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South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador June 11th 2012

Another day out, this time our guide was Fernando and he was excellent, he had a good grasp of english and a good knowledge of the area. He was also one of the first locals we had found who had been outside Brazil.... read more
View from Balcony
Historic City center
Old Buildings

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador June 10th 2012

Well as I start this Mum is on the mend, ventilator tubes out, drains, plugs wires and other extranous bits are out. It was nice to hear her voice , I did not speak to her for long as she was drifting in and out, either I was boring and poutting her to sleep or it was the drugs and surgery. Sharon is doing a stunning job looking after Mum, the pressure must be intense. As I said to her all she has is my support, this is while I drink beer at the beach and enjoy the sun. Well we are just leaving the north, the Route of Emotion which is what we have been on. We had a day in the dunbe buggies, we went to Lagos Paradiso and had a swim then onto ... read more
the beach
the sites
light house

South America » Brazil » Ceará » Jericoacoara June 8th 2012

It has been a different time for me, I keep thinking of mum at WDHB while I am having fun. Mum is never far from my thoughts, I know Sharon will look after things as she does, but it must be very hard back there. Down the Rio pregiucas. Well we had a day down the river, which is lined with palms trees to start with and then cuts over to mangroves. After a while we reached the end of the river, and I am talking at least an hour we reached the end where there was a lighthouse on one side and Caburi on the other. At Caburi there is a hotel, on one side of the hotel is the river and then you can walk thorugh to the sea on the other side - ... read more

South America » Brazil » Ceará » Jericoacoara June 8th 2012

Just a sample of what we have seen - the crabs were lovely in a souflet... read more
Red Ibis
Which way does the wind blow?

South America » Brazil » Maranhão » Barreirinhas June 5th 2012

Here are a few samples, most are low quality as the internet is slooooow... read more

South America » Brazil » Maranhão » Barreirinhas June 5th 2012

Day Something - Still in the north What words some up to date - worry, guilt, should I, amazement, stunning, fantastic, majestic, bouncy - give me time there may be a few more. Lets start at the first four, worry - poor Mum is still in WDHB and sadly did not get good news, she gets to see the surgeon in a few days, the upside is that it is fixable and should give her more comfort and a few more years, but being over here all I have is worry to start with, then comes the guilt because I am here and Mum is there and Sharon is carrying all the load - she is good at it so I know mum is in good hands. The next 2 words are "should I" come back ... read more

South America » Brazil » Maranhão » Barreirinhas June 4th 2012

Well what an interesting day from the tour side, but my thoughts have always come back to Mum. We were waiting for the bus to pick us up when my phone connected to the wifi and downloaded emails. Look I thought, there is one from Sharon and as we have had major problems with Orcon my first thoughts were that the internet had not died again and in fact is still working - but alas it was not good news and much worse than any interent problems, my mum had had a heart attack. Many words came to mind but really I was a bit shocked, concerned, worried, stuck and out of sorts. It is a buggar when things happen and you are really unable to return to help. But Mum, when you read this know ... read more

South America » Brazil » Maranhão » São Luis June 2nd 2012

A few pictures for a start... read more
Streets of the old town
In Brazil?
Streets at dusk

South America » Brazil » Maranhão » São Luis June 2nd 2012

Well, talk about conincidence - now Pete is dirty - his bag never arived in Sao Paulo - what a buggar. That means he has jeans to wear in 31 degrees. I think we will be going on a buying trip this morning - at least he must have clean undies!!! Had dinner in the old town last night - what a wondeful place to sit back and watch the world go buy, people selling earings, necklases, begging, walking past in tight jeans and high heels. The high heels are amazing because they are walking on cobble stones and the only one I saw that had a minor trip was wearing flat shoes! We ordered a piza and beer and sat there with cats roaming around under our feet, of course they did not want to ... read more

South America » Brazil » Maranhão » São Luis June 1st 2012

And they start - this one I assume was grown in the bottle - jut drink the alcohol and eat the pickled crab - yum yum... read more

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