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Enthusiastic traveller setting up a blog to keep family and friends informed on the CRIP tour.
The latest entries are for our second visit to South America, this time having a look at Brazil.

We have travelled a bit - been to Australia of course - not all of it but bits, China twice together but me 6 or 7 times for work, A bit of the USA, South America as before, A bit of Africa highlights being the Gorillas. My wife and I plan to do the harder places now and save easy places for when we are old and wrinkled

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago June 28th 2012

Well another fun day but my mind and heart has been struggling. Mum is desparately ill and just hangs in there. Last night I was able to have a few words with her, she did not respond at all, and me being the golden boy, but it was lovely to have a last few words with her, I can never probably remember what I said but it was very important to me. I suspect next week will be a very difficult one as we deal with what is to come. I will be brief and just mainly add photos, but just an update - we are in Santiago and have now lost Pete. He has returned to NZ, as planned, to work early for end of month accountant stuff. While he does that we spent a ... read more
Views of the road
Tight Corners
Action Girl

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires June 25th 2012

Well as always an update on Mum, all is not well and again things have taken a turn for the worse. Sharon continues to look after Mum in very trying circumtances, the emotional highs and lows are difficult for all of us but it seems that Mum is peaceful amd sleeping most of the time. Anyway, as you can see we are now in Buenos Aires. Clare and I had problems with our apartment - or lack of - the one we had booked was "broken" or somthing like that so we had to be transferred to another one. The one we are in is lovely and only 4 blocks from the Rowes, two bathrooms, nice lounge and kitchen, so I guess in the end it worked out. We went for breakfast which Clare had included ... read more
Clear Skies
Evita with anose
The night after

As always an update on Mum - she was last seen sitting in a lazy boy chair drinking tea - an amazing woman and I will look forward to giving her a big hug when I get back - albeit a gentle one as her chest will still be sore. I have had no texts today which I will take as good news. Now we have been on the Argentine side of the falls today, soaked, cold but absolutely stunned. I dont think any of the few hundred photos will do the place justice but I dont think any of us have seen anything as wonderful in our lives. The immense power of the water is just to difficult to behold, I remeber standing in froint of Tane mahuta the big Kauri tree up north and ... read more
Coon skin Hat anyone
Two people about to be sopaked
Yes we went in there as well

Hi folks, as always an update on Mum, things are more positive and hopefully we are on the up. We were up very early, 2 am and even though I had taken a sleeping pill (or part of) it had no effect so I ended up with a couple of hours sleep at the most. We are now in Argentina and have just spent our first day in Iguazu and have spent the day back in Brazil getting soaked, thank god my camera is water resistant but I had to constantly wipe the lens as there is water everywhere. These are my first attempts at loading videos so we will see - I suggest that you play them with the sound off as all you here is a loud hiss - it is the noise of ... read more
Amazing Views
Three directions of water into one part

Well, I will explain the title shortly but as usual I will start with the person who stays in my mind and heart - Mum is still in WDHB , sadly she is critical but fights on. It has certainly been a bit of a roller coaster ride for all concerned, we have our up days and our down days - it is time for the up days so hopefully they will come soon. If Sharon is reading this to you - then remember that we are thinking of you and would be with you if we could. Anyway starting to feel better today, am over the worst day of the cold and yesterday was a fairly flat day with absolutely no photos from me. Today there are a few, we went for a walk this ... read more
Ipanema and Leblon Beach
Sugar Loaf from the Start of Ipanema
Big J Watches

Well another day another entry - this time we have been to Christ the Redeemer. But first - an update on Mum, she is on the mend, I actually spoke to her last night or your morning which was wonderful. She sounded weak and was desperate for a cup of tea. Good to talk to her. I have also been thinking about Dad as well, but I will fill that in later. So it was an early rise to beat the crowds, the bus came along about 7:30. This driver must have been in a mellow mood as he was not racing, the one on the ay back was not mellow - swerve here, accelerate there, brake here, then accelerate, swerve......... etc. But he got us back nice and quick and in one piece. Tip - ... read more
Big J
Rio from the top
Big J on his own

- We went up Sugar loaf today, what a stunning view. The tour number is seven now as the junior Rowes have arrived. It was a rapid bus ride to the end of the line - the buse we took gets to the sugar loaf and then returns - tip for travellers - do not try and cross the road with a bus in the distance - they are going very fast, break hard, accelerate harder, duck and dive, hit other cars as we found on the way back. Hitting cars is obviously common, as soon as it occurred the bus driver pulled over and every one got off, flagged the next bus down and off we went again - it was not major but obviously there is insurance details etc to swap. Anyway we got ... read more
Here we are
Pete Arrives
More family Shots

Well another day in Rio, big big walk - 4 hours all the ay along to the end of Ipenema and Leblong beach - all in mid twenties! Not many people around really compared to the weekends but still a few. Many were playing beach football and volley ball, some look actually like they were professionals with trainers and uniforms. Then back through the shops, which to be fair the only one that bought something was me - two bowls for breakfast which our apartment is missing. Tomorrow is still being discussed by those in charge - either sugar loaf or Big J, no doubt Pete and I will be told when we need to know. Clare just calculated it - 13 k - no wonder my feet are tired, helps equalize the Dulce de leche ... read more
The end of Ipenama beach
The view towards the end of Leblong Beach

Hi just a short entry to show you where we are staying, it has been a day of high stress and travel - Mum went back for urgent surgery - just heard she is good and sitting up in bed - so that is a big relief. It is not the easiest sitting here having fun when Mum is having a few problems, luckily Sharon is doing a stunning job and dealing with all the hard decisions, all I can do is give her my full backing and keep thinking of what is occurring while I am suffering in Rio - have a look at our view! To those who are still working - I have kept an eye on some of the emails - when I get free wifi and it seems you are all ... read more
Turn my head to the left
And at night
And if I stand by the TV

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador June 13th 2012

Here we go with a few more photos, Clare and I had a very quiet day yesterday, just watched movies and read our books. It was the first day we had not done anything so it was nice - mind you. Today we went wuith Francesco up the coast to the Tamar turtle project, Praia do forte, which was really good. They have been open since 1984 and since then have managed to save or I believe breed 11,000,000 turtles which is really quite impressive. They have vaiety of big ones to look st which are sadly swimming in smallish pools, but we gather after a year they are released back to the ocean. Enjoy the photos. We are off early to Rio tomorrow so the next update will be from Copocabana! Just a note - ... read more
Big lens
Free food

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