly the company that made this weekend so memorable - in good spirits I can pick out something I like about any place. But Kaunas as a city by itself I'm not a big fan of either :)
17th February 2011

Not fan of Kaunas
I live in Lithuania, but I'm not a big fan of Kaunas...
13th February 2011

Blog of the year, 2010
Congratulations! :) This blog was nominated one of the best of 2010, in the Europe/writing category. http://www.travelblog.org/Topics/27154-1.html
9th February 2011

Nice photo!
Nice photo of Kaunas from plane!
8th December 2010

Correctly Jutka if she is a Hungarian girl. Debrecen is a very boring town, Nyiregyhaza is a nice city which is close to Debrecen.There were 2 kingdoms in Hungary before: Transylvanian and Hungarian. The Bathory family lived and belonged to Transylvania and not to Hungary. Novi Sad is a Hungarian city in Serbia, named Ujvidek in Hungarian (new countryside). Kosice is a Hungarian city in Slovakia, named Kassa in Hungarian. Elizabeth Bathory lived in Slovakia as well not in Hungary and Transylvania. We Hungarians believe that she was crazed and her blood was lacking of iron. Slovakia was part of Hungarian until the World War I.
5th December 2010

no one knows what wobble is in China either... :)
5th November 2010

loved reading this... you must let me know again when you're back in England... is it the weekend around the 24th? I look forward to reading your novel! xo miss you!
5th November 2010

yeah the hot chocolate was great! expecting about -20 on clear nights after weeks of snowfall, kinda the same as last year.
5th November 2010

Hay man, sounds cool! Massive church by the looks of things. I very very much want to try the hot chocolate. Quick question, what is the lowest temperature you are expecting to get over this winter? Sounds like its going to be a cold one down your end. Hope you are well man, nice straw in the beer by the way!
14th July 2010

Wow, when you were there in 1989 did the hill still have STALIN on it? Thats interesting. I guess the city's taken a boom from backpacking tourism in the last few years..
14th July 2010

Fuuck man, how much quoteworthy stuff came out of our Slovak trip? Bears' worth, that's how much.

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