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Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich June 7th 2016

Gretchen has all the logistics of getting to and from Munich worked out. It is another beautiful day and we can keep the summer theme going with appropriate clothes for temperatures in the high 20’s again. We must say that almost everywhere we have been on the BBA V3 the public transport system that has been available to take us places we don’t really want to take the car too has been outstanding. There have been buses in the most remote places we have been, and there have been a few of those. And trains haven’t been too far behind. Today we are taking a bus to Wolfrathausen which is about 5 kilometres away and then the S Bahn train to the central station in Munich. There seemed to be at least half a dozen bus ... read more
Bavarian accordien player,Marienplatz
St Peters church,Munich

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Dachau June 6th 2016

What a glorious day has dawned. The best we have had in a while with not a cloud to be seen and the sun streaming in the window at breakfast time. It is the right sort of day to visit somewhere with a very sad background. The Dachau Memorial site infamous for its terrible treatment of human beings by a regime the world will never forget. We had visited one of the Nazi concentration camps at Auschwitz/Birkenau in Poland in 2009 and we thought that would be enough to pay our respects to the millions who died during WW2 and to gain a better understanding of why it was allowed to happen. However, Dachau was slightly different in the Nazi plans for a perfect world for their followers in that it was established as a camp ... read more
Work makes you free
Assembley ground,Dachau
Inside the cell barracks

Europe » Germany » Bavaria June 5th 2016

We are sad to be leaving Italy behind today because we have had some great accommodations and places to visit and hike in making it a very memorable time. However Germany calls and it is time to move north. The weather there over the past couple of weeks hasn’t been good with a lot of rain and floods whereas we have avoided all that to date even if it hasn’t always been summery. Our apartment in San Cassiano has been very comfortable and well located for everything that we wanted to do. We had an interesting conversation with the lady who owns it when she came to collect payment for our 4 nights. We had noticed that people spoke a dialect that was neither Italian or German which we thought would be prominent in this area ... read more
No bungi jumping today near Innsbruck
Croosing from Austria to Germany

Europe » Italy » Trentino Alto Adige » Badia June 4th 2016

In reality we had made up our minds yesterday about where we were going to hike to today in the Dolomites. Yesterdays walk had been a breeze but we were sure today’s was going to challenge the fitness a lot more. And to add what might have been a straight forward hike up and down the mountainside we have decided to add in a ‘stroll ‘across a plateau that continues on beyond the initial peak on the trail. The day is similar to the two previous days we have been here. Low cloud around some of the tops but broken cloud to blue sky above us. It seems the best weather is through the middle of the day with any chance of a shower coming later. With that in mind and realising that today’s hike will ... read more
Peeps of the mountains
Where we have come from
Into the forest

Europe » Italy » Trentino Alto Adige » Badia June 3rd 2016

We weren’t sure how the legs and muscles would feel when we woke this morning after yesterdays hike up to the church but surprisingly we guess they were OK. However, we aren’t going to punish them with two hikes of that nature in two days. Rather today we will take on the more serene river walk which involves an elevation change of 100metres.Gosh we did that in the first couple of hundred metres yesterday.Todays walk will be a ‘pussy’! We will still go prepared though for a change in the weather should it happen. We were certainly glad to have our rain jackets yesterday even for the light rain that came on for 20 minutes or so. The weather is the same as yesterday with low cloud here and there on the mountain tops and blue ... read more
Example of houses in the area
The river
Another view from the river walk

Europe » Italy » Trentino Alto Adige » Badia June 2nd 2016

The weather forecast is all important today but which one do we listen to and agree with? We are planning a hike in the mountains today and although we will be taking warm clothes with us just in case we are mindful that we don’t want to get caught out if the weather changes suddenly as we know it can in the mountains. We have followed BBC, Accuweather and other online forecasts as we have travelled on the BBA V3 and each forecast has had subtle differences. All of the online forecasts have come from places generally far away from where we have been so accuracy has got to come into question. A bit like someone in the Weather Office in Wellington 300 odd kilometres away saying it is going to rain in Tauranga when because ... read more
Just before we wentered the forest
Rest on the shingle stream bed trail
We are going the right way!

Europe » Italy » Trentino Alto Adige » Badia June 1st 2016

We are travelling further east today and staying within the Tyrol except we are moving from Austria to Italy. The rain from yesterday ahs cleared and although it is not brilliantly fine we can at least see more of the mountains that when we arrived yesterday afternoon. The woman who is running the establishment bought in a huge breakfast for us this morning. So for once I do not have to chop up the fruit and add it to the muesli and yogurt and instead have it all bought to us on two trays. There was just much for us even though we managed to consume the soft boiled eggs, croissant and most of the selection of breads, salami, cheese, proscuito, orange juice and coffee. We won’t have to worry about a stop for lunch today ... read more
Picture perfect Austrian town
Rain viaduct over a deep gorge,Austria
Austrian Tyrol

Europe » Austria » Tyrol » Sankt Anton am Arlberg May 31st 2016

By the time we reach Austria later today we will have completed about 75% of the Grand Tour drive of Switzerland. It has been a comfortable 2 night stay in this attic apartment in the very quiet location of Rorhbach and we have ticked Lucerne of our bucket list of places to see before we get too old to travel(as if that is ever likely to happen) Our route east took us towards Sursee through more of the green rolling pastures we have seen so much of during the many kilometres we have driven since Sunday. Most of the villages we passed through are joined together by footpaths that are used by both cyclists and pedestrians and you don’t have to drive too far to not see people out for a walk or on a bicycle ... read more
Mountains ahead
Little mountain railway
Can't get enough of the Alps

Europe » Switzerland » North-West May 30th 2016

The weather gods have smiled on us again today for our one opportunity to visit Lucerne before we move onto an overnighter in Austria on our way back to Italy. There was even a rainbow in the sky as we pulled back the curtains and although that means there is some moisture around somewhere it also means there is sunshine. And we should really get out there and find the pot of gold because visiting Switzerland is expensive in comparison to the rest of Europe we have been in. The €73 per night for our studio apartment is way beyond the usual price we are paying but that is the going rate here and we aren’t even in a city. There is a rail line through Rorhbach but the Swiss Rail Company website doesn’t make it ... read more
Entry to Lucerne Rail Station
Painted wall,Old City Lucerne
Old City Lucerne

Europe » Switzerland » North-West May 29th 2016

We are moving on at the right time if the weather is anything to go by. Last night’s thunderstorm has gone but the rain hasn’t and it started again just as we finished packing the car to head off into the mountains. The weather report doesn’t predict any snow in the Alps but there will probably be a lot of rain. We have had a wonderful stay in Lake Maggiore and it will go close to beating or at least equalling the time we had in Poppi, Tuscany.Even Gretchen is moving Italy up in her estimation to equal France as a country to go on holiday to. It was another one of those Italian farewells as we left with hugs and kisses from Melia and Franco and we will miss Italy although we have got a ... read more
The kitchen
The dining room and lounge
Waterfall on the Simplon Pass

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