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June 4th 2012
Published: June 4th 2012
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Well what an interesting day from the tour side, but my thoughts have always come back to Mum. We were waiting for the bus to pick us up when my phone connected to the wifi and downloaded emails. Look I thought, there is one from Sharon and as we have had major problems with Orcon my first thoughts were that the internet had not died again and in fact is still working - but alas it was not good news and much worse than any interent problems, my mum had had a heart attack. Many words came to mind but really I was a bit shocked, concerned, worried, stuck and out of sorts. It is a buggar when things happen and you are really unable to return to help. But Mum, when you read this know that our thoughts and love are with you - just at a distance. Robyn and Alan will be getting in touch (or by the time I get on the net) will have been in touch and will do anythuing that needs to be done.As I understand it she is going to have a vacation at WDHB, no doubt using the old lab system, while they do the right things for her.

on a happier but of much less importance we have just got back from Lensous marenhensis national park. After a 30 minute ride on sand, water and following the tracks of many vehicles before us we reached the sand dunes proper. Off with the shoes and off for a 30 minute walk - good excercises for the legs. The sand dunes fill up with water and form lots of lakes, sadly for us there has been no rain so instead of lots we saw a few lakes and had a lovely swim in the biggest one. The water was warm and full of little fish and frogs and brazilians - up north here during the off season most of the tourists are Locals, except for 4 intrepid Kiwis. We even had to explain to our guide that NZ is not in Europe and is in fact on the arse end of the world - he has never left Brazil yet. It was a beautiful place and tomorrow we go to another part which hopefully will give us a view from on high so we can appreciate the scope and extent of the place.

While we waited for the ferry to pick us up, our guide introduced us to a local street food, tapioca pancakes - take dry tapioca apply heat and it melts to form a pancake, add a banana and condensed milk fold it up and it was yummy, the other version we tried was with melted cheese - nice but not up to the banana one.

It is time for bed - luckily the AC is on as it is 25+ 0utside.

Bye for now - and take care Mum, get well soon.


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