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Europe » France » Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur July 21st 2015

Monday 13thJuly Isolabona to La Colle sur Loup 64 miles It was time to start making our way home so we left Italy and drove across the border at Ventimiglia and stayed on the coast road taking in Menton before reaching Monaco. We had planned to stop and have a wander around but it turned into a drive through as there was no parking anywhere!! Still we did see quite a bit and got to take the Van on part of the Grand Prix Circuit and through the famous Monaco tunnel, as well as around the harbour ! Plenty of Super-yachts to be seen!! Difficult to find your way out of Monaco and we ended up on an underground tunnel system including roadways with signposts, roundabouts etc., so we got out of that as quick as ... read more

Europe » Italy » Liguria July 10th 2015

Tuesday 7thJuly Massa to Sestri Levante 48 miles Red road through the traffic jammed towns, up over mountains or Motorway? We did the Motorway, still quite scenic with lots of little villages perched on hill tops, and we got to the campsite about 10.15am! Really needed a chill out day so stayed around the campsite chatting with our new neighbours until lunchime, then walked into Sestri Levante, a very pretty little seaside town and got information about the Cinque Terre. (ACSI Camping Fossa Lupara ) Wednesday 8th July Cinque Terre 0 miles This was the last part of our Italian trip and we wanted to explore the Cinque Terre, which is basically a group of five villages, that peasant farmers who painstakingly terraced the hillsides and planted grapevines over the last millenium. The villages are either ... read more
Sestri Levante (2)
Riomaggiore (2)

Europe » Italy » Tuscany July 6th 2015

Saturday 27thJune Rome to Lago di Bolsena 113 miles Chris decided after our hard days in Rome, we would have a gentler day, exploring the area north of Rome. Negotiated our way back to the GRA around Rome and then headed for Ladispoli! Got caught in a traffic jam – we think that because it was a Saturday that the whole of Rome must be going to the seaside!! Got to our first stop at Cerveteri at about 11.30am. We wanted to see the Necropolis, a city of the dead dating back to the Etruscans from the 7th - 1st centuries BC. The site was enormous and there still looks as though there is plenty to excavate. Whole streets of tombs, some of them housing twenty people or more and you are able to go inside ... read more
Necropolis at Cerveti
Ferraris at Orvieta Cathedral

Europe » Italy » Campania June 27th 2015

Wednesday 25thJune Rome 0 miles We never thought we could do Rome in one day, but we didn’t feel that we could do a big tour of Italy without visiting the City. So, the 9.00am bus from the campsite took us the 10 minutes to Prima Porta train station where 20 minutes later we were in at the Piazza del Popolo in Central Rome. After a quick visit to a viewpoint, we walked down the main street, Via Corso, to the Colosseum. Loads of runs and grand buildings everywhere!! And of course, loads of people!! The queue to buy tickets was long….they reckoned it would take about 2hours, so we gave it a miss and just admired the outside! However, we then went to the Palatine – the old Emperors residence and you can buy tickets ... read more
Looking down on the Roman Forum
Victor Emmanuel Monument

Europe » Italy » Campania June 23rd 2015

Friday 19thJune Salerno to Pompeii 43 miles We watched our incoming ferry arrive about 22.00 hrs Thursday evening and disgorge over 100 lorries and containers and about 5 cars, so realised it was mainly a freight ferry. We loaded about 12 Midnight with a few cars and motorbikes and 2 coaches, leaving the lorries to be loaded and set sail on time @ 01.00 hours. Didn’t manage to get a cabin as they wanted an extra 90.00 euros so we bunked down on the comfy sofas in the bar area! Uneventful trip up to Salerno, other than Chris feeling unwell and breathless as we sailed into Salerno, with great views of the Amalfi coast, so on disembarking, first job was to find a “Pronto Soccorso” (Hospital with A&E) , which we eventually managed to find in ... read more
Amalfi Coast Road
View from Ravello

