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Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Flåm July 6th 2016

We had been going to do two activities in one day when we initially planned our time in this part of Norway but yesterday we got one of those activities done. That is, we took our cruise on the fjord and now just have the world famous Flam Railway to ride. And hopefully with just one cruise ship due in port at Flam, according to the website we found showing us port arrivals there today, we shouldn’t have too much difficulty getting tickets for the train ride. We decided that the afternoon was probably the best time to ride the train when there should be slightly fewer people. This is taking the cruise passengers who need to be back on board their ship in plenty of time for departure and also the bus tour groups who ... read more
Stalheimsfossen through the forest
Close up Stalheimsfossen
Can't get enough of Stalheimsfossen

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Flåm July 5th 2016

We made the most of a lie in this morning which meant we did miss the sun because by the time we hit the road the rain had come back. Bergen wasn’t going to let us depart without giving us another soaking. We have had a very comfortable stay in this apartment and we have had everything we needed including a comfortable lounge suite to relax in. We know we have a couple of challenging days ahead in cabins so we have made the most of a bit of comfort. Buying petrol in Norway is a bit of an experience which is out of the ordinary for us. As there are roughly six kroner to the dollar and petrol is around 14 or 15 kroner per litre we have tried to work out in our head ... read more
The apartment was upstairs,Bergen
On the E16,Norway
Italians with table and chairs at lunchtime on the E16

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Bergen July 4th 2016

Prospects for keeping dry in Bergen look good if the weather we awoke to this morning holds for the day. After a very long day yesterday we managed to lie in this morning to prepare ourselves for a few hours on our feet again when we visit the old town are of Bergen. Bedding arrangements have come in all types on the BBA V3 and we have added another type here to the list. Single beds in separate rooms! We haven’t slept this far apart from each other in 44 years! We have another roomy apartment in Bergen with a lounge/dining room and even a little balcony, although we are not sure there is room for the two of us at the same time. It will come in handy this morning for putting the washing out ... read more
Light Rail Bergen style
Old Town Hanseatic buildings,Bergen
Shopping in the old town,Bergen

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Bergen July 3rd 2016

The ferry to take us back to Lauvikk was ready and waiting when we reached Oanes and it was short of 4pm.This would when we would usually be reaching our destination for the day and not leaving the one we had just been at. Ahead of us is just over 200kms of road and 2 ferry crossings to get to our next apartment near Bergen. Gina, the GPS, was telling us we wouldn’t be arriving until 10.30pm which in itself sounded horrendous but then again it will still be light. We had also figured out that Gina had calculated the time including waiting times for a ferry which might or might not be necessary depending if we arrive just in time to drive straight onboard. Once we were on the other side of the fjord it ... read more
GPS says 'ferry required'
Joined the queue for the ferry to Arsvagen
All aboard

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Preikestolen July 3rd 2016

PART ONE A good night’s sleep and a peek through our basement window shows the sun is shining out there which means we can do the hike to Pulpit Rock which should make my birthday a memorable day. We probably won’t get to our apartment in Bergen until after 9pm tonight but then we have daylight until 10.30pm so the chance of not being able to find the place in the dark is unlikely. First though it is breakfast and then load the car up. The final check of the rain radar that put us off yesterday shows that there is no rain heading towards the coast as happened yesterday. Being Sunday we had expected the roads to be deserted and that was the way it was. Heading south initially we passed a road sign that ... read more
Living room,Stavanger
On board the ferry
Our neighbours,Stavanger

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Stavanger July 2nd 2016

We need a dry day to do our hike to Pulpit Rock and it looks like the weather might provide it for us. We had a Skype call with Leigh at breakfast time and caught up on her news from home. We packed the backpack with supplies for the trail plus rain jackets, just on case. We have been using several websites that provide weather forecasts for the places we have been staying and each has predicted slightly different conditions meaning we take each with a grain of salt. Now that we are in Norway we have added the Government weather office website to our range and with it comes the best rain radar coverage we have had so far. A full page with what seems to be reliable rain radar. The other websites have had ... read more
MV Rogoland,Stavanger harbour
Inner city housing,Stavanger
Old Town,Stavanger

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Stavanger July 1st 2016

We had a solid sleep despite the fact that the bed was an old fashioned double the type of which we haven’t slept together in for years. This is the only shortfall this apartment has. The washing in the bathroom with the under floor heating working dried nicely overnight. The same can’t be said for the weather outside as there is steady rain falling and the forecast looks like it will be wet for most of our drive to Stavanger. Loading the car up wasn’t pleasant with the rain falling and a flight of outdoor wooden steps to go and forth from the apartment to the car. We had two options to get to Stavanger, the E39, the main highway or an option we hadn’t previously considered until we took a closer look at the atlas ... read more
View from the front door,Mandal
Rock wall,Jossingfjord
Car 'tunnel' and bike passage,Jossingfjord

Europe » Norway June 30th 2016

Our ship sails at 12.15pm and it is only around 120km to Hirtshals but we want to be there in plenty of time and of course in case there are any hold ups on the highway. So it was an early start, just after 6am, which is most out of character with the BBA V3. It didn’t take long to pack up the car and we hit the road back onto the E45 and continued north. This morning light drizzly rain was in the air not that it hid any of the scenery as the land here, as it has been for the last couple of days, is flat and one tends to focus on the scenery close up anyway. Just after Aalborg, another city the motorway bypasses, the road splits with the E45 going to ... read more
Ferry arriving into Hirtshals
Almost docked
Cars coming off at Hirtshals

Europe » Denmark » Region Midtjylland » Randers June 29th 2016

It has dawned not a bad sort of day in Northern Germany after a little drizzle overnight. It isn’t all dash across Germany and Denmark for us and although we haven’t got anything of historical importance to go off and take a look at, we have decided to take a bit of a detour off the A7 north this morning to mix up the scenery a bit. Our atlas has the D199 which travels east of Budelsdorf and then around the coast and back to the middle of this long finger of land to Flensburg the last German town before the border with Denmark marked as a scenic road. So we will give it a try and see what it has to offer other then the flat views of yesterday. There didn’t seem much difference in ... read more
A change in architecture at Kappeln is noticeable
Old sailing boats,Kappeln
Lunch at the German-Danish border

Europe » Germany » Schleswig-Holstein » Budelsdorf June 28th 2016

Today is going to be all about a dash across Germany all the way to just short of the Danish border. We were a little more with it this morning and Wim and Diny were ready with the coffee (Wim is great at coffee making!)and huge slices of raisin bread crammed full of fruit (None of your skimpy Tiptop bread in Holland) for breakfast. We watched a bit of BBC with breakfast as England wondered what had happened to their football team against a team they considered easybeats.Although I must say the man in the street reaction is not quite as bad as one would see when the All Blacks lose to weaker opposition even though this happened for quite some years. So the football result together with the Brexit vote outcome now starting to hit ... read more
The A1 Germany
Ready to overtake A1 Germany
Approaching Hamburg,Germany

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