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9th March 2013

thank god you both survived the sky dive - but what a wonderful experience. i am enjoying reading your blog better than a novel
14th February 2013

i was fascinated by the Pelicans in Adelaide -nearly had Victoria in the river to get a close up picture for me. your trip is just so amazing x
2nd February 2013

Cat's dream coming true :)
Hello Cat and James- looks like you are having an amazing time- loving hearing all about your adventures through this blog :) I can\'t believe cat that you were in summer bay- I can actually imagine how excited you were! All those hours you made me watch home and away after work and i had no clue what was going on! Did you see alf? Look out for my brother David (not sure whether you know what he looks like!?) as he is currently travelling round Aus :) hope you carry on having an amazing time, cannot wait to hear all about it when u get home. Lots of love xxxx
30th January 2013

Seeing Rodney bought back many happy memories - so pleased you managed to get to see Stella and Tony Alison and family -and the famous Lola and animal friends. I don't think the Blue Mountains like us!! - we also had a misty trip. I hope Maurice takes you on many more wonderful adventures before you move on to Fiji I remember the days you put TV on for Home and Away Have fun -enjoying reading the daily adventures love Mumsie
30th January 2013

Blue Mountains Visit
Great photos! Lola missing Maurice. Had even more rain after you left so good thing you went when you did or Maurice would have had his wheels stuck in the mud. Lovely seeing you, come again soon x
29th January 2013

Living like a king-aroo!
Ha ha, I'd love to be bouncing around in the sun with people feeding me! Obviously, I'd be the one eating! Is that one of your new Thai specialities you're feeding him Bails?
19th January 2013

I am lay in bed reading through you updated blogg again!!!!, I look like a "cheshire cat", your info & photos are amazing, so jealous! x
17th January 2013

What, no picture of the boy chewing his leg off!
9th January 2013

So so good to hear from you both, it looks and sounds like you are having a ball and I am enjoying the history lessons!, why were they not this interesting at school????, the best HNY message I have ever had, thank you. Hope all goes well for the next part of your trip but please take care. Received your post card to-day its on the fridge along with the map. All good here, you are not missing anything at all let me assure you of that, love and miss you so very much Love as always Mum & Scott xx
30th December 2012

James don\'t worry even those in the navy get sea sick every time they go on a deployment. I hope you both passed your scuba diving with flying colours -then you can Scuba dive on the great barrier reef xx love to you both mumsie
21st December 2012
Welcome to the farm

Love the hats!
Just caught up with your blog. Sounds and looks amazing.You do know you have set yourselves up for lots of cooking when you get back. Merry Christmas to you both.
19th December 2012

Panda poo!
Glad to hear you saw a Panda Pooing!! ha ha ha! Loving the updates :) x
17th December 2012

Me again....
Sorry hit send before lhad finished .....! Everyone fine here and following your blog even grandad !!! Your trip sounds wonderful enjoy and take care speak to you both soon. Sandra xx
17th December 2012

dinner party when you get home......!.,
Sounds like great fun....make sure you bring the recipes back with you.....train trip sounded different !!
17th December 2012

what adventures
loved the panda -mm couldn't cuddle it though so i can expect thai food next dinner party in Wilmslow!! enjoy all the adventures -looking forward to next installment love mumsie
17th December 2012

Trip looks great so far! Can't wait for you guys to get back and cook me that Thai banquet!!! Pad Thai is my favourite! xx
14th December 2012

Day 3
Took 3 days to get conned.... Bails words cannot describe how disapointed we are in you! lol... Beware of lots of shaky shaky hand men! Everyone in Thailand is after a buck. DO NOT Pay full price for anything :) other than that glad you're having a good time! Definitely get to Koh San Rd just to experience the maddness and check out the MBK. Muchos Love Hains
13th December 2012

loving the adventures you are having -yes i can see the pictures x
12th December 2012

I am in awe
So pleased that you arrived safely and you are finding your feet why would I doubt that??? Enjoy every day to the full, the sites are amazing, take in the culture it is second to none, I love this blogg I feel as though I am there with you both. It is freezing here -3 yesterday morning so you are missing nothing, have the times of your lives my darlings love and miss you loads x
12th December 2012

Hi just read your first blog.... Glad you had your arrived safely cannot believe James is running onyour first day there !! Enjoy will speak to you soon take care lol R S P E xxxx

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