Christopher Jack


Christopher Jack

It's 2011 and another travel adventure begins. This time it's through London, Munich, Vienna, Barcelona and Lisbon. Plenty of food to be enjoyed and history and culture to be admired.

Europe May 26th 2011

Sadly travel blog and apple do not see eye to eye and therefore I am giving up in this blog. Please head over to twitter and follow me (@chrisjackis) or become a friend on Facebook. Hasta luego!... read more

Africa May 24th 2011

Hello reader, firstly let me say I've been having a number of problems creating blog entries via the iPad, the travelblog website does not really cater for iPad users but hopefully I now have a bit of a workaround in place to at least to enable me to blog. My next challenge will be uploading images but I will be doing my upmost to provide visuals as well as words in the very near future. Have settled in nicely at the apartment in Borough in SE1. For those of you who are unaware it is about to five minute walk to London Bridge so it's a very centrally located spot just far enough away from the city to avoid all the rush of city workers -something I am certainly not one of while I'm on leave. ... read more

Europe May 22nd 2011

In a city with a population of close to 8 million people and 15 million visitors a year you'd be surprised to think there would be a quiet street to be found less than a stones throw from the Thames, however this is where you find me as I write my first blog entry of 2011. Having spent the morning ensuring I would be able to blog (trips to mobile phone shops) , it was out for lunch to one of the many quality local pubs around Borough (where I am based for the next week) with my brother Paul. The Goldsmith on Southwark Bridge Road is the quintessential local pub that does delicious Sunday roasts and by all accounts an interesting weekly menu that includes Thai Tuesday, a traditional Thai menu cooked by their resident ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney September 20th 2009

Its hard to believe but today I am typing this blog entry from my home in Dee Why. Incredibly five weeks has flown by so quickly and tomorrow I am faced with the prospect of going back to work. On Thursday night I went out for dinner with Paul and Mark, a kind of farewell I guess. We went to Cóte at Tower Bridge. Dinner was disappointing and so too the service but it was nice to go out with my brother and his partner Mark again before flying back to Australia. My week has been quite uneventful by choice. I stayed down in Kent with my friends Mick and Sal and used the few days as an opprtunity to wind-down. On Friday I awoke bright eyed and bushy tailed and jumped on the early morning ... read more
The City of Westiminster
London Eye
Galician Octopus

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent September 15th 2009

The nice lady presenting the weather declared that there was “...autumnal...” weather on the way. Autumnal indeed! Rain and wind greeted me on my return to England following 30 consecutive days of sunshine throughout Europe . I was only boasting yesterday that I had had sunshine every day of my holiday however today it is bloody awful! I really enjoyed my time in Ireland. Ballybunion may not be the most exciting place on earth but the sunshine, beaches and the ocean is a lovely combination. Top that off with the odd pint of guinness and winning some money on the horses at the Listowel races on Sunday is was also a very profitable stay. The flight back on Ryanair was an uneventful one. If there was ever a day I fancied a stoush with that airline ... read more
The crowds on the strand
The sun sets on my five days in Ballybunion

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Southwark September 9th 2009

I have left the translucent waters and the summer-like heat of Sardinia. I am now back in London for 24 hours before taking a flight with our friends Ryanair to County Kerry in Ireland. Yes I did criticise Ryanair in an earlier blog and I will not fly with them again (after this flight). I'd actually booked this ticket with a couple of months ago and it flys in to Kerry Airport which is about 30 mins from Ballybunion where my all the cousins live (well most of them). Although I enjoyed the beaches of Sardinia and the warm weather was probably a bonus, daily trips to the beach (up to four hours at a time) is not my thing (even though I live only two minutes from the beach at Dee Why). My skin would ... read more
Nice Rack!
The Beach Umbrellas of Sardinia
Copperfield Street Southwark

Europe September 6th 2009

I arrived in Sardinia on Friday after a train ride from Barcelona to Madrid and a flight with Ryanair from Madrid to Sardinia. The train was incredibly comfortable, breakfast and a movie was provided and the service very special. Ryanair from Madrid was a different story. I had previously sworn never to fly Ryanair again however I had no choice this time and again it lived up to my extremely low expectations. On arrival at Barajas Airport in Madrid I discovered that my suitcase was three kgs overweight (Ryanair charge you for every kg your bag is over their 15kg limit.) My overweight bag set me back 60 euros! As many are beginning to realise you are better off flying with the older, more established airlines who in the end provide a level of service you ... read more
The Sardinian Coastline
Porto Giunico
Porto Giunico

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona September 2nd 2009

Its Wednesday and the week is flying. I went to bed on Tuesday night feeling relaxed and comfortable. The air-conditioning in the apartment has been a bonus and although the heat and humidity was still pretty high late into the evening I could enjoy the cool air at home. That was until the power blew in the apartment! I woke up in darkness, not because it was early but because the power was out. I hunted down the fuse box, however as my knowledge of Spanish electricity (in fact all electricity) starts at a very low base I wasn't too keen to fiddle with it. I waited until the office staff arrived before calling them up. Within 10 seconds after walking into the apartment the lady from the office had restored power. Five minutes later when ... read more
Barcelona 3 Sporting Gijon 0
Catalan Sausge, Egg and Asparagus
Avinguda de catedral

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona September 1st 2009

Tuesday morning and its a pinch and a punch for the first of the month as I go in search for some casuelas. For the first time I have really felt the humidity as I wandered through el Born in the Barrio Gotico . In summer it is always hot in the old part of town as the heat gets trapped in the narrow streets, however the humidity must be at record levels, you could almost feel steam rising in front of you. First stop today was one of Barça's other fresh food markets at Santa Caterina. This is a market glistening with fresh seafood, skinned rabbits (with apologies to rabbit lovers) poultry, fresh eggs (sold individually and by size!) and the freshest fruit and vegetables. It may not have the reputation of el boqueria ... read more
A couple of locals
When in Barcelona
Santa Caterina Market

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona August 31st 2009

I've now been in Barcelona for more than 24 hours and so far its been as enjoyable as I expected it would be. The weather has been warm (though more humid than I would have liked), the city full of energy and the food so far has not disappointed. Renting an apartment was probably a very wise decision on reflection. My apartment is large, clean and very central and with the flexibility to sleep-in (no cleaners knocking on your door to clean your room!!) and the ability to cook your own food when you want to makes it extremely affordable as well. The apartment is a stones throw from the Picasso Museum, Santa Maria del Mar and close to the centre of the old part of Barcelona. The street below the apartment is filled with great ... read more
The Catalonian Apartment
Inside le Boqueria
So much food!

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