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Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Hongik October 28th 2012

Day 44 (Sat 20thOct) I got up early to be made breakfast by one of the girls from last night’s sit on the floor and drink occasion. Toast with jam on and a fried egg on top, was a little apprehensive but gave it a go and surprisingly it works. Ate up and fetched my bag to head off to Andong intercity bus terminal. Got my ticket and got on the bus when it arrived. Think it took around 3 and a half hours to get to Suwon but it was a limousine bus so wasn’t uncomfortable in the slightest. On arrival in Suwon I followed the directions google had my hostel at. Bad decision as this had me roaming around for the best part of 2 hours in the wrong part of town. I gave ... read more
JSA - Blue (UN) Grey (North Korean)
Bridge of No Return

Asia » South Korea » Daegu » Jung-gu October 24th 2012

Day 39 (Mon 15thOct) Today I had planned on going to a national park north east of Daegu for a bit of a hike and to see a few temples around there but due to waking up with an incredibly sore abdomen which is down to the sunmudo martial arts I was doing at the temple stay I’m in way too much discomfort for that. I was just pottering around the hostel when the girl (Sookie) who works here asked if I fancied going with her to watch the national volleyball finals week. It seems Daegu is hosting the national sports festival this week so there’s a lot of sport going on. As I had no other plans it made sense to go plus it’s a new sport that I’d not seen before. We got the ... read more
Buinsa Temple
Hahoe Folk Village
Hahoe Folk Village

Asia » South Korea » Gyeongsangbuk-do » Gyeongju » Golgulsa Temple October 15th 2012

Day 35 (Wed 10thOct) I moved on from Busan in the morning, after taking in Breakfast. Got the Subway to the nearest express bus terminal, bought my ticket which is very good value at just over £2 and got on the limousine bus. These buses are very comfortable with huge lazy-z-boy like chairs, nicer than some of the beds I’ve slept in. Takes 1 hour give or take to get to Gyeong-ju from Busan. Arrived and got checked into my hostel, possibly the first hostel I’ve found without getting lost, which was a bonus, although this place is a lot smaller than anywhere I’ve been so far. Took a walk out to see a royal tomb which is literally a huge grassy mound up a lane. It turns out there’s tombs everywhere here, just random grass ... read more
Bulguksa Temple
Mt Namsan National Park
Golgulsa Temple Stay

Asia » South Korea » Busan » Haeundae-gu October 14th 2012

Day 32 (Sun 7thOct) So my time has come to leave behind Beijing and China, a place that I have enjoyed very much. Next on the agenda is South Korea, and firstly Busan. The day started with a 5:30am start after getting in at half 1 so I was slightly tired. I tried to make as little noise as possible leaving the hostel room. Seems there’s 3 Siberians in 2 beds which means they’re multiplying as there were 2 the previous day. Made it to the airport and went through the usual procedures. Boarded the flight and away from China. The flight lasted around 2 hours to Busan Gimhae airport. Off the plane and through the painful customs processes, filling in questionnaires for health and illness, reason of visit and so on. This all takes longer ... read more
Taejongdae Park
Jagalchi Fish Market
Yongdusan Park

Asia » China » Beijing » Xuanwu District October 8th 2012

Day 29 (Thurs 4thOct) So the first task of the morning was to get the money back that the housekeeper had stolen. On waking up I packed my bags and headed to reception. I handed them my key and asked for my money, which I was given in full along with the 3 days I had paid for and wasn’t going to be staying there for. So off I go to my new hostel, which is actually a hotel but the top floor has some dorms in it instead, it’s far nicer than the previous hostel so I’ve fallen on my feet here. First major problem on the road overcome and time to enjoy the rest of Beijing. With it being early afternoon by the time I got settled into new surroundings, I decided to head ... read more
Summer Palace
Tian'anmen Square
Donghuamen Night Market

Asia » China » Beijing » Mutianyu October 7th 2012

Day 26 (Mon 1stOct) Another night train took me from Shanghai to Beijing although this one far more successful. A soft sleeper and not a hard sleeper meant a bigger bed and more space, 4 in a room not 6 and the luxury of a door. It was spot on. On arriving in Beijing the girl on the opposite side to my bed decided to let on she spoke English, shame she didn’t do it 11 hours earlier as those trains do get pretty boring. We got chatting and headed off the train and into the Subway. We exchanged details as is happening a lot more now with people, as I’m getting more used to the travelling thing. Arrived at the correct Subway and made my way to the hostel after going the wrong way initially. ... read more
The Great Wall
The Great Wall
The Great Wall

Asia » China » Shanghai » Huangpu September 30th 2012

Day 20 (Tues 25thSept) My first action in Shanghai was to try and book my ticket to Beijing, not the most positive of starts wanting to book a ticket out of the city, but it’s a national holiday week here next week so needed it sorted. Got to station, once again had forgotten my passport, but on looking at e-ticket machine couldn’t have booked more than 3 days in advance anyways so nothing lost. Have to go back Friday. Went back to the hostel to drop off my passport and then headed out for a day time walk along the Bund, which is the main promenade/boulevard in Shanghai, from where every picture you’ve ever seen of the skyline will have been taken from. It is an amazing view, one of which I decided I wanted to ... read more
WFC at night
Shanghai Skyline
Oriental Pearl Tower

Asia » China » Shaanxi » Xi'an September 26th 2012

Day 16 (Fri 21stSept) First call of today was to get my onward train ticket to Shanghai. Walked to train station, took about 45 mins. Queued up at the foreign counter which was full of Chinese. Got to front and asked for a ticket on Sunday, was told they only had seats and no sleepers, not good as it was due to be a 15 hour trip, then she asked for my passport, didn’t have it so went back to hostel, 45 more mins. Quickly checked online and showed they did have sleepers so I got reception to print of the exact train I wanted, went back, this time on the bus. Got to front of queue, passed piece of paper over and amazingly had sleepers now. I have this feeling they just shove people on ... read more
Bell Tower at Dusk
Big Wild Goose Pagoda
Drum Tower at night

Asia » China » Shaanxi » Xi'an September 22nd 2012

Day 12 (Mon 17thSept) I decided to visit Guilin’s local parks and tourist sites today. What I didn’t expect was quite as much walking or climbing up stairs as I got, which I can tell you was plenty. First I headed on the Number 1 bus to Diecai Hill, A park located at the top end of town. I bought the ticket that allowed me access to all 3 parks/hill areas. This cost CNY 95 (£9.50), bought individually this would have come to CNY 140 so saved a little on that, although in hindsight I probably could have saved more. Diecai hill is probably the largest, with a series of paths and 3 large peaks, very very steep stairs to get up them. I’d had enough of steps to Tourist sites in HK but seems they’re ... read more
View of Guilin from Diecai
Sun and Moon Pagoda's
Moon Pagoda

Asia » China » Guangxi » Guilin » Daxu September 17th 2012

Day 8 (Thurs 13thSept) Today is the day I have left Hong Kong and headed north into mainland China. I woke up early as I had to be out of my room by 11am and be all packed up and ready to go. Around 12 o’clock I fetched my bag from the hostel and headed to the MTR, which I was to get from Causeway Bay all the way to Lo Wu, which is the last stop before the border into China. This took around an hour or so and at the other end greeted by customs. Once through customs you’re in Luo Ho, Shenzhen. I stopped for a bit of lunch in the metro station on the Chinese side of the border for my first attempt at duck while I’ve been here. Ordered and sat ... read more
Lifejacket Essential, 5 feet of water below
YuLong He on the raft
Close up of the fishing cormorants

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