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Europe » Ireland » County Limerick » Limerick July 26th 2016

We are not sure what we might discover about the ‘mysterious ‘Maria Dillon, my great grandmother who married Daniel Mahoney in Timaru in 1881 but we have not been able to trace her place of birth in County Clare or when she actually arrived in New Zealand. We are going to take a drive to Limerick which is on the Clare/Kerry county border and see what the city library might have in its resources that we haven’t been able to find so far online. So far we have been able to find an entry in Griffiths Valuation from 1851 that may relate to her father as a tenant farmer at a location in Clare and we hope that we may be able to expand on that information. Needless to say it is a typical Irish morning ... read more
Shops with their hanging baskets,Adare
Thatached cottages,Adare
Can't get enough of the thatched cottages,Adare

Europe » Ireland » County Cork July 25th 2016

We have planned for our day, a trip to Cobh which is the harbour of Cork city from where the majority of Irish people emigrated from in the 1800’s.Along the way we will call into Knocknagree, the village closet to where the Mahoney family lived (my mother’s Catholic side of the family) and also see if we can take our own photos of where Daniel’s parents Michael and Catherine are buried in Rathmore. It has dawned as another typical Irish day so we expect it will follow that the drizzle will clear soon and will remain dry for the day before the drizzle comes back at night. This pattern of weather is becoming very predictable to us. With what could be a long day ahead we left home at 9.30am and headed across the county border ... read more
Mills Inn,lunch time stop
Memorial to those who emigrated from Cobh,Ireland leaving in the hope of a better life

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry July 24th 2016

The hike of yesterday had taken it’s toll on us.Either we had lost our fitness that had taken us through the trails of the Dolomites or it had been the type of country we had hiked through,soft turf to rocky hard ground. Either way we resolved that today would be a quiet rest at home and if we did do anything by way of walking then it would be something flat and local. Time for more catching up of the travel blog and reading and before we knew it half the day had gone. The weather had followed the routine we had noticed since arriving but this afternoon,as it now was, brighter and sunnier than previous days and even the air temperature felt like it might make 20C.Not quite shorts weather but getting closer. Den Joe’s ... read more
St Stephens and St Johns Church,CastleIsland
The wide Main Street of CastleIsland

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Anascaul July 23rd 2016

We think we know what the pattern of the weather in Ireland in summer is all about. You get grey overcast skies with low cloud first thing, and then it starts to brighten up with patches of blue appearing on the horizon, then a little bit of almost full sun and then the overcast returns. We reckon that is summer. Yesterday the woman who cut Gretchen’s hair had talked about how lovely the weather was when it was distinctly overcast outside and a guy in an electronics store we had gone into near Tesco’s said the same thing. We think that if you live here this might be all you can ever expect out of an Irish summer. We can appreciate why my ancestors left Ireland for a new life and better weather in New Zealand ... read more
The fry up underway,note the delicious Irish black pudding
Wild fuchsia by the roadside
The milk road climb,Annascaul

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Tralee July 22nd 2016

Friday and our first full day in Ireland and the day has started out with a little drizzle but a promise of a clearing sky away to the south. We don’t expect temperatures will reach any great heights while we are here and we have put the summer clothes back to the bottom of the suitcase again. Ireland doesn’t have a great reputation for a lot of warm sunny days in a row. Rather you take whatever sunshine you can get when it appears and enjoy it. Our host Kathleen called in to make sure we had settled in OK and that the heating had worked. When we arrived last night she showed us how the oil fired aga or heat storage oven worked on the thermostat and timer that was set up. It also heated ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry July 21st 2016

The day of our flight to Ireland has dawned OK and with new replacement passport in hand things should continue to go smoothly. Needless to say I am now under strict watch and questioning as to where my passport is at all times. We weren’t in a hurry to leave our apartment as it was just a two hour drive to CDG airport, Paris and even allowing for some slower city/suburban traffic we still didn’t need to leave too early. We had had a pleasant stay here in Connelles even if we didn’t get much time to see the area. We have however ticked Monet’s Garden off the bucket list which was a good achievement. We had had to pay for internet here at €5.95 per 24 hours and the quality of connectivity and speed were ... read more
River Seine near our accommodation,Connelles
River cruiser,Seine River,l'Eure
Morning tea on the top deck

Europe » France » Upper Normandy » Connelles July 20th 2016

Today was the day of reckoning! If we were to be able to continue our planned and booked travel to Ireland then I really need to be able to pick up the replacement passport somewhere we hoped that was in transit by courier from London. It was another beautiful day and the morning temperature was already in the mid 20’s as we sat on our little terrace to have breakfast. We hope it wasn’t an omen but as I was about to take a mouthful of muesli and fruit with yogurt a tiny baby bird fell out of the terrace rafters above me narrowly missing my breakfast bowl! It seems the baby bird was either dead in the nest or near to it and the parents decided to heave it out! After this most upsetting incident ... read more
Entering the A d T,Paris
Exit number 6 from the A d T,Paris
A glimpse of the Eiffel Tower,Paris passport now secure in the moneybelf around my middle!

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen July 20th 2016

There is a song that starts off with ‘What a difference a day makes’ but this morning we could be singing ‘What a difference a night makes’. We think we might have caught up now on what we lost last night in Oppedal in the ‘double ‘bed. We were both feeling refreshed from the previous day and ready for the drive to Copenhagen which will include a short ferry crossing. We had thought about taking the bridge from the southern tip of Sweden at the city of Malmo which would have bought us directly into Copenhagen. However the cost was quite a bit more than the ferry from further up the Swedish coast and closer to Asa which would then give us a drive down a scenic road on the Danish east coast to the city ... read more
Almost berthed in Denmark
Thatched houses,Denmark
Close up of thatched roof,Denmark

Europe » France » Upper Normandy » Connelles July 19th 2016

We have another 500km ahead of us today but pretty much highway driving all the way although we do want to try and make two stops on the way. We had seen a TV news item when Prince Harry had visited Thiepval Memorial on the Somme to commemorate 100 years since the battle and we would like to see it as the structure is huge and has the names of all the missing/dead Allied soldiers whose bodies were never found. The memorial is not far off the route we need to take to our destination at Connolles, France. Because we are old fans of the TV series ‘Allo Allo’we also want to have a look at the French town of Nouvion that it was based upon. Not that we really expect that it will look anything ... read more
View from the bedroom,Uden
Heading into Antwerp
The lines left by the spraying unit and wheat nearly ready to harvest

Europe » Netherlands July 18th 2016

We slept well which was good as we both knew the challenges ahead today could well make us exhausted again by the end of the day. We had over 500km to drive to our next destination in Holland and although that would get us closer to Paris we weren’t sure what time we could get on the road if there were more things to attend to while we had the internet in the apartment at the hotel. Our checkout time could extend to 11am if we needed to. We readied ourselves for departure by having breakfast and being packed up and ready. First though we needed to hear from The Hague as to whether they were going to ‘disown ‘me for running the border without documentation or what their suggested next steps for us should be. ... read more
Meiers Gastehof,Berkenthin,our accommodation
The Elbe to Lubeck Canal at Berkenthin
Looking the other way up the canal

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