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Central America Caribbean » Guatemala December 14th 2016

Cartagena, Columbia and Florida, USA Up early again, as we were told that sailing into Cartagena (founded in 1533) was quite spectacular, looking at the forts. It was ok – not worth getting up at 6.30am for – but we did have a very clear view of the giant skyscrapers. (Not a fort to be seen!!) Off the ship by 9.00am and shared a taxi with some other people ($5 each) into the Old Town! (lots of traffic as 4 cruise ships today!) Very pleasant and colourful place to wander around with its large squares, old churches and sanctuaries, colonial houses, balconied flowered windows, ladies dressed in colourful outfits selling stuff. Didn’t manage to find St Teresa’s Square which is where a free walking tour started at 10.00am, but did find the Old City Walls that ... read more
lovely old wooden balconies
on the city walls
me on the walls

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Colón December 10th 2016

Panama Canal This was the highlight of the trip and it had certainly been hyped up into ‘The Canal Experience’! We had had a lecture every day, on sea days, by Bill Fall, who was excellent and certainly knew his stuff. I never knew a Canal could be so complicated!! Basically it was started by the French in 1880 – 26,000 of them died due to Malaria and the project was then abandoned. America took it on again in 1903, removing over 200 million cubic metres of material and it was completed in 1914, so is now 102 years old. Amazing feat of engineering all those years ago when you think that they didn’t have any vehicles or machinery. It is 48 miles, or 80 kms long and strangely the Atlantic Ocean is 9” lower than ... read more
Pedro Miguel locks
storm across Miraflores Lake
Gatun Locks (2)

Puerto Quezetal, Guatemala The average age of people living in Guatemala is 20 years old! I was shocked……….- hard to believe. Where have all the old people gone?? We were also told that there was nothing around the Port but Antigua, 50 miles away, was the place to go, so we booked a cruise coach trip to get us there and back. Antigua is surrounded by three volcanoes – two of them active, Fuego (last eruption 2012) and Acatenango with two named peaks. ( last eruption 1972) There are 37 volcanoes altogether in Guatemala – not sure how many are active – but at least two!! We duly waited for our trip to be called (about 10.15am) – Do it Yourself Antigua – basically we had just booked the coach there and back, oh and the ... read more
chicken bus
funny how the sunset also looks like a crocodile

North America » Mexico » Baja California Sur December 2nd 2016

Blog – USA & Cruise – Central America It was supposed to be a relaxing journey, in the campervan, up to Gatwick with a pleasant Friday evening in an airport hotel – that was before the battery light came on when we reached Swindon and we decided to get off the M4 and call out the breakdown people. We didn’t fancy the Campervan not starting the following day when we needed to drive it to long term parking and catch the midday flight! Plenty of time to sort as it was only 10.30am. Breakdown people said they would be out in 1 hour (more like 1½ hours!) Confirmed we had a problem and followed him back to his depot, where it transpired that it was an alternator problem and there were none to be had in ... read more
Chris, Candy, Ben  & Dan
Chris & Aunt Alice
kisses from Zoe

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Alhaurin el Grande November 6th 2016

SPAIN 27th Sept 2016 – 4th Nov 2016 It was only a short 5 week break in Spain to touch base with neighbours and friends and go on the Senderista walking holiday (3 days to Pinos Genil, near Granada) and the Field Club Holiday (4 days to Cazalla de la Sierra in the National Park just north of Seville) We were greeted on our arrival by very worried Spanish neighbours who informed us that there had been a lot of burglaries in the area and people breaking into empty properties and squatting, so she had been cleaning our front door to make our house look lived in, but advised us to get metal security doors to replace our glass ones. A quick visit to Antonio, our metal fabrication expert from when the house was first renovated, ... read more
knocking down the garages
Walking near Granada
Drink time

