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North America » United States » Wyoming » Laramie June 16th 2019

June 14-16 Got up and fixed breakfast for the whole bunch, it was terrific! Silvia brought over pancake mix, you know the yellow bottle of mix and you add water and shake like crazy? This was so funny because when Ty and Silvia were first married and Katelyn was small we all lived in the Denver area. We would meet in a campground within a 100 miles or so from home and my parents would drive down from Laramie and meet us in their camper. This would go on all summer long from 1996-2000. It was a grand time every weekend playing cards, Hand & Foot, in the evening all crowded into to Ty’s tent camper or our pickup camper. The most fun was always Saturday mornings big breakfast, pancakes, bacon, lots of it, and eggs. ... read more
Rekindling old friendships!
The whole Pep gang outside the “Library”.
Watching the dogs at Father’s Day celebration.

North America » United States » Wyoming » Laramie June 13th 2019

June 13th Today was such a sad day for us. We were eating breakfast when my cell phones calendar reminded us that one year ago today at 10:40 am we lost our beloved Kelly. She was just 11 & 1/2 years old. She was my little soulmate, a beautiful Boston Terrier that had an amazing pedigree. Her dad was Cosmo, the dog that took best of breed at Westminster dog show. She was hot stuff and she knew it. Kelly would challenge any dog, no matter the size for she was top dog always. She was sweet and kind and my constant shadow. She had traveled all over with us including to the arctic ocean, 200 miles above the arctic circle on our Alaska trip. She loved the beach, the sun, and basically going wherever we ... read more
Kelly 9 years old.
Kelly loved traveling, especially to Alaska.
Kelly two weeks before she died.  She loved resting on the patio!

North America » United States » Wyoming » Laramie June 12th 2019

June 12 Well just when Red was feeling so much better things got worse for David. On the afternoon of the 12th, David was ready for a doctors help. We went to the local urgent care clinic, Grand Ave Urgent Care. The staff was great and he saw a really terrific nurse practicer there who was willing to help. However the NP thought David should have a cat scan first to rule out other issues since the GI distress had been going on for about 8 days. So up we went to the local hospital, Ivinson Memorial. It was strange being there as this is where I started my nursing career, first working on the orthopedic floor, then in ICU. After about three years we left for Hawaii, when I joined the Army Nurse Corp. We ... read more

North America » United States » Wyoming » Laramie June 11th 2019

June 8-11 Busy visiting with family. We have gotten chores done, washed cloths but mostly just visiting with David’s brother Gene and his wife Nan. Their daughter, our niece, Stacy came and we had a wonderful time visiting with her too. We enjoyed a fun brunch at the Prairie Rose Cafe. This is a small hole-in-the-wall cafe downtown and very popular with the locals. For many years it was Rosie’s Chinese which was good too. The prairie Rose offers delicious giant cinnamon rolls, breakfast burritos, or you could have a chicken fried steak with eggs. Everything is very good! David is still not feeling very well, one day ok, the next day not as his GI track is acting up. He’s tried everything to get it straighten out so it may just take time. Not much ... read more
Evening lights a Gene and Nan’s House.
Mural in downtown Laramie!

North America » United States » Colorado » Northglenn June 7th 2019

June 6th Today was just a day to relax and visit with family. Red is doing much better today. We had hotdogs and hamburgers on the backyard grill and delicious salads for dinner. The dogs all enjoyed bones switching on and off with each other. We’ve so missed having time with Gene & Nan, it was a delightful day. June 7th Up and headed to Denver by 8 am, to see our son and family. They bought a little camper and we had a really good trailer stabilizer hitch at home that we used on our trip to Alaska. David had loaded it up in the truck when we left to bring it to our son as it would be much safer than a regular hitch. We so enjoyed the ride to Denver going past all ... read more
My son made me a 9MM pistol for Mother’s Day!
Red playing with Katelyn!
Beautiful colors on the way back to Laramie.

North America » United States » Wyoming » Laramie June 5th 2019

June 5 This morning I tried to let David slept in. Red’s appointment wasn’t until 1pm. I called family and let them know what was happening so they wouldn’t worry. Finally David and I got our showers after a late breakfast and we loaded up the dogs and headed for the vets. All the vets we had known here in Laramie have long since retired or died but family gave us advice on whom to see. We took Dottie in too just in case the vet found something they’d both need to be treated for. Dottie has not shown any symptoms and Red has been sick for 10 days now. The vet and staff were so friendly and we quickly felt comfortable that we’d get some help for Red. They even smiled when we gave them ... read more
Dottie, Suzy-Q, and Red getting acquainted!

North America » United States » Wyoming » Laramie June 4th 2019

June 4 Morning found us up and going. The water we had taken on 4 nights ago, 75%, was now down to 17%. We’d dump our waste water before we pulled out of the campground but we still had enough fresh water to make the 264 miles to Laramie. The dogs even seemed ready to go this morning. We are still concerned about Red’s GI issues and glad we have an appointment tomorrow with the vet in Laramie. My back this morning seems more stiff than I anticipated. I tried to stretch gently but pretty much feeling my age today. David was worried that I couldn’t drive. He’s never pulled the trailer and thought he might have too! His hands have arthritis which makes it painful for him to drive. I don’t mind driving so I ... read more
Beautiful peaks of the Snowy Range as we are getting close to Laramie!
Cooper Mountain
Grave of Clement Steuart  Bengough Laramie Rancher died 1934

North America » United States » Wyoming » Green River June 3rd 2019

June 1 We awoke this morning to the sounds of boats racing by as they were trying to get to their favorite fishing hole before others got there. Chores were on our plate for most of today. We walked the dogs around the campground to try and wear out Red. He seems more anxious than normal and he’s still having diarrhea. David called this morning to get an appointment with the vet at our next stop. We think at this point he must have some infection as we’ve tried diet changes that have not helped him. He isn’t throwing up and continues to have a good appetite. After our walk which we all enjoyed, it was time for “spa day” for the dogs. Toenail clipping and brushing. These two pups have not had their toenails clipped ... read more
Enjoying the cabana!
Red’s first run with David!
Off they go!

North America » United States » Wyoming » Green River May 31st 2019

May 31st We awoke this morning ready to get going to Flaming Gorge. I must admit that both David and I were ready for a longer stay so we can just rest. The dogs were able to romp in the dog park this morning and I got coffee on. Breakfast was a quick breakfast burrito. Red is still having stomach issues so we are keeping an eye on him. We all loaded up and pulled out of our spot and turned north again heading 64 miles to Flaming Gorge’s Lucerne Valley Campground. Shortly after we started and not yet out of town we hit road construction and thankfully it was very short but they’d slowed us down going up our first hill. The road north out of Vernal passes through similar geological formations and hills as ... read more
Summit 8428 ft
Flaming George
Getting close to our campground

North America May 30th 2019

May 30 This morning we woke to a beautiful sunny day with high to be 72. After breakfast we went for a walk and let the dogs enjoy the sunshine. Afterward we loaded up and headed 12 miles to Dinosaur National Monument. This is one of the few National parks and monuments we have not been too so we were excited to head out today. We headed east out of Vernal. We drove the last 4 miles of the 12 right along side the swollen, fast flowing and beautiful Green River. We stopped for a few pictures of the river. We arrived at the park visitors center and put the shade panel in the truck windows and left the dogs while we ran in. The weather was cool yet we always worry about leaving the dogs. ... read more
Bald Mountain demonstrates uplift!
Green River

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