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7th August 2018

Hi Just spotted your Motorhome. Wondering if you are open to offers. If so, we may be interested in viewing. We are local and live just outside Usk.
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7th August 2018

Sale of Motorhome
Hi Judith - thanks for this. As you have probably just seen the pictures, We will email a detailed description of the van and the asking price to see if you are still interested. Cheers Chris & Jackie
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21st September 2017

Glad arrived safely
And uneventful drive but definitely better weather than here! Stay safe x
11th May 2017
Upper Antelope Slot Canyon

Lovely picture of the two of you!
3rd May 2017

Great one
good US is good
3rd May 2017

stunning lanscape!
Loved the photo of the Grand Tetons! I usually travel on my bicycle; would I be allowed to entre the park on my bike? I suppose there are campsites too. Keep on enjoying and thank you for sharing!
30th April 2017

Zion & Bryce NPs
Beautiful pics of an extraordinary part of the World. Keep 'em coming.
25th April 2017

great pics ! xxx
24th April 2017

Just like a western film
Love this scenery! Just like a Western film that I used to watch as a kid. I love it! Have you seen any cowboys? Indians? Roadrunner?
25th April 2017

Saw a roadrunner in a carpark! Lots of people wear cowboy hats and loads of Navajo Indians about!!
19th April 2017

Good first day! :-)
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19th April 2017

I am exhausted just reading about this! Have fun
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1st March 2017

We are doing the reverse of your trip. Dunedin to Oamaru to Twizel and now heading for Christchurch. We did the Hooker Glacier walk in sweltering weather. Amazing to see mini ice bergs in the lake at the top. Loved Oamaru town. Could have stayed there longer!
23rd February 2017

No dolphins!
Ignore that last comment which was sent prematurely! We too had an awesome day at Milford Sound. It alas no dolphins or penguins. Spring is obviously the best season to see them. We did however see lots of fur seals for the third time! The weather was wet on approaching Milford Sound but dry when we set off. Lots of atmospheric cloud around and plenty of waterfalls. It was too wet for the long walk. It we enjoyed a couple of short nature walk including Lake Gunn. Learned lots about the plant life. Also enjoyed the keas at the start of the tunnel.
20th February 2017

Great photos!
We are doing Milford Sound tomorrow so hope we get to see dolphins! The weather has been baking so far but it's meant to be cooler tomorrow. Apparently it's awesome under any weather! I see you got lots of stunning reflective shots also. What an awesome place this is!
16th January 2016
Brandenburg Gate

Ah, Berlin
We really fell in love with Berlin. Once we retire we plan on going back and renting a place for a couple of months. What a great city. Thanks for the memories.
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21st December 2015

Some more questions
Thanks for the answer and your offer; yes, I have some more questions: 1. Currency; should we get some small amount of local currency or which is more exepted Euro or US Dollars ? 2. Clothes at night; so there is no Gala nights, but there are some nights with a recommendation "elegant", are there any other special nights (like Italian, White night and so on) 3. any other tipps, you would have liked to know before you left on this cruise ?
21st December 2015

ok.....Israel we used $ but there is a machine along the beachfront that converts your dollars to local currency which you will need for boat trips etc. Jordan we didnt use any money, Seychelles took euros as did Reunion. Madagascar took euros and dollars ( I think we paid the tuk tuk in dollars) and Mauritius we took some cash out at ATM. There was an Italian night and a White Night but I would say that only 50% max dressed up for them - it was all no big deal. Hope this helps.
17th December 2015

The "Amber Mountains" in Madagascar and the "South of the Island" in Mauritius; that's two of the tour's I like to do as well, great to hear about them firsthand and sorry about La Reunion...; Great to hear about all the other options to do thing's on your own...Question: I didn't catch it, have you seen more on your "South of the Island"-Trip then you would have, if your guide was not thinking you are on the full day ? Did it took longer than usual ?
17th December 2015

Yes - we did see more! The 1/2 day trip wasn't supposed to include the Rum Distillery! St Aubins (the Rum Distillery!) was about a 2hr detour to the south of the Island! It was a lovely place - and I quite enjoyed it - there were lovely gardens, rum factory, vanilla film, mini farm , beautiful gardens...... Because we did this ( an the abhorted lunch!) then we were 3hrs later than normal and didnt get back unitl 17.30pm. Hope this clarifies it? Feel free to ask more questions!
16th December 2015
I love Seychelles!

What a sweet face.....
I thought you meant me!!! lol !!!
8th December 2015

Hi from "Cruise Critics"
Great to hear that you're on your way to the Indian Ocean. We "met" on Cruise Critics and I will be with my parents on the cruise leaving Mauritus the 9th of January. I just returned from a land trip to Israel and Jordan. You should definitly go back to Jordan on time to have a better look at Petra and Wadi Rum. Also the Roman City of Jerash (North of Amman) is worthwile. The Treasury at first light in the morning (when you have it for all yourself) is amazing. As is "Petra by night" when the Treasury is light up by hundreds of candels. And the hike up to the "monastry" is great as well. We spent two full days in Petra and couldn't see everything even then. Masada is a great sight as well (half way trough our visit it startet to rain, which cut our visit in half); I have to get the DVD with Peter O'Tooles Mini-Series... Following further and I'm looking forward what you have to tell about your ports in the Indian Ocean; so far your blogg loks great.
15th December 2015

Glad you have enjoyed blog! We tend to write it so as we remember where we go and of course its a good back up for photos but its always good to know that people look at it! We are back in the UK now and I have just posted the Indian Ocean Blog! I would definitely love to go back to Jordan! Good luck with your cruise!
6th December 2015

Looks like a fantastic trip!

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