Europe » Spain » Andalusia April 14th 2016

SPAIN 20th Sept 2015 – Oct 21st 2015 In between all our other travels and also after putting our UK house on the market we went to Spain for about a month to catch some sun and lead a walk up to El Santo. It’s one of our favourite walks, even though its uphill, but the path wends its way through pine trees, through a cleft in the rock, past a cave before reaching the track at the top that runs along the ridge of the mountain with 360 degree views. About 16 people joined us and it made for a very enjoyable walk. It was also Feria time in Fuengirola so we went to see the procession along the streets with some friends. Apart from that we didn’t do too much other than enjoy the ... read more
The Gorge up at El Chorro
Almond Blossom Walk at Guaro
The dog we left behind at El Burgo

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin January 15th 2016

This picture, being quite colourful, is not that typical of our visit to Berlin – we had a wet, cold,grey, dreary couple of days, redeemed on the last day by a blue sky and sun! We were staying at the Ivbergs Premium Hotel, Kleistrass that was about a 5minute walk from the 100 bus stop (The 100 bus is an unofficial tour bus as it stops at all the ‘must see’ highlights and runs about every 10 minutes!). We flew into Berlin -Schonefeld, and visited the Information Centre at the Airport (located 20 metres right as you exit Customs) to buy our 3 day Berlin Welcome ABC Card (29 euros pp), and to check out the best way to the Hotel. One bus, two tubes and a 5 minute walk later we arrived at the Hotel ... read more
Inside the Dome at the Reichstag
Brandenburg Gate
Checkpoint Charlie

Africa » Madagascar December 10th 2015

Seychelles, Madagascar, Reunion Island, Mauritius The next three days we had at sea before arriving for two days at Seychelles on 5th December 2015. There was a special offer on laundry – 20 Euros for 25 pieces that we decided to do as there is no laundrette on the ship! The washing had to be put in the ‘magic’ bag and collected by 15.00 but by 17.00 it still hadn’t been collected! Eventually took it up to reception….it was supposed to be delivered back the next day………. Ok…so the washing only took two days to re-appear! All present and correct, folded nicely….just a few items need ironing. It has been humid, hot and sunny but the last couple of days we have had showers! They last about 5 minutes and then the sun re-appears! We also ... read more
I love Seychelles!
Giant Tortoise
Moyenne Island (2)

Middle East » Israel December 1st 2015

Suez Canal , Israel, Jordan, Oman Another couple of sea days, but the weather was definitely getting warmer with daytime temperatures reaching about 25C. Didn’t do very much except lounge about reading and watching the shows on the evening! (Hungarian girl violin trio and tenor excellent). Also, there has been some wonderful Italian opera singing – the highlight being an open air Italian production of Gilbert and Sullivans Aida – it didn’t make too much sense to me ( especially as we missed the first hour!!) but there was something very magical led on the sunloungers, wrapped in a blanket, looking at the stars and listening to the music……. The musical was produced to celebrate the opening of the Suez Canal….. We were due to reach the Suez Canal on Sunday evening but as we had ... read more
Us at 'The Mushroom' - Timna Park
Eilat Harbour

Europe » Italy December 1st 2015

Cruise – Italy to Mauritius Costa NeoRomantica 17th Nov 2015 – 13th De 2015 Spain, Italy, Crete….. An unexpected bargain of a cruise that we couldn’t resist! It meant that we didn’t have so long in Spain this autumn but still managed a month at the Alhaurin house! It was beautiful weather and we did the usual walking, socialising, Salon Varieties theatre (inc The Rocky Horror show and a musical evening at the Alhaurin theatre as well) etc. They have started building the bus station on the feria ground but other than that the town remains more or less the same! The cruise is with the Costa NeoRomantica and after catching the overnight bus to Gatwick for the 06.40am flight to Nice, a 2hr coach ride to Savona where we embarked the ship ‘Italian’ style ie: ... read more
Christmas Street at Naples
Heraklion (2)
Me at Heraklion

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