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Asia » Indonesia » Bali September 17th 2014

I’m starting to feel like a traveller I guess. This is now my Fifth adventure (World Trip, Dubai-Singapore, USA/Caribbean, New Zealand Cruise). Leading up to a dreaded 0 Birthday, I was never going to go well. I have this thing that something always bad happens, so thought best bet was to leave the country for it. I had been investigating things for a while and so many different thoughts crossed my mind. I really loved the idea of doing an Intrepid Vietnam to Bangkok as an adventure, but I ended up feeling that would be too big a culture shock to survive on my first ever Solo Trip. There was a point where flights to Paris were going for only AUD $1600 return, and I know I really want to head back there one day, but ... read more
Another Letter
Checking In
My Well Travelled Companions

North America » United States » New York » New York February 15th 2013

Waking up in a new city is always exciting. I was up and showered and excited. My daughter is a bit of a lay in bed til the last possible moment however. I told her of our plan to try to get up and out so we didn't have any awkward encounters with our guests next door. It was when we were tip toeing out of our room that we discovered they had a review of their costs sheet by their door .... Yeh :) this means they were going home so we didn't have to fret over what may go tonight. We headed down to the breakfast room on the ground floor. It was a nice little set up. There was a make your own waffle maker. Neither of us particularly felt like waffles, but ... read more
New York City (2 of 30)
New York City (3 of 30)
New York City (4 of 30)

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide February 14th 2013

A little summary to provide a brief overview of this up and coming blog. This will be my third overseas trip, and accompanying me will be my daughter on her first trip. The plan is fly to New York City, after a couple of days head up to Boston, MA for a couple of days, then return to New York City for a few days before a 9 night cruise to the Caribbean. After the cruise we have an overnight trip to Washington/Philly, then back to New York where we will then fly home. The cruise component of the trip was booked way back in September 2011 (so yes, I'm a bit of a forward planner). The entire trip was completely booked and planned by about October 2012, which included all the accommodation, trips and onshore ... read more
New York Trip (2 of 40)
New York Trip (3 of 40)
New York Trip (4 of 40)

Asia » Singapore May 28th 2012

Our flight leaving Singapore was to be at 10:30pm, so we had quite a bit of the day that we could still go and have a look at a few things that we had missed along the way. We did sleep in a bit, but there was no time for dawdlers today. Making our way down to the dining room for breakfast I did like that we had the pick of where we sat. The breakfast service was impeccable. They really made us feel at home. Trying to find some breakfast proved interesting. Being an asian destination some of the breakfast options were well, interesting. They did have sliced fruit, yoghurts, some cereals (just a limited range), some regurgitated muesli (or at least pre-soaked in milk for you). There was a lovely freshly baked section of ... read more
Art near Marina
Ferrari Shop
Ferrari F1 wheel

Asia » Singapore May 27th 2012

Now all good plans are only as good as the people that are making them, or rather implementing them I guess. My plan for the morning was to wake up early, so that we could enjoy a kind of pre-breakfast at the hotel considering we had already paid for it before heading off on the tour to the Singapore Zoo for the breakfast with the animals. It sounded like a lovely plan, however the part of implementing it, which required getting out of bed at a suitable time, just wasn’t as nice in actual theory. That being said, we laid in bed until we absolutely had to jump out. I did love the rain shower head, and those luxury toiletries had me in danger of not getting out of the shower for any type of tour. ... read more
Singapore Zoo
Breakfast with the animals
how cute :)

Asia » Singapore May 26th 2012

Now there is something about knowing you are getting off the boat that just makes you want to jump off quickly. I was really sad leaving the ship, but at the same time I guess I knew it was over and wanted to go see Singapore as I had never been there either. There is also a difference between excitement and just pure moronic behavior. I think I was in the second category this morning. For some reason the body clock demanded I leap out of bed at 5am of all times and look out the window. Yes we were pulling into Singapore, but seriously? 5am? Did I really care that much? Well I guess excitement shared is better than standing alone, so I forced my husband to wake up and come and look at the ... read more
Singapore through the humidity
New Terminal
New Terminal

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur May 25th 2012

Once again this morning I was up at the crack of dawn. I think that for me would mean any possible time before 8am, just to give you a broad reference. A lot of other people had the same idea this morning, so the breakfast was basically take away only, so happily took breakfast back to the room to eat. Apparently I was supposed to bring back some for my husband as well, but there are only so many hands, and clearly I didn’t have enough for that. Was to be an interesting day, and I was still so worried about the mystery people from the ice skating show hoping it didn’t end up as an all out brawl. I went down to the Sports Bar by the Red Car early just in case anyone was ... read more
Port Kerlang

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » George Town May 25th 2012

You could kind of sense that our trip was quickly coming to an end. That being said, we had two more exciting ports to get off before we said goodbye to our delicious home on the seas. The first of which was Georgetown, Penang. It was going to be an odd type of day. For other ports we would arrive early in the morning and there wouldn’t be too much movement around as people would just wake up and organize getting off the ship. However today we were due to get into port at midday, so it had a different type of buzz about the day. It was in a way a lot of standing around waiting for the ship just to dock, and you could see the land so tantalizingly close as we dawdled into ... read more
Georgetown, Penang
the man

Oceans and Seas » Indian May 23rd 2012

It was the strangest feeling waking up today. It was the last Straight sea day. It was actually quite sad. I was getting used to being stuck on the boat with no set thing I had to do or places I had to be, and just make it all up as I went along. That being said, there was so much I had wanted to do today. Now I had been meaning to put out a card on the door to order breakfast in our Suite since day one of the cruise, but that didn’t happen. So breakfast again was up in the Windjammer. It was almost a routine now. I would grab a bowel, spoon, a packet of mini wheat’s and my little container of Full Cream Dubai Long Life Milk. I worked out, by ... read more
Rabbit fruit
Floral Display

Oceans and Seas » Indian May 22nd 2012

Another sea day and really think I was getting the hang of the waves and the delicious slow life. That being said, once again I ventured up for breakfast by myself, as the husband slept away. After breakfast I decided I was on a cruise and I was going to do the whole swimming and sun baking thing that everyone seemed to enjoy so much. I ventured on up to the top deck and passed over my sea pass to score my towels. I was asked how many towels I would like … didn’t realize it was a trick question, and took one. It was only later I realized, to do the whole deck thing like a pro you are supposed to take about four towels! Two are supposed to lay across your chair, and the ... read more
Expensive glue!
Trying to be poised
Formal Night

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