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18th April 2022

We spent our 40th anniversary 10 years ago in New Zealand...
I'm pleased to see that they are restoring the cathedral.
18th April 2022

Wonderful blog
Thanks for yet another wonderful blog documenting your travels. We looked forward to reading it each day and can’t wait for the next one!
9th March 2022

New ideas for our next visit
What a beautiful day you got for sightseeing. Although we have done the gondola before I think we will aim to repeat the experience and also consider a trip to Diamond harbour - like the sound of a fast ferry.
8th March 2022
A dozen Bluff oysters at The Bealey,Christchurch

Snow in summer?
Good to see this blog started up again. Did your glasses fog up in the plane....we saw no snow from the big windows of the Chateau on Sunday.... though I guess you saw the tops of them truly from above. Looking forward to the next instalment!
13th March 2022
A dozen Bluff oysters at The Bealey,Christchurch

Plane ride south
Just a bit of snow on top of Ruapehu and then of course in the far distance on Southern Alps.
3rd February 2022
Poppi Castle at sunrise

Similar tower in Chosta, Sochi, Russia
Looks like tower on Achun mountain in Sochi . Also high range building to see surroundings. Аrchitectural style similar, view over Black Sea coast. Chosta is italian part of russian black sea coast line. Visit photo of Achun mountain tower.
21st May 2021

Lovely reading about your trip to the south island we did something similar when Fiona was about ten. We left Aaron behind as he would not have enjoyed it.
22nd May 2021

Grand Tour
Pleased you have enjoyed my ramblings Betty and came along for the ride with us.One more blog to complete to get us home and hopefully finish it tomorrow.Cheers
17th May 2021

McKenzie update
Mackenzie stole the sheep from the The Levels just north of Timaru. We cycled from Tekapo out to Alexandrina Also went right to end of that road in van to Godley Peaks Station.
17th May 2021

Check my history
Oh,will have to recheck my history reference.We did think of driving to the end of Godley Head Rd but wasn't sure there was anything else to see and the challenge of a couple of passes drew us away.
7th May 2021

Inspiration received
Have loved your blog once again and want you to know that we have decided to have a rental car in Queenstown after all. May even get a trip down to Glenorchy if weather plays ball.
7th May 2021

Glenorchy and the drive won't dissapoint
Good idea on the car.You will have so much more freedom and there are so many undiscovered places to see.We count the Glenorchy drive as one of the best on the Grand Tour....so far.Off to Tekapo today if we can find our way out in the pea soup fog at Lawrence.
20th April 2021

A great start
Well brother you certainly covered a big area in your drive north. We must repeat our drive on the inland scenic route some day as the last time was in torrential rain and low mist and we did not see the countryside at all! What colour is the Hampden St house now? Last I recall it was pale green not pink. We have had the pleasure of those seats at the back on a plane recently and I found it so noisy that I could not hear any of the announcements the crew made. When I told them that they said "oh yes we know and we are working on it"...how did you find it?
20th April 2021

Plane announcements
You are absolutely correct.They may have been speaking in Swahili for all we knew too.Just as well they don't change the script very often and you can possibly make out one or two words.
17th April 2021

Looking forward to the virtual trip
As usual brother you have got us nicely prepared for the adventure ahead. We look forward to the next entry....
3rd October 2020

Lots of interesting info
Gosh you would make a good tour guide Grahame- lots of interesting things learnt reading this blog thank you! Hadn’t realised that it was the honeydew that caused the wasp issue in the area.
3rd October 2020

St Arnaud
Pleased you enjoy my jottings.If it wasn't for the honeydew I think the wasp problem could be eradicated with the traps or at least substanially reduced.
3rd October 2020

Long but interesting drive
Sounds like a long day but the countryside is quite varied so plenty to keep you awake! I have never been to Tophouse so will add that to my “to do “ list. How far is it from St Arnaud?
3rd October 2020

Just 9 minutes up the road from St Arnaud towards Nelson although you do first turn off the highway that takes you direct to Blenhiem first.Great accommodation with very well equiped cottages or you could try the B&B rooms in the 'hotel'.Lovely views of the mountains.Cottages have good size decks and would be wonderful to sit out with a wine had the air temp not been cool.
3rd October 2020

Hypothermia missed
Sounds like you had a perfect storm on this trip...for hypothermia- the cold, the wet and the wind...can kill within 30 mins so you were lucky! Sorry to hear your body is not behaving itself...old age arthritis perhaps?
3rd October 2020

Heaphy Track
much when it was happening and the thought how we were going to get over the bucking swing bridge but it caught up with me 24 hrs later.,didn't have time to give the chill factor
29th September 2020

Museum at Denniston?
Great commentary on Denniston. Wondered if the big building at Dennuston was still there- the workers hall?. It used to to be run by volunteers as a museum and had lots of interesting things. Also wondered if you visited the Coaltown Museum in Westport? A little insider knowledge ...we discovered on our trip back in March that the bush train now only operates for the rafters.
1st October 2020

Missed Coaltown museum as thought the experience up on the plateau was enough to get the feel.
1st October 2020

The big building has gone,not sure why.The whole area is now more open but with great pictorial boards and the boys really enjoyed the whole experience.Think it was time 4 or 5 for us.

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