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Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai May 13th 2013

Days 231 – 234 (Fri 26th – Mon 29thApril) Mumbai So Friday morning I had the pleasure of walking up knowing I only had a few hours before a mammoth 26 hour train journey to Mumbai to get. I headed out to get some money and plenty of snacks and drinks for the trip. I know that people constantly roam the aisles selling stuff but a lot of the time there English isn’t great and I’ve even had them ignore me so to not have to deal with me, and this is when I’ve only wanted a bottle of water or something so I made sure I went prepared for this today. I headed to the station a good hour before the train as I know the things are huge, like 12-18 carriages long and can ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore May 13th 2013

Days 221 - 225 (Tues 16th – Sat 20thApril) Bangalore A very early start for me being around 7am to give me time to get showered and to the station in Chennai to head onwards to Bangalore. The trip took around 6 hours and it’s safe to say that the second class seating is not comfortable at all. It certainly isn’t as good as a virgin voyager service back home. I arrived mid afternoon and got into a taxi and headed out to my guesthouse. Obviously being the way here the taxi driver took me saying he knew where it was when he didn’t. After a phone call to the guesthouse I waited for a couple of minutes with the taxi driver and a bloke on a motorbike turned up to take me to the right ... read more

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Chennai May 13th 2013

Day 214 (Tues 9thApril) I had a 6am start this morning, well a 5am wakeup call. I got picked up by a tuk tuk and taken to a hostel where a mini bus turned up soon after to take us to the border. This took around 3 hours, the border crossing being a lot more speedy than the reverse trip last Tuesday. I was approached by a bloke offering a minibus to Bangkok, after chatting for a minute or 2 decided to go with him as even though it was a little more expensive than the bus I was told it was straight through, with no messing about and a drop off point. Quite often this is all lies to get business but for once I went with it and all worked out fine. I was ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » West » Kaôh Rong April 13th 2013

Day 205 (Sun 31stMarch) This was my last day in Singapore and we had done pretty much everything I wanted to do. I did fancy a visit up the ‘London Eye’ like thing and maybe a view from a hotel bar or something but really couldn’t be bothered paying the price to do so. We instead went for a bit of a hike up into Mount Faber park. Took us a while to find it as we went out the station the wrong way but when we got there met with steps, and lots of them. Totally knackered, drained, soaked and exhausted by the time we got to the top we took a breather and lie down, well I did anyways. After this we decided we’d had enough of walking in the park and headed down. ... read more

Asia » Singapore April 13th 2013

Day 200 ( Tues 26th March) We got up reasonably early, ate as much free toast as we could muster and headed for the bus station, some 20 minutes away by LRT. There was a bus leaving straight away but we went for one a little later as it was far cheaper and gave us time to purchase some snacks. The coach we got was immense. It turned out to be a first class massage chair coach. So for 5 or so hours I got massaged. We also had to 2 back seats above all the others so a great view of the road. The border crossing was very simple and off into Singapore we go. Back on the bus and another 30 minutes or so until we got dropped off. Found the nearest MRT station ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Selangor » Sepang March 27th 2013

Days 196 – 198 (Fri 22nd – Sun 24thMarch) So the reason had arrived for our being in KL. I would have at some point been in KL on my trip but the fact the formula 1 was on made me change my plans and dates to come here, and with air fares in SEA being reasonably cheap it was no hassle to fly in and then fly away from Singapore to where I was, which was good. Lee had wanted to come out to Malaysia and Singapore but after hearing the F1 was on decided to come earlier which is good. The Friday we made it back to KL from Melaka late morning, checked into our new hostel as our previous one was full for the weekend. We decided we had enough time to head ... read more
Malaysian F1 race 2013
Malaysian F1 race 2013
Malaysian F1 race 2013

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur March 26th 2013

Day 190 (Sat 16thMarch) My first full day was to be spent at a music festival, namely the Future Music Festival Asia. When I booked to come to KL I had no idea it was on, a couple girls told me about it in Vietnam so I looked it up and decided to go. I popped out for breakfast in the morning to come across a familiar face passing me by. I wasn’t sure at first but I thought about it as I carried on. I headed into the hostel after a brief walk to see exactly who I thought it was, being Olive (I met Olive in Bangkok in December). Turns out she was here with her friends from University in Singapore. This was handy as I now had someone to go to the gig ... read more
Petronas Towers, KL
Petronas Towers, KL
View from Menara KL Tower

Asia » Cambodia » North » Siem Reap » Knar March 25th 2013

Day 182 (Fri 8thMarch) (Unfortunately although named Angkor Wat there are no pictures of it itself, just the surrounding temples. Camera is still on holiday there. They will be up when i get it back) I started my first day in Siem Reap deciding what to do. I’d been given a very handy brochure when I checked into my hostel so planned my temple route. I headed out around lunch time. I wasn’t originally going to do the temples today but figured I might as well. I stopped to get some cash on the way and met Dave (Scotland) and Claudia (Germany). We ended up spending the day together cycling around the Outer loop of Angkor World Heritage Historical Park. We took in plenty of temples after a quick lunch break. Preah Khan being the best ... read more
Preah Khan
Preah Khan
Preah Khan

Asia » Cambodia » North » Siem Reap » Knar March 15th 2013

Day 175 – 176 (Fri 1st – Sat 2nd March) Phnom Penh I returned to Phnom Penh after recovering from illness and the Cambodian North East. The bus took a mere 11 hours but it passed quite quickly and wasn’t too boring, although the countryside either side of the main highways here is pretty uneventful. There really is not a view. Either fields are burnt, there is little vegetation, when there are trees they are new borns so no big forests yet, and I think most these trees are grown for rubber so won’t grow for long anyways as demand is high. Anyways I got back to Phnom Penh around 6pm and headed back to the hostel I previously stayed at. I got the last bed in the place which was handy as I was tired ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North » Siem Reap » Knar March 7th 2013

Just some thoughts on my first 6 months of travel, may they continue !!! Country Average Spends. Includes all in country travel, excludes international flights/Scuba diving Country - Days Spent - Ave Spend - Highest Spend Hong Kong - 7 - 30.48 - Accommodation (11.06) China - 25 - 32.08 - Transport (11.88) South Korea - 23 - 26.93 - Accommodation (10.34) Philippines - 43 - 30.46 - Accommodation (8.99) Thailand - 24 - 26.56 - Food (5.72) Laos - 13 - 23.05 - Food (5.79) Vietnam - 31 - 22.62 - Food (5.29) Cambodia - 19 - 18.27 - Food (5.67) *Days spent includes both entry and exit days, so overlap on countries Hottest Temperature been in:- 38 Degrees Celsius, 100.8 Degrees Fahrenheit. Phnom Penh, Cambodia Coldest Temperature been in:- 12 Degrees Celsius, 53.6 Degrees ... read more

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