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South America » Brazil » Maranhão » São Luis June 1st 2012

Well we are back again - we leed a tough life - Clare is lying in her bed - feeling dirty (but more on that later) and I am resurrecting the blog. Well we got here early this morning, I think we got here at 5 to the hotel - it was a bit of a blur. We took a half of a little blue tablet each (zopiclone) and then slept till 12! Now you want to know why Clare is feeling dirty - well despite what you are all thinking - it is lost luggage. Well technically it is not lost it went ahead of us - to Iguazu (we wont be there for a week or two), and we went to Sao Luis. We got to Sao Paulo - got our luggage and was ... read more

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz December 2nd 2008

Hi folks, it had to happen, I am now getting ready to add some of the photos of our trip, these first ones are some of the things we saw in Lapaz. I will start to load some of the best for those who are interested. With 2000 mplus photos just of my own, Ruth has more plus hours of video I have alot to choose from and thenthere are the Wilson's photos. ... read more
Meat Market

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago October 25th 2008

Hi folks, back now in NZ but here are some photos of the last few days. I have included the photo where my GPS dissapeared, looking at the photo now I dont know why I bothered! Terry and Sheena were given the responsibility to sort out the tour for the last day, the plane did not leave till midnight so we had a full day. They did a bloody good job and organised both a trek and a lift to the airport. We were picked up at 6:45 and driven to the andes for a little walk - 5 hours. It was great, again we had brilliant sunshine and needed lots of sunscreen - quite different to the weather that greeted us this morning in Auckland! The intention was to wander up the hill to see ... read more
Religious display
Reflections in Valparaiso

South America October 22nd 2008

hi folks ,well new event today,Clare and I had our first ride in a police car! Some f!?,.-/:; prick took my gps! I stopped in the street to take a photo and put my gps in the pocket, took the camera out, took the photo and put the camera back, put my hand in my pocket to get my gps and f-::()(!!!!!! It was gone! Two hours later we finally had reported it, really irritating as I had tracked the entire trip, third attempt worked. I foiled terry's one, then terry got fingered I'm the tube but caught the women and then there was me- I did not feel a thing , but the police were good. The women (pc taking statement) in the station got handed the hospital pass-the gringos who could not speak Spanish ... read more

Hi folks, we are starting the final legs of our trip. We are currently in Montivideo contemplating a shopping day. We dont leave till 6 tonight so once we check out we can go shopping. So where have we been lately, we took the train to Tigre from BA. This was a great day, Tigre is on the outskirt of BA and the wealthy people have beach houses here, albeit that it is on a river and not the sea. One of the things you can do is get on the ilan fery boat an go for lunch, we went down the river for an hour, the captain ha two speeds flat out forward an hard reverse, he was delivering mail, people, picking up people on his way down th river and then did the same ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires October 14th 2008

Hi folks, well it had to happen - I spent the most miserable day ever yesterday. On the last night in Lima I woke feeling very hot and sick, I then spent the next 6 hours vomiting every 10 minutes and then we had to leave for the airport. It was a long trip, vomitting on the bus to the plane, vomitting on the plane and then finally arriving in BA. You could say I was feeling very low - but the team was good, supportive and protective until I was better - then as is only right I became the butt of the jokes for a while. Never mind we had a good day wandering around BA yesterday seeing La Boca and also where Evita Peron sang dont cry for me argentina - or was ... read more
Chauchilla Cementary2
Chauchilla Cementary3
island trip

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima October 11th 2008

Hi folks, no photos at present as the usb port are blocked, I will try another place later on. So where are we - Lima and at the end of our tour. Where to next - Buenos aires tomorrow although we have a minor problem - our apartments under went renovtion by fire and are not habitable so the bosses (yes clare ruth and sheena) are now investigating other options. They sent us phtotos of the apartments after the fire and showed a burnt toilet - I guess it was one curry too much. Hopefully within the next hour we will have it solved and I will be told where I am staying. So - health - well all us us with the exception of Pete are fine. Poor old Pete is suffering from a dicky ... read more

South America » Peru » Arequipa » Arequipa October 7th 2008

Hi folks, well it was an eventfull day yesterday, Terry had his pocket picked, Sheena stepped in a hole, Clare is down with D´s and V´s and to top it off we are stuck in Arequipa. In the morning yesterday Terry, Sheena, Clare and I went to the markets. Along the way Sheena managed to find a hole in the path, we are all being watchfull but she missed this one, it is very common for covers to be missing from the pavement, the one that claimed Sheena was perfect foot size and about 2 feet deep, Sheena managed to step right in it, luckily she ended up only with a bruise but it was a reminder to all of us to watch out. The market was great, all sorts of foods including frog juice, apparently ... read more
Colca Canyon
Preincan irrigation

South America » Peru » Amazonas October 3rd 2008

Hi folks, we made it back albeit sweaty and smelly. It was so hot in the Amazon, 34 plus degrees each day and at night just about as hot. Have a cold shower dry off and get dressed, then sweat and your clothes are wet again. But as fpr other parts of Peru absolutely stunning. We arrived in camp after a 4 hour boat ride, we were joined by a group of dutch tourists who did not understand the concept of a day pack, they brought all their luggage, suitcases and suitcases of it, the poor camp staff had to lug up 20 cases or so in the rain, to get to the camp involved dirt and wooden steps so it was not easy. They also did not understand they could not sit all on the ... read more
Dragon fly
Bush Turkey

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco » Cusco September 30th 2008

Hi folks, in the imortal words of Sir Ed, we knocked the bastard off. We reached 4607 metres as the altitude meter shows. But firstly where have we been, from lapaz we went to Puno. While at Puno we managed to meet Robyn several times, she has a good group with her and while she had dinner with her parents she made sure that she did not loose contact with the group as they were going out partying. Robyn is good and having a ball, as are all the CRIPTS. We have all suffered with a variety of ailments and likely all altitude related, the ´runs´have been common but short lived, Sheena has perhaps been the most affected after reaching the high pass, but all are well now albeit sporting the odd blister, bruise and sore ... read more

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