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17th September 2019

your private photo
hi how are you ? do you know me ? ha ha i have 1 private photo from you please click show link: https://bit.ly/2lUtXWT
17th September 2019

Hi. No I don't think I know you
6th September 2013

Congrate !!!!
Did an amazing job honey :) everybody here just waiting for you to comeback and have a BBQ together again ! Love <3
2nd August 2013

Nice blog!
Been reading some of your blogs, particularly the ones about Indonesia, since I'm going there next month. So far I'm enjoying your adventures!
3rd September 2013

I hope you enjoyed Indonesia as much as i did. Sorry for the slow reply also
7th June 2013

cheeky mention on Radio TT
Cannot believe that i was up at the grandstand and you got a mention!!!
9th June 2013

Had to give the 3 amigo's a mention. Also bound to get my name read out from such a far flung place like Indonesia
2nd May 2013

Thank you for sharing this very nice post, please keep continue the sharing of this types of information. Here we are waiting for more
28th March 2013

Good F1 photos!
I was sitting high in the stand in the back strait for the weekend. It was a great race to attend, and there will be ramifications from this race that will last a long time, especially within the Red Bull team when Vettel ignored team orders. I would love to attend Monza one day to see the race and experience that fan zone! Did you try the free go-karting and ATV activities (where you can drive) or the free sliding and rally sections (both where you are passengers)? They were at the bottom of the hill near to where the bus drops passengers.
13th April 2013

No we never got round to the karts and ATV's. I did see them. To be honest i didn't realise it was free until you just mentioned it so definitely have missed out there. Monza is a must on the european circuit i'd say. It's a good track and general admission there lets you walk and watch in various places, not in the same spot like Malaysia. I'd do Malaysia again, cheap and we had such a great view over half the track, very worth it !!
6th March 2013

Just started following your blog recently after your dad told me about your trip.bloody great effort, looks amazing! I guess it beats a winter on the rock....
7th March 2013

Winter on the Rock
It certainly is better than a bleak winter at home Bob. Been 6 months now and certainly in no rush to return, not sure i could get used to the weather. Plenty more countries and places to see yet !!
21st February 2013

Nice blog . I think you enjoyed the most while travelling to Cambodia. But I've got the knowledge of the people and their lifestyle through your blog.
1st March 2013

Cambodia has started well, the place and the people are very nice indeed :)
20th February 2013

Fcuk the police
Or sumat - love there crap attempt at scamming
1st March 2013

They werent the best scam artists ive ever encountered haha
17th February 2013

Hi Dan, I'm really enjoying keeping up with your travels, you describe everything so well and the photos are great. Funny how there seems to be many more girls on the same route as you than fellas! Missing you but looking forward to the next installment. Helen xx
20th February 2013

Haha, what can i say. girls are easier to get on with and are more photogenic :) xx
17th December 2012

16th December 2012

Your questions
Hi Dan, Thanks for visiting the Philippines. I felt I had to answer your questions, as I was asking myself the same each time I fly on a plane before I did some research. All the things they ask you to do during takeoff/landing are for safety, since this is the most critical stage of any flight. The windows should be open, so in the event of an emergency evacuation, passengers/crew can easily see and orient themselves of the location/terrain where they have landed. For a speedy evacuation, they ask you to keep your seats upright so as not to impede your exit. Lastly, they turn off the lights during night takeoff/landing so your eyes could immediately adjust in the dark so they don't have to in case of emergency.
13th December 2012

Dan the tee shirt tan
Hi Dan, still sounds great out there, you not missing the Manx weather yet. Can't believe you've got a suntan, a tee shirt one at that, isn't it warm enough to go topless? The ferry trip sounds like a nightmare, you will never complain about the Steam Packet again! Best wishes from us all here shivering, will be in touch soon, cheers.
16th December 2012

You could easily go topless but i'd burn in 5 mins and cant be arsed with applying lotion all the time. Plus sun tan lotion is expensive haha. Yeh the boat was interesting, had some different trips on transport, mainly in the Philippines. It's a slow place to get around
28th November 2012

8th October 2012

Fave cousin :)
Ey up :) how is the trip going? Didn't realise you had this up and running, seems good from what i've read. Don't worry you won't be getting any abuse about football...things aren't really going to plan haha. Anyway hope your not enjoying yourself too much haha, i'm sure you showing everyone how typical Manxies love their alcohol lol xx
14th October 2012

Hello Fave Cousin ??
Yeh people seem suprised by my drinking ability, not that i'm doing it that much, but even a little is more than they can handle. Manxie's do love there ale haha xx

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