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Asia » Cambodia » South » Kampot July 3rd 2011

4 or so hours later we arrived in Kampot. We were bombarded with tuk-tuk drivers and hotel touts competing for our business with the only other tourist on the bus made a quick escape. We agreed to go with one guy to see a hotel, but after seeing it decided to take a look at the one we had picked out of the guidebook which turned out to be nicer – Orchid Guesthouse. We had our own little wooden bungalow with two big beds and a bathroom. It was quite cute. We took advantage of the very rusty but free bicycles offered by the guesthouse and cycled round town. We stopped off at the Rusty Keyhole for some food. Back in Laos we had been tipped by another English couple that the ribs here were amazing ... read more
The rusty keyhole
Best ribs ever....
Blind massage guys

Asia » Cambodia » South » Phnom Penh July 3rd 2011

So after being stamped into Cambodia we drove for around 2 hours to Phnom Penh and settled on Okay guesthouse near the river which is actually rather nice. We got settled in and took a walk up the river inn search of some good food and found the lasagne to satisfy our cravings. We were a little shocked to see just how many kids were passing by and coming into the restaurant trying to sell books, bracelets and scarves to customers. In the morning we found ourselves a tuk-tuk to take us to Tuol Sleng museum and then the Killing Fields. The museum is the old Khmer Rouge S-21 detention centre where they tortured ‘traitors’. Inside we watched a documentary and walked the celled rooms where prisoners were kept. On display are pictures of all the ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » An Giang » Chau Doc June 27th 2011

We arrived in Chau doc quickly and took a moto- taxi into town. We settled on a cheap hotel and went out to find some dinner. It seems that we crave western food most when we can’t get any and so instead of the lasagne we were hoping for we settled on beef with fried rice for Deb and prawns with veg for Ang. We stopped for a smoothie on the way back and slept through to 9.30am the following morning. We had a lazy morning, popping out for breakfast then coming back to the hotel for a few hours’ kip. At 3pm we were picked up by 2 moto guys who took us to some temples, pagodas and Sam Mountain. We set off to first to the cavern pagoda, where you had to climb up ... read more
Cavern Temple
View from cavern temple
inside cavern temple

Asia » Vietnam » Mekong River Delta » Can Tho June 26th 2011

The drive to Can Tho was reasonably comfortable, we stopped once at a noodle shop where we witnessed some local guy going crazy and trying to fight the staff. It provided us with a few minutes of entertainment before we set off again. We arrived and took moto-taxis to the river and found a hotel overlooking it. We went out for lunch at a restaurant where most of the dishes on the menu contained snake – a local delicacy. Although we had ordered beef it out us off somewhat and we didn’t really enjoy our meal. To make up for it we bought popcorn, onion rings, grapes and sugary drinks and went back to the hotel where we watched TV and ate junk food. In the evening we took a stroll around the river front, stopping ... read more
Mini bbq
Dried fish

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ho Chi Minh City June 25th 2011

So the 16 hour bus turned out to be two busses and 24 hours, with a 1 ½ wait in Nah Trang – the joys of travelling! We finally arrived in Ho Chi Minh City at 7pm and thankfully got dropped off right where we wanted to be. Within 20 minutes we had found a room, checked in, freshened up and popped out to find some food. We were over the moon to see a pizza hut sign in the distance. We got a takeaway pizza, went back to the hotel, ate and slept. It’s funny how after 24 hours laying down on a bus all you want to do is sleep. We slept in the next morning making it out by around 12.45pm. We headed to the war ruminants museum, stopping off for coffee on ... read more
Fighter Jet

Asia » Vietnam » South Central Coast » Quảng Nam » Hoi An June 19th 2011

The change over at Danang was pretty simple although once again the bus lady tried to charge us 3 times the normal price and then when we agreed on a lower price tried to short change us, refusing to give us the right change until we started to make a bit of a scene. We arrived an hour later and crossed the road to grab some noodles before walking into town. We quickly found a nice room for $10 and took a walk around. We rented a scooter in the evening and rode down to the beach which was packed with tourists, mostly Vietnamese. After a swim we decided there were just too many people and drove back to town for some dinner. We got up early the next morning and drove down to the beach, ... read more
splashing around
fishing boat
Hoi an old town

Asia » Vietnam » North Central Coast » Thua Thien - Huế » Hué June 16th 2011

We were told that we would be in Hue around 7-8am. We rolled into the station around 12pm and we hobbled off, a little crippled from so many hours in a bed that was definitely two short and two narrow for a westerner. We found ourselves a taxi to take us to town and once again got ripped off – it seems all tourists have to pay a ridiculously increased taxi fare when they enter a new city – a kind of welcome present maybe? We soon found ourselves a hotel for $9 – a big room with the usual air con, wifi, TV etc. but this time with a bath tub :). We took a walk around and grabbed some food at a near by restaurant, went back to the hotel for a bit then ... read more
Debbie on the bridge
Dragon Boat
On the boat

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Hai Phong » Cat Ba Island June 16th 2011

We arrived in Cat Ba Island after a 4 hour journey. A bus from Hanoi to Haiphong then a short boat trip from Haiphong to Cat Ba followed by a bus ride into Cat Ba town. Most tourists just book a trip to Halong bay from Hanoi and do not venture out this far, so they do not make it to Lan Ha bay which was recommended to us by many travellers who said it was more beautiful than Halong Bay. We arrived on a Friday and the weekends are a busy time in Cat Ba as the local Vietnamese tourists come swarm the place. We spent the next hour trying to find accommodation which proved to be difficult as most had been snapped up and Hotel owners were asking ridiculous amounts like $30 a night. ... read more
View from cannon fort
Cannon fort
In Cat Ba town

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Hanoi June 15th 2011

We crossed the border without any trouble, there was literally no one else there other than the French couple who had been on the bus with us so it felt a little freaky, but at least we didn’t have to queue! Once on the other side of the border we were handed over to a bus driver who wanted $35 (US) to take us to Hanoi. He was our only option as the border crossing was so remote there was no other way to get anywhere! We ended up paying $45 for the two of us, still a complete rip of but we had anticipated this. We were told the bus would take 8 hours to get to Hanoi and the bus started filling up with locals. One old lady sat next to Debbie and at ... read more
Temple on river
Inside temple on river
Debbie with her new don ganh

Asia » Laos » East » Vieng Xai June 14th 2011

The bus to Vieng Xay was short and sweet, we arrived early and headed off to find a hotel and settled on somewhere cheap but a little grotty. The scenery outside our window, however, made up for this. As we only planned to spend a day here we found somewhere to eat before heading to the caves. These caves are where the Pathet Lao hid during the secret war and the area was bombed hard. People had to stay in the caves during the day and farm and travel at night to avoid being seen. We heard about some truly horrible things the Americans’ did here, but were amazed at how the Lao people had created a ‘cave town’ here. We cycled round the caves with our guide who spoke little English but was nice enough ... read more
Rice fields
Kaysone Phomnivanh's house

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