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Europe » France » Île-de-France August 28th 2009

Wednesday 9/9/9 Today was the day I’d been waiting for, ever since I saw the movie. “Marie Antionette” and went straight out to buy the biography. Versailles Day. We walked to Invalides RER station and caught the train out to Versialles. I had read that the tickets would be 16 euro each, and was confused when the ticket machine just said 3 Euro. We asked for help and it seems that was right! It took just over ½ hour to get to the River Gauche station. We followed the crowds and the signs til we saw the palace! Amazing! Loved the big, beautiful golden gates. We didn’t have to line up, so went straight through security and to line up for our audio guides. I know people find the palace boring, but I loved it and ... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris August 28th 2009

Tuesday 8 September This morning we walked up Rue Cler and I grabbed a lovely little French donut for breakfast. We had walked past a few patisseries, but you could smell this one a full block before you got there. The children were all walking to school with their families. School was just a door in the wall. The kids there go to school only 4 days a week. They have every Wednesday off. Instead, they go from 8 to 5. We got the Metro to Notre Dame and had a walk around and in the Cathedral. Notre Dame is probably my favourite cathedral of those that I have seen so far. After having a look inside, I went my separate way to the others and explored the left bank. I walked over the bridge to ... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris August 27th 2009

Thursday 10/9/9 This was to be our ‘take it easy’ day. The others went off to the Louvre and I went to the Museum d’Orsay. I had to wait for awhile, as the opening hours were delayed. That’s okay, I needed the rest after the short 20 minutes walk. Yesterday had killed me. The museum was as lovely as they say. I headed straight upstairs to see Monet’s work. That’s why I was there. It was lovely. So glad I decided to go! After a rest, we decided to go off to Montmartre. What a disappointment. Unfortunately, it seemed that there WAS just a festival when we were there last time. No wine tents, no lovely big food vats. It is still a lovely place, but not the party spot we found last time. After a ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Raffles Marina October 16th 2007

Sling me! We arrived in Singapore last night after 7pm and boy did we notice the difference in the temperature. The humidity hit us straight away. We had to drive around a bit with our driver to find another couple taking the same transfer. The drive to the city was interesting. Such different views to what we had been experiencing. The city looked so clean and neat and so lit up! We arrived at the Stamford and it was HUGE! It was very busy too. Our room was a deluxe and it was magnificent. Perfect luxury to relax and recover in. We had a hot bath and then went straight down to explore the mall connected to the hotel. It was nearing 10pm but very busy still. We couldn't resist the little restaurants there and ... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris October 15th 2007

Sunday 14 October. Farewell Europe! We packed up and filled in the morning visiting the Trocodero. Good view of the tower and walking around the Champs de Mars again. The Paris 20k Marathon was on so we had to detour a lot. Amazing how many people there were. We had a banana and nutella crepe at the Trocodero and watched the sellers. We ended up buying a flying bird for Britt. I talked him down to €7 from €25. Our transfer arrived at 2:30pm. We were the last in and I had the front seat. VERY scary going around the Arc de Triomphe.Great experience though. The airport was bland and not very friendly. Our plane was 15 minutes late and a very quick flight. We had a very nice and light chicken tikka tortilla. We arrived ... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris October 14th 2007

Saturday 14 October French Footy We went to find the Metro station to go to Montmartre. It was very scary. Luckily the lady helped us. We made our station change and felt a lot more confident about using the Metro. We walked up the steps of the Sacre Coeur. It was lovely. We lucked out. They were having a special fete this weekend. It was stressful at first as we couldn’t find a toilet. After walking around and around we stopped to get a cappuccino (€11) I used their loos. There were artists and musicians everywhere. A fun band left the vineyard and paraded through the streets. I bought most of our souvenirs here. For lunch, I had the best potato bake. They were making it in massive vats and throwing in whole wheels of cheese. ... read more
Sacre Coer
Footy fever

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris October 13th 2007

Friday 13 October Where's the bus? NO WAKE UP! Well - what a day. We slept in and went to breakfast late… on our own. I felt very very lonely. It felt horrible after last nights high. There was noone to compare notes with and noone to chat too. I felt bad we hadn’t been up to say goodbye. I decided to go off for a walk on my own. I went through some lovely parks up to the sport stadium. I turned to take the road back. Unfortunately I ended up in the middle of nowhere. I eventually could see the hotel but couldn’t get there. I had to cross he seine twice and walk for miles. Took me nearly 2 hours. When I got back I ran into Meg and Greg leaving. It was ... read more
Streets of Paris

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris October 11th 2007

Day 19 Thursday 11 October Croissants and Cancan Meet 8:15 Breakfast was delicious this morning. The French know how to do it right! There were crème caramels and rice puddings. Mmmmmmm This morning we met Beatrice for our city sightseeing. We drove through the traffic and revisited some sights. We lined up for the group entrance at the Eiffel. She is very beautiful to be near. Unfortunately the day was not kind. It was limited visibility. The top floor was totally under cloud. We could still see quite a bit from the 2nd floor and it was nice to just be there. But rushed. I had to pry Rob off the back wall where he was firmly planted. I should have bought some items from the gift shop there, as I never saw them again on ... read more
Moulin Rouge

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris October 10th 2007

Day 18 Wednesday 10 October Gay Paree Wake up 5:45am Bags and Breaky 6:30am Leave 7:15am Off to Paree! It’s quite flat again leaving Switzerland. We passed through a section of the Black forest. Little light comes through when you are walking through it. We crossed the border at Basel and entered France!! Plain scenery for most of it and cloudy skies. We stopped for a quick coffee and were on the road again. Lunch was at another self service autogrill. Our entry into Paris wasn’t very spectacular, as we were staying in the Bercy area. We did catch our first glimpse of the tower in the distance. This was exciting. The Sofitel was a gorgeous hotel. We had a great room and the beds had a feather underbed. Lovely. Didn’t take us long to spot ... read more
Eiffel tower at night

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Lucerne October 9th 2007

Day 17 Tuesday 9 October Cloud Soup Wake up 7:30am Breaky 7:45pm Leave 8:30 Breaky was okay. Nice lot of bacon and eggs. We left for our country excursion at 8:30am. There was a lot of cloud cover, so we couldn’t see the mountains. We had 2 Swiss Carriages (more like wagons) waiting for us near the local school. The ride was quaint and peaceful. There was ZERO noise in this sleep town. It was lovely looking at all the little local houses and gardens. We stopped at Han’s house for some beautiful home cooked cakes, drinks and wonderfully freshly squeezed apple juice. The horses all had bells on their reins which sounded beautiful. The cow bells were beautiful music. Delightful. This was a perfect morning out. We arrived back at 11:15am to pick up the ... read more
Mt Pilatus
Chapel Bridge

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