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28th May 2015

Hi, Im very happy to hear that you are willing to do an interview. I will post the questions very soon. If you have an emailadress, I could also mail them to you. Kind regards, Theo
25th May 2015

your blog about Holland
Dear Grahama and Gretchen, I have read your travelblog about your visit to Holland and it was very interesting! I am Dutch myself and for my Geography Masterthesis I am doing research among tourist bloggers from abroad. Your blog caught my eye because you visited some less famous places in Holland, like Zwolle. It is so interesting to find out why a part of the tourists in Holland visit those less famous places next to the highlights like Amsterdam and its surroundings. That's why I am wondering if I could ask you some questions about your visit, to complement the info in your blog. It won't be a long survey, but more of a short interview-type conversation about your experience and opinion. You would help me a lot and I am also very curious to know about what you think about Holland and the reasons why you choose to visit it. I really hope to hear from you. The interview will be used in a completely anonymous and confidential way. Kind regards, Theo van Veenendaal tvanveenendaal1986@gmail.com
25th May 2015

You can ask questions via this blog and I will respond.
4th February 2015
Another unusual road sign,Germany

Still in use
The MLC signs are still in use. Though military presence has decreased it has not disappeared completely.
4th February 2015
Another unusual road sign,Germany

Sign identity
The signs are called Military Load Class MLC. During the Cold War years there was a heavy NATO military presence in Germany. Roads, highways, farm fields towns and such were common training areas. It was not odd to pass a convoy of army tanks, trucks, etc. on the roadways of Germany up until when the wall came down. Sign reflects max weight limits for wheeled or tracked vehicles and directions of travel. These signs are normally in front of bridges.
4th February 2015
Another unusual road sign,Germany

Thanks for that
Thanks for the information.It was interesting to see that the signs had survived so many years.
5th October 2014

The Kilmog is further north...
Great to get to the end of the journey and a nice wee escape for those of us at home who didn't actually do the hard yards. As a resident of Dunedin for many years I do have a point of clarification for the BBA venturers. The Kilmog is actually the big hill you missed when you turned off and took the scenic route around by Seacliff-it is the one that has lots of slumps and bumps in it because the local engineer got it wrong about where to put the road! The "motorway" out of Dunedin doesn't seem to have any other name apart from the "Northern Motorway". There is a superb view of Dunedin city in your rear view mirror about 2/3 of the way up the Northern Motorway-it always used to take my breath away to see it when I was returning to the city by road.
6th October 2014

Whoops just reread Wikipedia and boy did I make a mistake.Should have read my research document better than just scanning looking for what I wanted to write about.We had always thought it started at the first hill out of Dunedin.
6th October 2014

The Kilmog
Just goes to show you can't rely on Wikipedia.Shame there was no obvious lookout point back to the city rather than the rear window of the Nissan Tiida.
30th September 2014

Cant wait to see the video of Lawrence too! I am sure we will be hearing about your visit for many years to come! Will it be a full family mission down there for the pre-sale clean up?
1st October 2014

Could perhaps put the video on YouTube under 'House of Horrors'heading.All volunteers we are sure would be welcome,bring your own respirator and rodent defence.
27th September 2014

Your son in law is one of those fools who have jumped off that bridge....I couldn't watch but did manage to catch some video of him
27th September 2014

We did think he had a little more sense than that - what did he say as he tumbled through the atmosphere???
27th September 2014

Your son in law is one of those fools who have jumped off that bridge....I couldn't watch but did manage to catch some video of him
23rd September 2014

Sounds like your walking legs are firmly in place for this trip
Gosh the Kiwi blog for me is almost happening as it happens to you! Great to read about places I haven't been in awhile. We always find those DOC walk times are out by a long shot-must be designed for the elderly or infirm.
23rd September 2014

The beautiful South Island
Have to admit the South is NZ's best.Walks are so enjoyable and more ahead today.
22nd September 2014

Club card?
You're obviously not a South Islander. Club Cards are marvellous. Great New World discounts, Fly buys, Air points, only in the South Island. Looks like great weather, hope it lasts. Sure to. See you soon.
20th September 2014

Stoked to have the blog back in action again! Sounds like you missed the Pike River Memorial on the road between Blackball and Reefton - shame, coz it's a very moving site with a section dedicated to each of the lost miners, with personal items and dedications from family members, looking towards the mine site in the distance. Would have been interesting to vote in Blackball, the home of the Labour party! I imagine you would have been run out of town with pitchforks (or mining picks?) if they caught a whiff of the side you were voting for.....!
20th September 2014
Otira Viaduct below Arthurs Pass,amazing structure in hostile country

On the road again
Between the brevity of Facebook and the detail of the blog I will have my own virtual holiday with you for the next 10 days!
27th October 2013

Millstreet Visit...For the attention of Grahame and Gretchen Benvie
I've just become aware of your Travel Blog from a "Millstreet in the News" feature on our official Millstreet website www.millstreet.ie. Firstly I'm glad that you had some success in your root search in the general Millstreet/Boherbue area of Co. Cork. Millstreet Library personnel are always so very helpful. You mentioned your visit to Millstreet Church - the original of which was built in 1840 and for which there are records from 1853. You then referred to your unsuccessful visit to Millstreet Museum indicating that it was closed although you had read somewhere that we were open on Saturdays. I would like to clarify this - For the past four years Millstreet Museum has not been open as renovation to the overall Carnegie Hall (in which we are based) was being made. We open from Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays). We did open on Sat. 5th Oct. 2013 for a special one day Exhibition relating to a major Motor Rallying Event in our area. I would very much appreciate it if you would indicate where you noted the Saturday opening of our Museum/Tourist Information Centre so that we are in a position to correct this for any future visitors. I am aware of other tourism websites of which we do not have control where opening hours of past years may still not have been updated - If this is still the position we shall make contact with such websites and request updating. As your public travel blog has appeared on our Millstreet website it is necessary that I clarify the opening hour situation for the many daily visitors to our local official website. I shall also indicate where you became aware of the incorrect opening days and hours. My compliments to you on an excellent Travel Blog. We've helped many people to trace roots over the years including two couples during this past week alone where we were even able to bring them to the exact location of their great grand father. Both of these couples had made contact with us in advance of their arrival by referring to www.millstreet.ie. In fact we welcomed two other couples from New Zealand over the past six weeks. Our Museum is run on a voluntary basis with two very dedicated assistants financed by a Government Scheme. I may be contacted by emailing millstreetmuseum@eircom.net . Thank you for your attention and your great interest in Ireland and in particular this Duhallow area of Co. Cork. I wish you well on your many travels. Kindest regards - Seán Radley, Curator, Millstreet Museum/Tourist Information Centre.
3rd November 2013

Thank you for your contact.I am now back at work in NZ but when I have some time I will check out where we saw that the office was open on a Saturday.I will be back to you very soon.
25th October 2013

plan ahead
you should have contacted the museum, or our website millstreet.ie for help with who to contact and where to go to find information :(
24th October 2013

Road bowling has history
Interesting game played mainly in County Cork and County Armagh...which fits your location! It has been round for 300+ years and often gambling is involved to bet on who can take the least number of throws to get their ball or bullet along the set course of country roads. The ball is actually a cannonball of set size and weight!
24th October 2013

Wished we had stopped to find out first hand but it was raining.The Irish don't seem to mind the rain but guess that is because it rains a lot!

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