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5th June 2012

hi this shiva from child haven in hyderabad .i love thes home ryly i never forget my 10 years in child haven .know im great human .know im liveing old city in hyderabad .ther one worker name srikanth [bhaia] he is not well person its my 10 years word.kumari medam mariya medam is verey good say hai to all .hai bonnima i miss u loooooooooooot.tehed sir i love u but u not in the bad world u r the my god sri bye .shiva rudrappa
1st February 2011

Voluteer for orphans
Very nice article and I am sure you had a good time with the kids.i'll like to share this wonderful event I came across and also was a part of. ( all you need to do is Spend two hours at an orphanage near your residence to teach English. Make your weekends special and productive!
19th January 2011

faces of orphans
the most beautiful faces on the face of the earth, isn't it strange how people with nothing are usually happy and smiling and here in North America where we have everything most are unhappy. For whatever reason the universe did not want me to travel to India to meet my sister at this time and even though I am filled with sadness I know that one day I will go.
21st November 2010

Hey Kiki!! We miss you like crazy but we know you are having a blast in Hyderabad helping out with all kinds of different things!! It's so increadible how you care so much for them! We miss ya like crazy and hope to see you soon!! <3 Pascale<3
11th November 2010

How are the kids doing?
I was the intern that was there before you, i'm travelling now so until i get a phone card it's going to be difficult to call and talk to them. How are they? Is Mehmood mixing in with the other kids or has he gone quiet again? Ask Timothy to tell you some of his stories in english, their hilarious, and it boosts his confidence speaking english as well as getting the other children involved who help him with a word if he doesn't know it. I miss them, and i hope your having a good time, Megan
11th November 2010

Sweet memories
Hi Christine! Ah! the memories you bring back! They stay with you forever you know! Like the families of 4 or 5 on motorcycles, or the thirst for bling that you mention! I always wondered if there might be parallels that we can draw with the West! I wanted to tell you (you might already be aware of this) that Child Haven is holding their annual charity event on Saturday. So I'll be thinking about you while we're there, and it'll be nice to see Bonnie and Fred again and some other people that work hard behind the scenes. Take care and thanks for sharing your thoughts! Valencia
3rd November 2010

Hi Christine, I hope you are well. I have really enjoyed following your journey. I am sure that your soul is richer from the experience. Were your ears ringing today, i was reviewing your market plan with a parent that is running marketing. I cannot thank you enough for all of the work you put into the plan, and the quality of the plan. I look forward to seeing you when you get home. Safe and fun travel! Kris
1st November 2010
Morning Soya Milk

What does the milk taste like??
1st November 2010

I miss seeing that cute little face of yours...
31st October 2010
The Royal Elephant Stables

Very cool! Wow what an experience. Miss you!
29th October 2010
getting de-liced

Don't they have any lice shampoo?
29th October 2010

So much Love
Hey my most amazing girlfriend, love what you are doing and especially love that you are sharing your experience with us. I knew you would jump in with your heart wide open and am so proud of you. Sad about your hair though.....lice ughhhhhhh.
25th October 2010

Hello! One year ago, I wished hapinness to all the children and staff members. I wish hapiness again to all of them and also to you. I've just came back from a trip in Italy. So different from the stage in the home. I was not so comfortable in this way of life in material superabundance...In CHI, I lived an abundance of the heart. I hope you to feel so....I am very happy to read all your thinkings. Thank you to share it. Johanne sister.
8th October 2010

Great stuff!
I've seen those eyes you were talking about.
5th October 2010

Amazing updates
Hey Christine! Loving the updates ... the experience sounds absolutely amazing! I knew you would fit right into this and that the kids would absolutely love having you there ... your energy is incredible :) Glad you are enjoying this opportunity and can't wait to see all the pictures when you come home :) Hugs from all of us here - Mandy, Dave and Brad :)
5th October 2010

What sweet memories
Christine, Your stories and pictures of familiar faces are bringing back sweet memories to me! I'm so happy for the children that you decided to go to Child Haven Hyderabad. They are so lucky to have you! You sound like you fit right in! Have the boys taught you to play cricket yet? I see you've been lured to Laad Bazar in the old city for bangles! It used to be one of my favourite spots in town! Did you accompany the boys to bid adieu to Ganesh when he got immersed in the Hussain Sagar Lake with the millions of other Ganeshes? I miss all the festivals. I hope you'll be there for Divali in November. Say hi to all the children from Sister Valencia. XOX
5th October 2010

Hello Christine, Great reading your Blogs. BTW, having spent the first 22 years of my life in India, I can attest to the "sleeping-with-the-background-noise-as-lullaby" experience. When one leaves India for the first time, perhaps the most unsettling thing is the silence. Its amazing seeing you do the things you do. If any bright kid needs to go to university, and can't afford it, I'd be happy to be a sponsor. My dream is to put 10 deserving kids in India through college. One down, nine to go! Good luck, lots of blessings and happiness. Keep those sunglasses on...we Indians like staring :) Amrit
4th October 2010

Fascinating India
Hi Christine, I can see by the smile in your face that you are in bliss. Joseph Campbell said, "Follow your bliss and doors will open where there were no doors." How true. Your experiences will colour the rest of your life, and the changes and impact you are having will continue long after you leave. I never stayed in the country side while in India, so noise, mayhem and constant activity was what I saw, and of course the traffic. It's a miracle there are not more accidents, it must be the "must have" accessory every driver has....a horn! Stay well. My thoughts are with you. Love, Eve
4th October 2010
Morning Soya Milk

Always knew you were an amazing person. It must be so fulfilling to be over there. Stay happy and healthy.
20th September 2010

I am so happy...
I am so happy to read you. I can see what you described. Say hello to everybody, particularly to Shanti, William, and...I can not write all the names...But I remember everybody.
18th September 2010

lucky duck!
Wow Kiki!! I still can't believe you are half way across the world! We miss you terribly. Some day i'd love to visit you in India (even thought that visiting you will probably never happen:P) When I heard you were possibly going to India, my first thought was:" She has to do this, it would be so great for her!!" and i'm so glad you did, it sounds amazing!!!! When you come back I want to hear everything, from you!!! I can't wait for your pictures!!
18th September 2010

Thank you for sharing
Wow honey, it sounds amazing through your words. Has the rain settled at all, I have been watching the weather there and it seems quite brutal. Are you planning on bringing 3 kids home with you......sounds like something you just might do, you never were big on postcards! Take care, love you and still hoping to see you soon. Can't wait for pics. M
31st August 2010

And away we go!
Before heading out on a trip when we were kids my dad used to always say that - it's an old Jackie Gleason line. Good luck Kiki and I will be thinking about you and looking for your posts. And remember have fun, be good and learn stuff - that's what I said to my kids every day as they left for school. Love, Annie
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