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December 31st 2010
Published: January 18th 2011
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Sorry folks try as I might, I can not get this video to play right side up. Crazy.

It's with mixed emotions that I left India. Unfortunately a family emergency called me away a month early. The fortunate thing is I was one week away from completing my 3mth stay in the orphanage but my final month of traveling with my sister was cancelled. Oh well I guess everything happens for a reason, must be a good reason why the universe wanted me out of India so soon.

Because I was called home for a family emergency, I had only 12hrs to prepare for my departure and say goodbye to all the beautiful babes. I thought it would be tough but we all laughed and joked instead of crying. Maybe leaving suddenly is a good thing for separation anxiety? The children had talked to me previously how hard it is when volunteers that they like leave (and they sure liked me.) The hardest thing for me was leaving the little girl pictured below who is my BBF. She ran and hid as my taxi rolled up. I did not get to kiss her sweet cheeks goodbye, although I still kiss them every night in my dreams.

Now that I am home, I look back with incredible fondness, of course for the children, but also for Bonnie and Fred the founders of Child Haven International, for dedicating their entire lives to improve the lives of others. Children who would ultimately end up leading miserable and marginalized lives are happy little people.

In this final blog entry, I post the Faces of Orphans......enjoy. But before you go.....

Meet Shavi (name changed). She is ~6yrs old but all her paperwork says she is 4. Her parents never bothered to record the date of her birth - they are totally ignorant - not their fault. They have been on the streets their whole life - professional thieves and beggars. She was rescued by Child Haven last year along with her older brother and sister. I was the first volunteer she had ever met and it was love at first site, for both of us. In the morning when I opened my bedroom door this wee little "bird" with these huge almond eyes would be staring up a me and we would begin our day to get ready for school. She was my shadow or maybe I was hers. When people touch our hearts they leave the best scars.

Cultural Observation: There is no such thing as personal space in India. Everything and everywhere is crowded. Don't go if you are claustrophobic (which I am) or if you do be prepared to face your fears (which I did.)

Check out the NGO that I am volunteering with. Here is the website

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19th January 2011

faces of orphans
the most beautiful faces on the face of the earth, isn't it strange how people with nothing are usually happy and smiling and here in North America where we have everything most are unhappy. For whatever reason the universe did not want me to travel to India to meet my sister at this time and even though I am filled with sadness I know that one day I will go.

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