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Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Pai January 17th 2013

Day 114 (Sat 29thDec) Pai My first full day in Pai was spent doing, well very little. Louise joined Tammy and Jo who we met in Chiang Mai for a girly morning at the Spa so I left them to that. I wandered around the town and waited for Megan to get into town. Then we pretty much just chilled out for the day roaming the streets, off which there are not that many. Pai is a really small place, around 3,000 local inhabitants but it’s become incredibly popular these days with tourists flocking in from Chiang Mai. It was that busy the river was lined with tents for people coming for New Years, luckily we had a room for a couple days otherwise we’d have been tenting it. At tea time I met up with ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai » San Kamphaeng January 7th 2013

Day 109 (Mon 24thDec) Chiang Mai Woke up with a bit of a hangover as one generally does. There were 4 of my roommates having a chat so got involved and we all headed out for a walk around. The others all arrived yesterday the same as me and were staying for the same amount of time so was good to meet people who were going to be about for more than a day. Often people are leaving as you’re arriving or vice versa so having the chance to have the same people about for a few days seemed good. We headed to a little cafe to grab some lunch and as we were all still tired from the previous day, me due to hangover and them due to travelling we had a team nap and ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai » San Kamphaeng January 5th 2013

Day 102 (Mon 17thDec) Managed to surface around 10am, had a quick look on facebook to see my friend Megan was downstairs in my hostel. I met Megan in Shanghai and again in Beijing. I was due to leave early on but because of the session the night before it didn’t happen. Me and Megan sat in the communal area of the hostel watching some idiot abroad and crying with laughter. It’s a shame I was leaving the day she arrived but as my trip is a slower one she’ll catch me at some point for a good drinking session maybe in Laos. After this I headed to the station to get my train to Ayutthaya, a place I had never heard off until a few days ago. It turns out this was once the central ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok January 2nd 2013

Days 96 – 97 (Tues 11th – Wed 12thDec) So I moved into Bangkok centre on Tuesday morning, to the famous backpacking area of Khao San Road. Straight away it struck me this was a place I was going to like, travellers everywhere you look and plenty of drinking establishments. I found my hostel 1 street away after getting a little lost. The pace of life within 5 minutes here is so much quicker than that in the Philippines. While people still dawdle about, which annoys me somewhat, people are generally doing more here. Khao San Rd itself is maybe 200 metres long full of bars, street food and large bins of ice with cold beer in, pretty much my idea of heaven. I walked down the river for a bit towards the Grand Palace and ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » Coron December 16th 2012

Days 86-88 (Sat 1st – Mon 3rdDec) My first item of being on Coron was to ask for a room change to the cheapest on the menu. I managed to get this sorted no problems, the room being pretty much the same just not en suite but at half the price certainly favoured me. Coron is a very small town. The national highway that runs through it can be walked in 10 minutes maximum. On Saturday I walked around the town, took in the port (a pier) the main streets and the public market. Here is only slightly bigger than El Nido but there is no beach without travelling out of Coron or island hopping. There is a small hill/mountain overlooking the town called Mt Tapyas. I decided to go up to see the town from ... read more
Coron, Palawan
Coron, Palawan
Coron, Palawan

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » El Nido December 10th 2012

Day 76-77 (Wed 21st – Thurs 22ndNov) Wednesday was spent moving from Puerto Princesa to El Nido on Palawan. This I had read isn’t the most enjoyable trip going but there was no way it could be as bad as my trip in Northern Luzon to Baguio from Bontoc. I was picked up around half 8, we gathered a few more guests then went to some terminal-esque area which was a dump. Loads of Filipino’s got in taking up the remaining seats. We were there around 45 mins messing about which was frustrating. We got on the road and headed off. The trip wasn’t too bad, until the last 90 mins where the road doesn’t exist. They are working on it all the ay along but most is dust road and if they work at Filipino ... read more
El Nido
El Nido
El Nido

Asia » Philippines » Bohol » Panglao November 27th 2012

Days 67 – 70 (Mon 12th –Thurs 15thNov) So after 3 days on Bohol island I moved to Panglao island. An off shoot from Bohol and very close to Tagbilaran where the main ferry and only airport on Bohol lies. I moved to Alona Beach on Panglao which is an awesome beach resort. I moved here mainly to take my PADI open water diving course. I’d done a bit of research about the course and where was best to take it in the Philippines and heard here was good for it as they had close and local reefs so that’s the reason I came. My course ran from Monday to Thursday lunch time. I did theory and videos etc on the Monday. I was due to do a confined water session in the pool but my ... read more
Alona Beach
Balicasag Island
Balicasag Island

Asia » Philippines » Bohol » Tagbilaran November 12th 2012

Day 59 (Sun 4thNov) Woke up early again, starting to become a bit of a habit. Was showered and fed and out the door by 8. Walked to the bus stop where I was told there were minivans going to Baguio City, from there I could go up the west coast to Vigan. Hopped on the minivan, paid and waited to leave Banaue. Once the minivan was filled we left. I’d been told it was 6 to 6 ½ hours on good roads. Funny that as it ended up being nearer 8 and the road was terrifying. It seems there’s a huge mountain range in between where I was going from and too. The road was very windy and had horrible drops off the side, at some points off both sides. The drops in areas were ... read more
Tarsier Sanctuary
Room mate
Chocolate Hills

Asia » Philippines » Ifugao » Banaue November 3rd 2012

Days 53-54 (Mon 29th Oct – Tues 30thOct) I arrived in Manila on the Monday morning around half 10 and after getting some Peso’s out of the cash point headed for the taxi rank and got a taxi to the area my hostel is in. The driver couldn’t actually find it but I knew from the street names and that I’d looked on google maps we were close so I paid and got out and walked around for 5 minutes or so until I found said hostel. As the Philippines is spread out over 7107 islands and I planned on visiting at least a few of the larger ones and some more of the smaller ones I decided to use my first couple of days in Manila to get things sorted out. As I’m travelling I ... read more

Asia » South Korea » Seoul » Hongik October 29th 2012

Waiver: All the pictures names have changed around and as i have to change each one individually i can;t be bothered, i'm sure you can work out which is which. Cheers !! Day 49 (Thurs 25thOct) Today was my first full day to explore Seoul and that was my plan. As the weather was decent enough I decided to do the Palaces and City Centre. I took in 3 palaces all with very long names being Deoksugung, Gyeongbokgung and Chandeokgung Palaces, the last being a Unesco World Heritage Site. Deoksugung is smack bang in the centre, it’s not that big and seems weirdly placed now there’s high rise buildings all around it. It’s nice enough and not too big so you can see all of it within an hour. I then headed off for the 2 ... read more
Chandeokgung Palace
Chandeokgung Palace
Myeongdong Cathedral

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