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My love for travelling started in India 5 years ago.
Unfortunately I could not fully satisfy my travelling urges due to work and home commitments and had never been away for more than 3 weeks. So this is it 2011, the year I leave my life in the UK behind and travel to Asia. I’m look forward to making friends and many happy memories on the way.
I hope you enjoy my blog which will be starting on the 8th of August 2011 where so far I will be travelling from London to Mumbai to Singapore then a month’s Muay Thai training in Phuket Thailand.. Then who knows. I don’t want to make set plans to far in advance as hope to meet new people and be able to travel where ever I like within S/E Asia.

Asia » Singapore August 10th 2011

I loved Singapore! I’d genuinely consider living there for a time! Contrast is not a strong enough word to describe the difference between Mumbai and Singapore. From a City with area’s of poverty and grime like i’d never seen before (thats not to say the whole of Mumbai is like that) to a City so perfect you can get a fine for simple things like crossing the road, eating on the train or even chewing gum. Since it’s such a new City/Country it has been designed as such with the infrastructure to support it unlike some countries back in England which have developed over hundreds of years. The airport was a breeze and before I knew it I was on the MRT (Metro) headed towards the YMCA at Number 1 Orchard road (The very plush shopping ... read more
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Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai » Bandra August 9th 2011

So the first leg of my journey albeit a short one is over. I’m typing this in Mumbai Airport with a rather long wait for my flight to Singapore (An my first dip in a pool Woooh). The flight from London was great, really recommend kingfisher. Had my first curry on the plane, it came with two other pots of what turned out to be mint yogurt and some semolina type goo, I did a sneaky glance to my left to see what order the Indian bloke next to me was eating. Hands down the best plane food i’ve ever had. Only complaint was they were a little stingy on the drinks. I only managed to get one Jack Daniels and Coke! The 9 hour flight flew by (literally) as I watched a film and slept ... read more
View of the City
Photo 3
My first Chicken Sizzler

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Merseyside » Wirral August 8th 2011

So entry number one of what I hope will be an interesting and amusing account of my travels over the next 6 months. I'm currently sitting in first class on Virgin trains down to London after a rather jammy discount making it cheaper than a standard ticket. The excitement is finally kicking in, I've been so busy over the last 4 weeks jamming in as much overtime as possible to try and inflate my budget. As a result Ive probably been pretty grouchy and haven't really had time to actually think about what I'll be getting up to other than boring things like insurance and visas. I also haven't done any training in 3 or 4 weeks so the Muay Thai Kickboxing is really going to kill me in the first week. Ah well what doesn't ... read more
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