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Europe » Netherlands » Overijssel » Zwolle June 27th 2016

It was another delayed breakfast this morning and we let Wim and Diny get through their bathroom routines before we got ourselves up. We didn’t have to get our own breakfast this morning as they had coffee and croissant with ham, cheese and apricot jam ready for us. We were certainly in relax mode here and before we knew it the time was approaching midday and we had an electric fondue to buy and post back to NZ. Diny knew the best place to buy one and they got the bikes out as the shop, Media Market, was located in the shopping area downtown just a couple of kilometres away. Gretchen was a bit unsteady at first as it has been 3 years (the last time we were here) since we had last ridden a bicycle. ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » Overijssel » Zwolle June 26th 2016

Morning arrived far too early as usual but we have survived last night’s dinner of Filet Americain and ready to have an early breakfast of food we have become used to, muesli, fresh fruit and yogurt. We have another good three hours driving ahead of us to get to Zwolle and we had told Wim and Diny we would be there as close to midday as possible. After more research on the Battle of the Bulge late last night, before learning how raw meat that had not been prepared to the highest standard might affect a human being and then going to sleep, I discovered enough information about the Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery at Hotton to convince Gretchen we should give it a visit to at least say we had found one commemorative site. It was ... read more
The proud Kiwi silver fern
Two of the eight Kiwi airmen we found at Hotton
2km road tunnel in Holland. Why!

Europe » Belgium » Walloon Brabant June 25th 2016

It was another night of trucks rumbling occasionally through the village going who knows where. Our hosts are very apologetic of the trucks but of course there is nothing they can do about it and we didn’t know that they would be a problem because of a road closure when we booked the apartment. Apart from that the apartment has been very comfortable and has had everything we needed to make our stay comfortable. Gretchen has ‘redesigned’ the apartment since we have been here. Certainly the bathroom is huge compared to say the kitchen which is a ‘skinny’ galley affair and there seems a lot of waste space in the bathroom that could have been better utilised. No time for sleeping in today as we have a lengthy journey ahead of us which will be made ... read more
German WW1 cemetery Hautecourt
German soldier killed in action 21st June 1916
Headstone for Jewish soldier in German army 1916

Europe » France » Champagne-Ardenne » Chaumont June 24th 2016

Our last day in Dommartin –le-St Pere didn’t get off to a great start. The trucks that have trundled through the town and past our apartment seemed to come in a greater number during the night. And even though they were at infrequent intervals they seemed to arrive just as we were getting back to sleep after the previous had come through. We hadn’t noticed them during the night until last night and this morning. One small good thing was that we could still laze in bed and have a late breakfast today as we aren’t planning anything that we need to get underway until later in the morning. The weather is not quite as warm as the previous two days but still very pleasant and we will take whatever we can of this sort of ... read more
From a different angle
de Gaulle Memorial  Museum
French countryside,just devine

Europe » France » Champagne-Ardenne June 23rd 2016

We have an appointment today to have the car serviced so our day will have a period when we will be without wheels something we haven’t endured in nearly 3 ½ months. Well at least for an hour and a half. We need to use a Peugeot agent to service the car and the nearest who would do the job for us is at Montier-en-Der about 15km away and close to one of the largest lakes in France. So what better to do with today’s temperature projected to go above 30C than to have a picnic by the lake before we take the car for its service. Gretchen is making the most of having a washing line to hang clothes out on after trying to get stuff dry by letting them drip in a shower and ... read more

Europe » France » Champagne-Ardenne June 22nd 2016

One thing we didn’t factor in to our stay in DLSP was that trucks were going to rumble past the apartment at infrequent intervals. We thought we were coming to a quiet little French village well off the main road. And its location is well off the main road. It is just that there is a road deviation nearby and trucks are using this sleepy little village as the alternative route. It’s not that there is a continual stream just the occasional one and then sometimes in two’s and three’s. Had the apartment been set back up the little street we are on the trucks might not have been as noticeable. Never mind we will survive! We are quickly back into the routine of a late breakfast even though the nights are now very short and ... read more
French countryside
The farm track back home

Europe » France » Champagne-Ardenne June 21st 2016

We had to break what had become a tradition this morning and had breakfast earlier than for the last 5 days. We are heading for France so we have packing and a general tidy up to complete and be on the road by around 10am as it is a long drive to our destination at Dommartin-le-St Pere. We have loved our time at St Aldegund and the BBA V3 has slowed its momentum down nicely to fit in with the very relaxed lifestyle that engenders itself in this part of the world. The Moselle is more laid back than the Rhine area and the pace of life appears far more relaxed. From our terrace we have watched barges chug by in both directions on a regular basis. The only thing we haven’t seen are any longer ... read more
Passenger train heading to Koblenz
New road bridge at Urzig
Town square,Trier

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate June 20th 2016

Why change a habit that gives you more time relaxing? So we continued our 10am start for breakfast while we gave some thought to a walk to the nearby town of Neef on the other side of the river just downstream. With having breakfast so late we are now rarely needing lunch and so have we worked out an idea to keep our weight down having just 2 meals a day? Probably not when it comes to the nibbles and pre dinner drinks that must make up for one less scheduled meal per day. Around midday we headed off to walk down the river and across the bridge to Neef where we thought we might explore the town for a wine bar with a terrace facing the river. On the way we took a slight diversion ... read more
The ancient church
The doors were firmly locked
Barge heading upstream to St Aldegund lock as we walked to the wine bar

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate June 19th 2016

As hoped and forecasted the weather looks good for a walk up the hill behind our apartment and into the forest. We have a plan of the trail that has an option of 4.8km or a 9km hike. The longer distance goes out onto a plateau and supposedly has great views of the river and surrounding area. We had our usual late breakfast at 10am.This is becoming a habit that we hope will not be hard to break when we get back home and have to go out to work. As we weren’t sure how long the hike would take which is down to whether we do the short or the long distance Gretchen prepared some vegemite sandwiches to go with the fruit and chocolate for lunch. We were confident that the weather would hold and ... read more
View over St Aldegund part way up the hill
Vines clinging to a near vertical hillside
Next in queue for the river lock

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate June 18th 2016

We had thought of doing the hill and forest walk today but our 9km walk yesterday has given us something in the Bank so we will put that off until tomorrow. Besides although it is Saturday morning here, it is Saturday night in New Zealand and that means rugby! Last week when the first test was played between Wales and The All Blacks we were in Lohberg and we only had radio coverage as I hadn’t been able to find a live stream on the computer and anyway we had to move on to the Czech Republic before the game finished on that day. However this morning I think I might have struck the jackpot and found a YouTube website streaming the game so here I am waiting as the clock on the computer screen counts ... read more
Downstream barge in the lock
Upstream barge approaching
Level of water dropped and away she goes

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