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October 9th 2007
Published: April 7th 2008
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Day 17 Tuesday 9 October

Cloud Soup

Wake up 7:30am
Breaky 7:45pm
Leave 8:30

Breaky was okay. Nice lot of bacon and eggs. We left for our country excursion at 8:30am. There was a lot of cloud cover, so we couldn’t see the mountains. We had 2 Swiss Carriages (more like wagons) waiting for us near the local school. The ride was quaint and peaceful. There was ZERO noise in this sleep town. It was lovely looking at all the little local houses and gardens. We stopped at Han’s house for some beautiful home cooked cakes, drinks and wonderfully freshly squeezed apple juice. The horses all had bells on their reins which sounded beautiful. The cow bells were beautiful music. Delightful.
This was a perfect morning out.

We arrived back at 11:15am to pick up the others and head off to Mt Pilatus.

The first gondolas fit 4 people in them. They were very fast and whizzed off. The views were great. At the top of this, first section. There was a big ropes area that looked awesome and a big playground and massive bobsled park.

We moved into a larger standing gondola that took us up the last vertical part of the 7000ft mountain. Some people saw mountain goats. At this point we ascended into fog and could see nothing. At one point it felt like we were coming to the top and then swooped down and up again.
We reached the top, but could only see a little way off for a little time. It was cloud soup.
The cloud would roll over. We had a hot dog and a hot chocolate. Rob walked to the top lookout and I went for a walk through the cave tunnels to the other side.
We cam down the mountain on the cogwheel train. This was interesting. The gradient was so steep at some points. We waved to all the hiking families along the way.

When we arrived back in town, we had the whole afternoon free. This was great. We strolled through the town and collected our free spoons from Burcher. I bought myself a watch here and Rob bought a pocket knife.
We walked through a supermarket. That was interesting! There was an escalator in the middle of it. Moet was only 37Franc.
There were some interesting lollies and chocolate shops. I bought a hair clip and a necklace to wear to the Moulin Rouge.
Rob grabbed a bag of roasted chestnuts to try, and wasn’t thrilled.
I loved this afternoon, just strolling and exploring. Would have liked to try the Toblerone cocktails!
Dinner was at the hotel and quite nice. Chicken soup, Chicken in a rich sauce and apple strudel.
This was our official goodbye dinner as things would be too busy once we hit Paris.
We were all shouted a drink and previous Insight clients were given a gift for returning.


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