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North America May 29th 2019

May 29 As we hooked up this morning it was a bright and beautiful day. David had gotten Red out early as he is still having trouble with diarrhea. He seems to feel fine, good appetite, wants to play but is still having urgency issues. As David was up fairly early with Red, I had just put my robe on and let Dottie out on our spots grass. She was cold and I was hoping to get coffee, so she didn’t dawdle. Once again David was gone some time, I almost had breakfast ready when he and Red returned. I asked if Red was having trouble and he said no they were watching the ducks! Turns out that those ducks are hungry in the morning and they can get through the pasture fence into the campground. ... read more
Stopping for pictures.
Landscape begins to change from red to grey.
Interesting hills.

North America » United States » Utah » Torrey May 28th 2019

May 28 We awoke this morning to sunshine and a welcome relief from yesterday’s bad weather. The snow on the bikes on the back of the trailer was gone. David took Red over to the dog park and I followed shortly after with Dottie. The dog park was right next to a pasture that contain a herd of Angus cows and a bull, a black horse along with a couple dozen ducks. There was a pond and a little duck house where the ducks played and spent the night as well as fed. The dogs loved the dog pen here because they loved watching the pasture activity through the fence. The pen was large too, probably 3000 sq ft so we could easily throw the ball for Red who enjoyed that and we could try to ... read more
Our campsite in Torrey!
David giving Red a little ball time.
Bad weather again over Boulder Mountain!

North America » United States » Utah » Capitol Reef May 27th 2019

May 27 We awoke this morning to the sound of rain, we thought. It was actually heavy sleet, pea sized that was accumulating fast. David dashed out with the dogs and I fixed us breakfast so we could get on the road. We knew rain was forecast but we only had 65 miles to go to Torrey. The heavy sleet continued all through breakfast. David had his heavy rain jacket as did I. As I brought in the slides and closed up the trailer I sure hoped the slides weren’t going to put a lot of water in the trailer. It didn’t thankfully due to the slide covers. The dogs were glad to get in the truck as the ground was covered by those pea sized pellets. I spent the next few minutes trying to get ... read more
David getting us unhooked.
David ready to get in and on the road!
Twisty road from Escalante to Boulder

North America » United States » Utah » Escalante May 26th 2019

May 25. This morning we were abruptly woke up by the loud sound of four-wheelers going through the parking lot. It sounded like an entire herd of them. The dogs were barking at all the noise so there was no chance of sleeping in. Check out time was 11am so we assumed it would be around that time when we would be able to move down to our new spot. David ran the dogs over to the pet fenced in pet area to do their business. I stayed and fixed us some coffee and some breakfast. Red was pretty anxious this morning with all the people and car activity around us. Just as we were finishing our breakfast Red had a bout of diarrhea all over the hall rug! OMG!!! So not much could be done ... read more
Signs for Burr Trail
Cliffs of the Slot Canyon
Slot Canyons narrow winding road.

North America » United States » Utah » Escalante May 24th 2019

This morning the sun was bright and the area was drying out and warming with the high to be 68 degrees. We had a leisurely breakfast as our drive today was only 33 miles. The idea was to move closer to the areas where we’d be taking in the sites. Unfortunately, this is also where I screwed up and didn’t have a reservation. Most weekends would be tough but this was the Friday of Memorial Day long weekend. The whole area was teeming with campers, four wheelers and bikers. Thankfully the park in Escalante said we could spend the night in their overflow area but we’d need to be in early. Since our checkout time here was 11 am we figured we’d be in there shortly after noon and in plenty of time to get a ... read more
Views just prior to arriving in Escalante.
Parking spot in overflow
Escalante National Monument Victors Center

North America » United States » Utah » Bryce Canyon May 23rd 2019

Oh it was so cold and wet this morning. We were so grateful for our little electric fireplace heater. Oh yes I could have turned on the furnace but you know we never have because the electric fireplace works great. Poor little Dottie was so wet from going to the dog pen to do her business that her whole harness was wet. She warmed back up in her bed in front of the fireplace while I made breakfast and coffee to get David warm and me awake. It was so nasty out all morning that we just took it easy. I worked on the blog while David read the news. After awhile, David took Red for a long walk where one of the Park people told him he could tak Red off leash. The park owned ... read more
Sunset Point 2
Look out Point at the top!
Arch viewpoint as we descend.

North America » United States » Utah » Cannonville May 22nd 2019

This morning we were up and going! Dogs went out but didn’t want to stay because it was very wet and cold. After breakfast we packed a small cooler, our butt-packs, rain coats and lots of David’s camera equipment into the truck. We stopped by the office on our way out to mail a few postcards. This would turn out to be troubling. Our truck is pretty big and doesn’t fit in a regular parking spot. I’d pulled up behind some parked cars and David jumped out and went into the office. Just moments after David got out of the truck, a FedEx truck pulled up and got directly in front of us. We didn’t have enough room to get by the FedEx van but I wasn’t too worried because my thought was he would be ... read more
Snow still visible!
Kodachrome Basin
Red and Dottie enjoying the first hike

North America » United States » Utah » Cannonville May 21st 2019

This morning we awoke to sunny skies and warmer weather than the last few days. I got the coffee on while David took Red out to the prairie to try to get him to do his business. Dottie on the other hand is very automatic, so I just stepped out of the trailer and said hurry up, she takes care of business in about 4 minutes and shivering we both go back inside. Red and David however take a good 20 minutes to get things done, unfortunately for David. By around 10 am we are ready to leave, trailer packed up, things put away, slides in etc. David had us unhooked and ready to go with the last check being to ensure the satellite dish is down. All systems are a go and we ... read more
View just beyond Wahweap
Can you believe it is snowing in May?
Beautiful springtime in Utah

North America » United States » Arizona » Page May 20th 2019

To blog or not to blog. I’ve gone back and forth about blogging. My first blog was a daily journal on our 5 month trip to Alaska. It’s a real big commitment to do a blog/journal. We found that our family loved it and many of our friends. I’m not a confident or accomplished writer so I’m bashful about writing. I’ve written for business most of my life and never enjoyed it. But my Alaska blog was so different and I found I really enjoyed it and simply didn’t really care about being so under pressure to be correct, sort of a take it or leave it attitude. My husband, a much better writer, enjoyed my writing and we both realized how quickly we forgot about parts of our trip. The blog became an amazing memory ... read more
Lake Powell from near our campsite.
More views at sunset of Lake Powell
Storms still rolling in from the West

North America » United States » Arizona May 18th 2019

Yep we are traveling again. After over a year we headed out on May 18th! As you know, we love to travel and in March of 2018 we took our first bucket-list trip to Tanzania, our first trip abroad. We left our traveling companions home and for 22 days had an amazing time. Coming home we found that our little Boston Terrier had been sick with blood clots to her lungs. Kelly, the Boston, was found to have a fatal cancer of her kidney, Hemangioma Sarcoma. We had the kidney removed, but after two chemo treatments her heart, and remaining kidney failed and she passed on June 13th. My little soulmate left us all with a hole in our hearts. Shortly before Kelly’s passing, I was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer, so lots of doctors ... read more
Budd enjoying ice cream for his 12th birthday!
Ramona, Dottie and Red!

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