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Angelo & Debbie

Asia » Japan » Tokyo September 19th 2011

Our first full day in Tokyo was spent lazing around and doing laundry, getting over the last week of early mornings, train rides and sightseeing. As we didn’t hear from Debbie’s Japanese friend on where to meet up :( we headed over toThe National Museum of Emerging Science with Chris and Ross from our hostel where we (mainly Angelo) marvelled at the technology of the future. We took a stroll around the area and somehow ended up eating free cookies from a glue company live on the internet! In the evening the four of us went out for drinks in the Asakusabashi area - where there’s not much going on – and found an outside stand up bar and got chatting to some locals and sharing some Japanese sake. We went in search of a bar ... read more
Science museum

Asia » Japan » Osaka » Osaka September 19th 2011

So we had one day left to explore Osaka and we decided to start it with a nice lie in. At 10.10am an old man knocked on our door to tell us we were supposed to have checked out by 10. Ooopsie! So after a mad rush to get our stuff together we checked out, got ourselves ready and stored our luggage. We weren’t in the mood for ‘sightseeing’ and so spent the afternoon walking around the Dotonbori area, looking around the shops, having lunch and generally taking in the atmosphere. Angelo also got himself a nice new J-pop haircut. In the evening we took our last bullet train back to Tokyo and checked back in to Anne Hostel where we had spent our first night in Japan. Deb & Ang ... read more

Asia » Japan » Nara September 9th 2011

We decided to take another day trip, and as Nara was only a 30 minute subway ride away thought we would go see what all the fuss was about. We walked along the main street to Nara-kōen, the park where most of the sights are located and first stopped off to see the five story pagoda. All around us were the towns no1 attraction – deer . There are hundreds of wild deer wondering around the town hanging out at the major attractions waiting for tourists to purchase ‘deer cookies’. We of course bought some cookies for the deer and were immediately surrounded…. We walked on to Tōdai-ji temple which houses a giant Buddha. As we were walking back out one of the deer snatched an unsuspecting Angelo’s tourist map from his hand and started to ... read more
Angelo being mobbed by his new "buddies"
Todaji temple entrance
View from the garden at todaji

Asia » Japan » Hiroshima » Hiroshima September 8th 2011

Before we went to Hiroshima neither of us really knew anything about it. Ang knew a bit more from watching old war films but all we knew was that an atomic bomb was dropped and this ended the war between japan and the allies. We took a shinkansen from Osaka to Hiroshima which took 1.5 hours and were greeted by a beautiful blue sky scattered with fluffy white clouds – Great weather compared to the typhoon conditions we had experienced in Kyoto! We took a short tram ride to Peace Memorial Park which has the atomic bomb dome, Peace memorial museum, the cenotaph and the flame (which will be extinguished when the last atomic weapon is dismantled). We read more about the bomb dome, which used was the Industrial Promotion hall in a thriving Hiroshima which ... read more
View from the river

Asia » Japan » Kyoto » Kyoto September 7th 2011

We landed in Tokyo and made our way to our hostel with the help of some friendly locals and checked in to a dorm for the night. We spent the morning lazing around and sorting our bags out before taking a Shinkansen (bullet train) down to Kyoto – 2.45 hours!! We had booked ourselves into a traditional Japanese Ryokan for the night with sliding paper shutters, and roll-out mattresses for beds. We enjoyed an open air bath before bed! In the morning we went across the road for our pre-booked breakfast, Angelo had traditional Japanese (salmon, rice and miso soup) while Debbie was less adventurous with sausage and egg. We spent the morning being dressed up in traditional Japanese outfits and then took part in a traditional tea ceremony. We checked in to our much less ... read more
At the ryokan
Japanese breakfast
Samurai ang

Asia » China » Beijing September 3rd 2011

We had another great train journey between Xi’an and Beijing. We spent the evening chatting to a Chinese girl who spoke good English and who was translating for us so we could chat with the guys in our compartment. The guys gave us each a dried fruit thing in a little packet, Ang chewed on his and started sweating, apparently they heat up your body and make you feel drunk. Deb has yet to try hers! This time round we even got some sleep as we had secured sleeper tickets. We arrived around 10am and joined the longest taxi queue known to man. We eventually got into a taxi after about an hour wait and were dropped off down the road from the hostel we had booked. Other than Singapore and Hong Kong China is the ... read more
Forbidden City
Forbidden City
Forbidden City

Asia » China » Shaanxi » Xi'an August 25th 2011

We were relieved when our train pulled in to Xi’an station around 11.30am and followed the crowd out to the exit where we found a guy from Xiangzimen hostel we had booked waiting for us. Our first thoughts of the hostel were ‘very nice’, in an old traditional building and decorated in traditional Chinese style. On further inspection we found it not to be as nice as we had thought. The bathroom was dirty, bed hard, and when Debbie pulled out a black curly hair from her overpriced spag bol at the restaurant right in front of the waitress she did nothing except take the hair and throw it on the floor. Not so nice after all. We did some laundry and enquired about tours and train tickets. We booked train tickets but not a tour ... read more
Terracota warriors
Terracota warriors
Attack formation

Asia » China » Shanghai August 23rd 2011

Our flight was delayed for an hour. The staff decided to dish out the food whilst we waited, so when we got runway clearance there was a bit of a mad rush to clean away the rubbish. We landed in Pudong Airport and were greeted with the familiar stares of curiously by the Chinese. Possibly thinking why are these stupid tourists carrying so much luggage? Wonder where they are going? Etc! Pudong airport is quite out of town and is the other airport in shanghai. We took a maglev (a very quick train which was doing speeds of over 301 kmph. We got into shanghai very quickly, it covered 32 km in around 8 mins. This is where we hit out first brick wall. Note to all other travellers who are coming to china, get anything ... read more
Big time pollution
Yummy stall food
At Zhujiajiao

Asia » Hong Kong August 22nd 2011

We stepped off the plane into a grey and rainy Hong Kong. We took a bus (which had wifi – AMAZING) into the city and found some rather expensive and truly horrid accommodation in Chung King Mansions. £15 a night for a tiled cupboard that feels like a toilet is apparently good value in HK. Once we had gotten over the shock of how much it was going to cost us to get our china visas we handed over our passports to a little Indian man who told us we could pick them up at 2pm tomorrow. We slept for the rest of the night. In the morning we first went for breakfast – HK’s version of sausage and egg – then explored the area around Chung King Mansions and happened to see the Big Bus ... read more
Bamboo scaffolding
Street view
Crowds are normal in hongkong

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur August 19th 2011

Our first full day back in KL was spent by the hotel pool. The Citrus hotel feels a bit like home to us now, despite all the things that don’t work, we’ve stayed here longer than anywhere else on our travels! In the evening we went to the cinema to see Captain America - which was a bit cheesy but we liked it – then took a walk around the Chow Kit market before dinner. The 8th was our last full day together so we decided to spend the day time relaxing again around the hotel and pool then in the evening got some last minute shopping in at the central market and Chinatown. We also found ‘The Royal Oak’ pub and so of course had to have a drink there… We had breakfast together the ... read more
ang drinking guiness
chinatown at night

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