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Asia » Laos » East » Sam Neua June 14th 2011

We had decided on Sam Neau as our guidebook told us it was a worthwhile little picturesque place to stop by on the way to the Vietnam border. The surrounding mountains and paddy fields were in fact quite beautiful, but everywhere you look there is some kind of construction going on. I’m sure for the people who live there it’s a good thing but scaffolding and piles of sand and rubble everywhere aren't very pretty to look at. We walked around town to find a guesthouse and eventually settled on the first place we saw. We spent some time online before grabbing some dinner at what seemed to be the only restaurant in town. We were tired from the long bus journey and so slept in the next morning. We wanted to visit near by Vieng ... read more
A little one learning the trade young
Beautiful weather

Asia » Laos » East » Phonsavan June 10th 2011

We arrived in Phonsavan in the afternoon and looked around a few guesthouses before settling on somewhere. Some of our minibus group also stayed there while a couple of the others stayed at a place round the corner. Another Brit couple were already staying there and we all decided as a group to book a jars tour for the following morning. We headed out for some food and had drinks with the group at a bar called ‘craters’ which is surrounded by huge bomb shells. Next morning we left around 8.30am to visit jar site number 3, an old Russian tank and then jar site number 2. After a lunch of noodle soup we went on to site number 1 before visiting the ‘bomb village’ where the locals have used bomb shells as fences, BBQs and ... read more
defused bombs
Plain of jars

Asia » Laos » West » Luang Prabang June 7th 2011

We arrived in Luang Prabang in good time and set off to find a guesthouse near the river. After settling on a clean but rather expensive room we grabbed some food at a little place overlooking the river. Unfortunately the food was not as good as the view. It was getting late by then so we took a walk around the night market and headed back to the guesthouse with a pineapple smoothie. Next morning we decided to find somewhere else to stay. We found another place for the same price which included air con and our own balcony. We rented bicycles from the guesthouse to ride around town. We visited Wat Xieng Thong temple which is covered in beautiful mosaics, stopped for cake :), then walked around the Haw Kham Royal Palace Museum. We also ... read more
Beautiful Mosaics
Beautiful Mosaics

Asia » Laos » West » Vang Vieng June 4th 2011

We had read about Vang Vieng before we left for travelling, known for its main attraction, tubing. The area is actually quite beautiful but we arrived in a street looking like something out of Magaluf. Full of bars and shops selling the same crap, so touristy and gimmicky it makes you despise the place immediately. The bars and restaurants play seasons of family guy and friends for the “falang” and you will see more tourists than locals. Debbie summarised this area in one sentence “ two bob skeggy market”. After strolling around we found a guesthouse which was perhaps a little too close to the main street - the lady who owned it asked us if we wanted a balcony overlooking the street. We laughed and paid an extra 10,000 kip to have a room with ... read more
First bar at tubing
The river
Home comforts?

Asia » Laos » West » Vientiane June 4th 2011

The bus dropped us on the Lao side of the river and we were bombarded with offers of taxi’s, tuk-tuks and buses to Vientiane and we eventually settled on a shared ride into the city for 40 THB each. We eventually found a room – not a great room but it was cheap! Next door was a smoothie bar where we discovered possibly the best taste that exists anywhere in the world – their strawberry smoothie. We dropped off our passports at a nearby agency to get our visas for Vietnam then took a walk around the city centre. Vientiane doesn’t feel like a city, more like a town and certainly not like a capital city. We had lunch at a Japanese place and accidently ended up ordering a dish that came with about 8 side ... read more
Inflatable slides
Anyone fancy a toad
Sculptures at Buddha Park

Asia » Thailand » North-East Thailand » Nong Khai June 4th 2011

We didn’t get much sleep on the overnight VIP bus, but were happy to reach Udon Thani around 9am and find a seat on the hour long local bus to Nong Khai. The journey was pretty uneventful, and on arrival we found a tuk-tuk to drop us in town and checked in to a nice little guesthouse near the river. We spent the afternoon walking around the market before having dinner at a rooftop restaurant overlooking the Mekong river. There were not many tourists in Nong Khai, and the only others we saw tended to be older European men – some with their young Thai girlfriends – who had come to renew their visa by hopping across the river to Laos and back again. Next morning we hired out a scooter – with Debbie’s lack of ... read more
Black people toys
Rooftop restaurant
Chang beer

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai May 30th 2011

It's a long'un i'm afraid.... We arrived at Chiang mai and as usual were met by numerous hotel touts. We went to the tourist information desk where a guy told us we could get a free ride into the old city to look at his hotel and if we didn’t like it could simply leave and go look elsewhere, so we agreed. The hotel was ok but quite far from the markets and main backpacker area so we decided to look around. We stopped to have some breakfast before taking a tuk-tuk to the backpacker area where most of the budget accommodation is. We came across a tout claiming he could take us to a guesthouse with rooms at 200 THB per night so again we agreed. Chiang Mai Inn Guesthouse – the rooms were not ... read more
Elephant Ride
Stuck in the Mud
Cute village kids

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Ayutthaya May 22nd 2011

The centre of Ayutthaya is surrounded by a river so we took a little ferry across and were immediately faced with a lady handing out flyers for a guesthouse. We hadn’t really got anywhere in mind and the place looked pretty good and reasonably priced so we said we’d have a look. The room was by far the best we had stayed in so far, decorated with floral wallpaper and nice furniture. The bathroom was small and the shower awkwardly placed but overall we were impressed and took a room for £7. After checking in we took a walk around and found a shopping mall. We were after a Thai sim card so went in and found a phone shop. Angelo explained that he wanted a sim that would work with his blackberry and the shop ... read more
Night Temple
Night Temple
Night Temple

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok May 21st 2011

We arrived at Bangkok around 5am. As we made our way from the plane into the airport we realised we were once again amongst people who actually care about cleanliness! After 6 weeks in India, who’s airports we experienced smell and have chunks of ceiling missing, Bangkok international airport was a dream. We found the taxi rank easily – Thailand has signage! – and took a bright pink taxi to the hotel we had pre-booked online. We had paid quite a lot for our hotel and to be honest were not expecting it to be worth the money but as we were arriving so early just wanted somewhere we could just head straight to and sleep. The hotel was down a quiet side street, 10 minutes walk from Khao san road, but most importantly it was ... read more
Turtle lady's cafe
Ang enjoying his first tom yum soup
Floating Market

Asia » India » West Bengal » Kolkata May 11th 2011

We arrived in Kolkata on time. We jumped off the train and after haggling with a taxi driver we got him to take us to a hotel in our guide book. It was ridiculously overpriced and we walked straight back out where and old man attached himself to us, despite us asking him to leave several times he proceeded to show us a range of hotels which were generally pretty grim. Eventually we came across Hotel Aafreen which was recommended by Lonely Planet where we got a room for Rs 800. After freshening up we headed out for some food – we decided to give in to our cravings for the colonel , Indian KFC is not as nice as KFC back home at least we won’t be tempted again! After we visited Victoria Memorial and ... read more
A indian carraige
Street artist
St. Pauls Cathedral

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