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Asia » India » Andhra Pradesh » Hyderabad December 31st 2010

Sorry folks try as I might, I can not get this video to play right side up. Crazy. It's with mixed emotions that I left India. Unfortunately a family emergency called me away a month early. The fortunate thing is I was one week away from completing my 3mth stay in the orphanage but my final month of traveling with my sister was cancelled. Oh well I guess everything happens for a reason, must be a good reason why the universe wanted me out of India so soon. Because I was called home for a family emergency, I had only 12hrs to prepare for my departure and say goodbye to all the beautiful babes. I thought it would be tough but we all laughed and joked instead of crying. Maybe leaving suddenly is a good ... read more
Faces of Orphans
Faces of Orphans
Faces of Orphans

Asia » India » Andhra Pradesh » Hyderabad November 11th 2010

I saw a cow in the village with a tongue growing out of the middle of his back. I snapped a pic because no one would believe me. Some of the boys also saw it and we have looked for that cow everyday in the same field but we have not seen it again. Strange. A man walking down the street with a gigantic bag of popcorn on his head. I have no idea what he is selling it for but it can't be much. Man he must be tired at the end of the day. Try to hold an akward sized item over your head for hours in the sun walking barefoot. There seems to be a general lack of punctuality with Indians. Everyone is always late but never rushed. No road signs anywhere. ... read more
Kids version of a toilet
Hydro Repair?

Asia » India » Andhra Pradesh » Hyderabad October 30th 2010

It takes a lot of mental effort for me to go into the city of Hyderabad. Don't get me wrong, I love the hustle and bustle and people watching, it's just hard and I have literally seen less than 5 other white people I do go in. This is not a popular stop on the tourist trail and the foreigners who are in the city are working high tech in a specific pocket on the outskirts. Generally living in gate communities and some with drivers. Needless to say when I go out, I am a spectacle, unless I am in Banjara Hills or High Tech City. People want to snap their photo of me. I can just imagine that I am the western girlfriend that some boys show off to their friends. I hide behind my ... read more

Asia » India » Andhra Pradesh » Hyderabad October 30th 2010

Everybody has a story here - guess that is life growing up in an orphanage in India. So much history - most unfortunately sad. We have an older girl living here who will spend the rest of her life in our home. Thank god for the kind graces of Child Haven International (CHI) that she is not forced out on the streets like so many others. Jody (name changed to protect her) arrived at the age of 14, she is now around 30. The local police dropped her off one night in our hostel (when we were located in Hyderabad before relocating to Kismapur village). They picked her up after she had been brutally raped at the hands of 3-4 autorickshaw drivers. Who knows how many - one is more than enough. The police asked the ... read more

Asia » India » Andhra Pradesh » Hyderabad October 29th 2010

A day in the life - volunteering in a orphanage India I thought that only China was the land of spitters - not so - India is up there too. Finally after one month I am getting somewhat used to the sound of the children brushing their teeth. The girls and boys have a separate “wash” area (the place where they bathe, wash their clothes, brush their teeth, and rinse their plates and cups after eating.) The girls area is virtually under my window. At 5am the bell goes to start the day and then I cringe as the teeth brushing starts. I have no idea what they are trying to expel from their lungs but man there is a lot of course “guttural sounds” emanating from such small bodies. Culturally too it is very common ... read more
Boys riding a typical bus

Asia » India » Karnataka » Hampi October 17th 2010

I sat next to a Indian businessman on the train back from Hampi. He owns a book publishing company in Chennai and was traveling from Goa to Hyderabad for a meeting. He also belongs to a organization that works to bring english schools to rural India. Interesting. He has approximately 7000 students, really a mear pinhead when considering the enormous explosion of children in this country. 1.2B people - insane. I think that I respect China's one child policy that was started 30yrs ago. Can you imagine where that country would be now? This man was wise. He said that the most important issue facing India today is the disparity between the rich and the poor. Rurally people now have access to television so they see what they are missing. Ten years ago there was no ... read more
A dead pig
A view from my window
getting de-liced

Asia » India » Karnataka » Hampi October 13th 2010

Volunteer India - A journey beyond the Orphanage. Wasn't sure how the journey to Hampi would result based on the way it started. I woke with an upset stomach - the first time I have felt off since arriving in India 6 weeks ago. Incredibly dizzy with a strange rash on my body. The rash is gone but the dizziness continues. I booked an autorickshaw to pick me up at the orphanage 2 hours prior to my overnight train departure. After 1/2hr and the driver not answering his cell, I knew an alternate was required, so off I went on the back of a motorcycle to the main crossroads where another driver would meet me. The ride on the cycle was scary -dark (no street lights in the village) no helmet, sitting sideways as is the ... read more
A stone chariot
The Saddu I had chai with
The Royal Elephant Stables

Asia » India » Andhra Pradesh » Hyderabad October 10th 2010

For those who are considering a volunteer stint in an orphanage overseas, here are some tips to consider BEFORE you depart. I am writing this assuming you are volunteering with Child Haven International at wonderful NGO out of Canada, but even if your not, you will find some of the info useful. BEFORE YOU COME: In addition to the information provided in the Child Haven International guidelines, I found the following useful. • You can fly direct to Hyderabad from Frankfurt, Germany via Lufthansa Airlines. There is no need to route through Delhi and overnight if you don’t need too. • In order to become oriented with your location, I recommend that you print and bring maps detailing the Kismatpur Village and surrounding area– Google maps was great. The village is a simple bus ride to ... read more

Asia » India » Andhra Pradesh » Hyderabad October 7th 2010

Ok I have a theory. I think that India is a land of dehydrated women! The reason is two fold- first there is really no decent safe water to drink other than water that is purchased, any local “government” supplied water generally travels via pipes that leak rendering the water dirty when it arrives. The other reason is there is absolutely nowhere to use a toilet other than a private home or restaurant. Many women have yellow whites in their eyes - a sign that the liver is not flushing properly. This is my theory - who knows if it is true. I spent a “painful” day out at one of the older girls’ home. To protect the girl, I will change her name to Sara. She has an apartment nearby that which is subsidized by ... read more
My room
The boys waiting for their evening meal
I am so in love with this family

Asia » India » Andhra Pradesh » Hyderabad October 4th 2010

The silence of Kismapur village is eerie at night. Sometimes I hear crickets but often nothing. Every so often a pack of stray dogs wanders through and I can hear the howling. Its amazing how accustomed to noise we are. During the day it is different. Although there are simple cattle paths to the Child Haven orphanage, the path becomes quite busy during the day. People use the paths as shortcuts to get to work and home. There is a bustling little village that sits along side the highway nearby that is accessed via the paths. I see the same man herding his goats in the pasture adjacent to the home every other day. A herd of buffalo hang out and a family of pigs - I could do without the latter for fear of disease. ... read more
Work Never Stops at Child Haven
Hard at Work
Chilis at the Market

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