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Europe August 2nd 2016

Our studio at the Falcons Nest is very well appointed and is like a small apartment but with everything except the shower/toilet in one room. We are back to the usual breakfast of muesli, fruit and yogurt and of course toast with spreads which is much welcomed after the Tesco croissants the remaining of which will be given the heave ho. We have planned a leisurely day with a self guided walking tour of the main sights of Cambridge which seem to be contained within a relatively small area. So a bit of breakfast television with our muesli and toast was in order and we got hooked for half an hour on Judge Judy on the CBS Reality channel. We have never been convinced that the people that appear before Judge Judy on all sorts of ... read more
History is all around us,Cambridge
Keep off the grass!,Cambridge
Trinity Street,Cambridge

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cambridgeshire » Huntingdon August 1st 2016

The BBA V3 heads north today and into Cambridgeshire. This is going to mean driving the M2 to take us under the Thames River and then onto the great circle road around London the M25 for a short distance before the direction will be northerly. It has been pleasantly surprising just how quiet our room in the Days Inn in the M20 rest area has been with traffic coming and going .The curtains in the room have very effectively kept the light out until we were ready to face the day. The Tesco croissants we had yesterday were still OK but we miss the toast and jam and it will nice to have our own catering facilities back again tonight. We had that feeling as we entered the M20 at the on ramp from the rest ... read more
Waiting out turn for the Dartford Tunnel.Note the Queen Elizabeth bridge in the background built to ease congestion
We are off.Note the dangerous goods trucks lined up to the left waiting escort
Free flow traffic in the tunnel

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Margate July 31st 2016

It looks like we will have a dry day ahead for our ‘tiki tour ‘around Kent and perhaps even some sunshine as the day progresses. Despite the rest area where the Days Inn is located being busy we had a great night’s sleep and no noise at all from the place that goes 24/7. We haven’t bought another toaster after leaving the one we had in Europe at our last stay before we headed to Ireland. So this morning there is none of the traditional toast and jam rather Tesco croissants which while they were OK and filling didn’t have that ‘buttery ‘taste of the ones we enjoyed in France. We headed off down the M20 towards Ashford and took a stop in at the shopping mall. The locals in England haven’t really taken to Sunday ... read more
Tourist area near Canterbury Cathedral
Canterbury Cathedral
Queen Elizabeth II and Duke of Edinburgh statues at the main entrance to the Cathedral

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Maidstone July 30th 2016

The English summer has disappeared on us and it looks like we will have a drive today that will have some rain in the mix. Never mind we wouldn’t really want to change what has been just an OK summer for the BBA V3. After breakfast we sorted out a place to have a family photo with Jean and Stella and then we were on our way to Maidstone in Kent. It has been a lovely two days staying with them and for us we have had someone other than each other to talk to. Although the horizon was a bit hazy we took a stop at the parking area we had passed by a couple of times yesterday just to take in what the multitudes of passengers in their cars were looking at. The view ... read more
Thatched roof house,Southwick
The Golden Lion,Southwick
Naval radar training facility,Portsmouth

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire July 29th 2016

We weren’t too sure what Jean and Stella have planned for us today but the weather doesn’t look too bad for some sightseeing in the Portsmouth area. Breakfast done and we are off to the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard and with Stella driving we can sit back and be passengers. Like most large cities Portsmouth can be a problem to find a car park handy to where you are going so we travelled down to the Park and Ride and took a double decker bus down to the harbour where the bus stopped almost right outside the entrance. Portsmouth has had a long association of over 800 years with the Royal Navy although the days of the Navy needing all of the port for its facilities have passed and what they don’t need has been developed into ... read more
HMS Warrior,the first ironclad ship in the Royal Navy
The Boathouse
Queen Victoria's launch

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire July 28th 2016

It has been amazing how quickly the week we have had in Ireland has simply flown by and today we leave and head for England. The weather looks like we are going to leave behind a reasonable sort of day although in fairness to Ireland and although we have had showers from time to time we have been able to get out and about and do the things we wanted to and not be put off by the weather patterns of Ireland. We had said our farewell to Kathleen last night as we had said we would have an early start on our drive to Cork Airport. However she appeared outside her house as we reversed out of the driveway and we gave her a final wave as we bumped off down the farm track to ... read more
Lots of grass for the owners cows
We never got to sit out front of the cottage,Castleisland
The farm track,Castleisland

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Killarney July 27th 2016

Our last full day in Ireland and we are going to take another day trip via Rathmore to see if we can find the elusive graveyard where my great grandparents the Mahoney’s of Knocknagree are buried. The lack of internet connection at our stone farm cottage has been frustrating and of course any time we have wanted to do something that requires a connection we have had to drive down to Den Joes or find a tourist information centre or library. The days of the internet cafe that used to be in almost every town have gone with mobile connections via the cell phone taking over the simple tasks that most people want and that is to check emails or Facebook. Rather than look obvious parking outside Den Joes again and using their free internet we ... read more
Looks like it is going to be a good Irish day
Nohoval Lower Cemetery

Europe » Ireland » County Limerick » Limerick July 26th 2016

We are not sure what we might discover about the ‘mysterious ‘Maria Dillon, my great grandmother who married Daniel Mahoney in Timaru in 1881 but we have not been able to trace her place of birth in County Clare or when she actually arrived in New Zealand. We are going to take a drive to Limerick which is on the Clare/Kerry county border and see what the city library might have in its resources that we haven’t been able to find so far online. So far we have been able to find an entry in Griffiths Valuation from 1851 that may relate to her father as a tenant farmer at a location in Clare and we hope that we may be able to expand on that information. Needless to say it is a typical Irish morning ... read more
Shops with their hanging baskets,Adare
Thatached cottages,Adare
Can't get enough of the thatched cottages,Adare

Europe » Ireland » County Cork July 25th 2016

We have planned for our day, a trip to Cobh which is the harbour of Cork city from where the majority of Irish people emigrated from in the 1800’s.Along the way we will call into Knocknagree, the village closet to where the Mahoney family lived (my mother’s Catholic side of the family) and also see if we can take our own photos of where Daniel’s parents Michael and Catherine are buried in Rathmore. It has dawned as another typical Irish day so we expect it will follow that the drizzle will clear soon and will remain dry for the day before the drizzle comes back at night. This pattern of weather is becoming very predictable to us. With what could be a long day ahead we left home at 9.30am and headed across the county border ... read more
Mills Inn,lunch time stop
Memorial to those who emigrated from Cobh,Ireland leaving in the hope of a better life

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry July 24th 2016

The hike of yesterday had taken it’s toll on us.Either we had lost our fitness that had taken us through the trails of the Dolomites or it had been the type of country we had hiked through,soft turf to rocky hard ground. Either way we resolved that today would be a quiet rest at home and if we did do anything by way of walking then it would be something flat and local. Time for more catching up of the travel blog and reading and before we knew it half the day had gone. The weather had followed the routine we had noticed since arriving but this afternoon,as it now was, brighter and sunnier than previous days and even the air temperature felt like it might make 20C.Not quite shorts weather but getting closer. Den Joe’s ... read more
St Stephens and St Johns Church,CastleIsland
The wide Main Street of CastleIsland

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