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June 10th 2012
Published: June 10th 2012
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our beachour beachour beach

and our hotel it is oin the rigth towards the back
Well as I start this Mum is on the mend, ventilator tubes out, drains, plugs wires and other extranous bits are out. It was nice to hear her voice , I did not speak to her for long as she was drifting in and out, either I was boring and poutting her to sleep or it was the drugs and surgery. Sharon is doing a stunning job looking after Mum, the pressure must be intense. As I said to her all she has is my support, this is while I drink beer at the beach and enjoy the sun.

Well we are just leaving the north, the Route of Emotion which is what we have been on. We had a day in the dunbe buggies, we went to Lagos Paradiso and had a swim then onto Lagos blue where we watched the Brazilians swim while paddling out feet. The buggy ride was fun, Pete sitting in the front and the other three of us on the back holding on. The drive took us through deep sands, humps, hollows, over a few dunes, between cattle (all skinny), goats and sheep. When we got to Lagos Paradiso, you have to pictue tables,
the beachthe beachthe beach

right ouside our hotel
chairs loungers, umbrellas (because it was bloody hot) and lots of Brazilians - some of them actually fitting their bikinis - some of them had a little extra hanging out. Now I am aware that I cant afford to throw stones , especially after my wife called me fat - I thought I was just a bit chubby - but I dont try and weasr bikinis or budgie smugglers. Some of the woman are gorgeous and look stunning in their bikinis but some are a little less than perfect. They had hammochs in the lagoon, Pete got in one but the chop kept coming over his mouth - it is a big lagoon and all fresh water - or mostly fresh but more on that later.

After this it was back into the buggy to the Blue Lagoon, technically it was connected to Lagos Paradiso but just by a bit. We arrived at a car park, yes a car park in the middle of the desert - maybe 50-100 vehicles - all coming and going. There were two ferries which were taking people backwards and forwards to an island - again full of Brazilians enjoying the sun food and
the sitesthe sitesthe sites

did not have the big lens on so not that close

Speaking of Brazillians i have one in mny lap or almost- we are on a plane to Salvador and there is not much room between the seats - it is reducing my typing skills to one finger while holding my netbook in the aisle.

But back to the lagoon - we had ice creams while watching - they are into cheese cake portraits, lounging back, legs draped fun to watch although the old guy perhaps should not have worn white budgie smugglers with his stomach coming dangerously close to covering them up anyway - yes i know i could not wear them either!

At the end we went back to catch the ferry and here is where i refer to almost fresh water - there was a mature woman wearing a white dress over her bikini, she walked out into the water, squatted while raising her dress an had leak while upto her waste in water - what gave it away was her then using her hands to waft it away with the front of her bikini. There was a toilet 30 meters away and people swimming on the other side of the island, maybe 40
light houselight houselight house

built in 1638, just down the road from our hotel
meters away! And the water is all connected. While not speaking personally it has been done before but perhaps not quite so blatantly.

Anyway it was back n the road for lunch - BBq fish on the beach. And back to the hotel for a rest.

Yesterday it was all travel, Jericoacoara is isolated, it took us an hour by 4 wheel drive

(open air truck) to hit tarseal roads, albeit some of them stone paved. Once we met our bus it was into an airconditioned bus, the AC worked but not for where I sat - I just got the condensation coming out - at least that was cold. The roads reminded us of the road from Nairobi to Arusha - tarsealed but with pot holes - although to be fair it was not as bad. The bus driver did his best to miss the holes, pass cars, buses and trcuks while missing oncoming trafic - nothing like passing on yellow lines going up to a corner - he must be good because we eventually arrived in Fortalisa - 6 hours it took fromk start to finish. The hotel was very nice, but the restaraunt was
sand artsand artsand art

he does it well
closed - so it was off to the steak house - which leads to a few lessons for the day

1. Check what is included in the price? Desert was not included along wih a few other things. So be careful, dont worry we had a lovely carnivores meal, meat and more meat and more meat and some lovely salads.

2. Even if you think your battery is ok - check it. Sadly I ran out of battery early in our dune buggy ride.

Sayings for the day

"More kind than possible"

Daniel was asked about the name for a woman - he said "senora" and indicated senora clare, she immediately questioned this and said "senorita clare" and his reply was "that is more kind than possible"!

A word now about the tour company we used "brasilplanet" at Francesco worked with us to tailor a trip that suited us and made suggestions which all worked out for the best. The company was extremely helpful with sorting out our lost luggage, our english speaking guide was very good and everthing from the hotels to the vehicles were exactly as promised. We would not hesitate to recommend the company to others.


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