Europe » Italy » Sicily June 21st 2015

Saturday 13th June Cagliari to Agrigento 97 miles An early start in Palermo, Sicily as the ferry docked at 7.30am and by 8.00am we were parked and sightseeing!! Palermo is a bit of a quiet ‘wow’. Lots of tall, dark, medieval streets and labyrinth alleyways, with iron balconies on the five storey buildings and a huge number of old theatres, churches, palaces, squares, Vucciria market, as well as the Cathedral all within walking distance! Our best find was the catacombs at Cappucini. It was a bit of a walk to get to but it was a Covento that retained its own burial ground for several hundred years, placing the dead in catacombs under the church. Most of the bodies dated back to between 1800 – 1880 and most were dressed in the clothes of that era ... read more
One of the temples at Agrigento
Mosaic bikini women at Roman Villa

Europe » Italy » Sardinia June 13th 2015

Friday 5th June Porto Torres to Alghero 112 miles We arrived at Sardinia at 10.00am as scheduled! First impressions were of an industrial port – not a great start!! We turned left and followed the road to Castelsardo – that was more impressive!! A huge castle & fort amid a hilltop overlooking the sea that beckoned to be explored! Wandered upwards to the castle at the top with views over the town and then back down to the tower and the cathedral! The tower had been built by the Doria family in 1600 as a lighthouse whilst the cathedral was being built! Loads of old narrow streets with old ladies sat doing their basketwork producing loads of plates and baskets that no-one uses these days! Onwards to Isola Rossa which is not actually an island but ... read more
Grottos di Neptuno
Grotto di Neptuno
Boat trip to Grotto di Neptuno

Europe » France » Champagne-Ardenne June 5th 2015

Monday 1stJune 2015. Dunkerque to Guise 210 miles An uneventful first day!! We have to be in Genoa in Italy on Thursday evening to catch the ferry to Sardinia, so we don’t have a lot of time for sight-seeing on our way down through France. We left Chris’ sisters house in London in the morning arriving at Dover in plenty of time for our ferry to Dunkerque at 12.00 noon. We arrived, in the sunshine in France about 2.30pm… French time 3.30pm and drove via Lille and Valenciennes, stopping off at a fortified village Le Quesnoy ( Huge ramparts but didn’t look that interesting!!) to do some food shopping! Lots of red brick houses, singularly unattractive, but lots of war memorials and war cemeteries that were quite poignant. Carried on to Guise, arriving about 6.30pm. Had ... read more
Borbougne Valley
getting nearer the mountains
the Old Church at Lanslevillard

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini May 12th 2015

Santorini is a long way from Crete!! Travel arrangements were as follows:- (Organised via Spirdon Tourist Services with Candia) We got up at 5.30am, coach was supposed to pick us up at 6.30am but was 1/2hr late! We had to stop in Bali (Yes - Bali!!) to wait 10mins for some other people to be dropped off by minibus and then arrived in Heraklion about 8.30am. Picked up our tickets and boarded the FastCat4 catamaran. It left at 9.30am and we got to Santorini at about 11.30am. Half hour drive or so to Oia, where we avoided having lunch at the Guides recommended restaurant, and had an hour and a half to explore Oia. Lovely picturesque village clinging to the hillside with its iconic blue domes (earthquake-proof) and many churches ).Then ½ drive back to the ... read more
Me & Him at Santorini!
Oia (2)

Europe » Greece » Crete » Rethymno May 10th 2015

We caught the bus from the local Bus Station (6 euros each person, each way) and went to Chania! It took about an hour but very pleasant journey running along the coast! Chania was massive!! I had imagined a small walled village but it was an enormous town with two rows of fortifications and a huge Venetian Harbour! Wandered down from the bus station, through the narrow touristy streets, past the old walls, down to the harbour. The dockyards originally contained 17 Neoria’s built in 1599 (storage sheds!) but only five were now left. Walked out to 16th C lighthouse, for views of the harbour and the snow-capped mountains and then back along to the Giali Tzamisi mosque built in the 17thand the ‘Firka’ Fortress on the Northwest side of the port. Spent ages watching an ... read more
Walking down to Date Palm Beach

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