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31st August 2011

Experience at Smyle Inn, Delhi
I am happy that we at Hostel Smyle Inn were able to support your journey by making a few suggestions and helping you out with Dominos, Malhotra restaurant etc. Hope your over all journey was good. Take Care Harish Sharma from Smyle Inn
25th August 2011

Luxury Hotel in delhi
nice posting thanks for information
From Blog: The silent army
7th June 2011

Vang Vieng people.
I'm sure some of these people are nice, pre-drinks. Of course we knew about Vang Vieng, but we thought that we could not really form and opinion without seeing the place for ourselves. It was on our way so we stopped by. Don't get us wrong we love to have a drink and have fun. But the whole binge drinking thing is what we did during our teens. Some people grow out of it, some people don't. We like to have fun when we meet people we want to have fun with, not because everyone else is doing it. I'm sure you will love it!
6th June 2011

Being rude to locals is not on, I hate to see this and often see it back home as well at kick out time. Surely you would have realised that Vang Vieng is known for tubing and what it entails. Do you not think at 22 you could have gone at the normal time with everyone else had little drink and some fun? If you actually get chatting to some of the people you have generalized you may find some of them are actually nice people. You never know you might even enjoy it?? I'm 26 and I know I’ll have a right laugh when I get there as I know what to expect. Not every destination on your travels has to be a cultural explosion you get doughy eyed over. You are a loud to have some shameless fun, your 22 after all :D

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