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Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo July 13th 2016

Being kilometres away from civilisation seemed to have some positive effect on being able to sleep in despite the fact that the sun still rose at a ridiculous and indecent hour of the morning. The drive down to our next stop just south of Norway’s capital, Oslo, could have been a relatively short drive for us but we have decided to take the scenic route along the length of the Randsfjord.It will be interesting see how this fjord compares to the ones on the west coast as the land here is not nearly as steep. Just after breakfast as we completing our pack up inside but before we started to take the stuff out to the car a moose walked by the apartment. Earlier we had joked with our daughter that we were so far out ... read more
He has seen me!
Happily chewing on the green leaves
Living area of our apartment

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway July 12th 2016

The sunshine of yesterday has deserted us this morning but that is not such a concern as we have a fairly long day ahead of us in the car heading south through the interior of Norway. It has been a comfortable stay in this spacious apartment in the suburbs of Trondheim and now our journey back to Paris to hand the car back, begins. We are taking our time with a couple of two night stays and the rest of them just one nighters which will make the following days of driving potentially long depending what we come across on the way. We will be on the E6 right to the point where we turn off the highway to our destination which is small town south of the 1994 Winter Olympics city of Lillehammer. For the ... read more
The living room
Coming down from the summit of the National Park on the E6,Norway
Snow is not that far away

Europe » Norway » Trøndelag » Trondheim July 11th 2016

It’s another good looking day with a little cloud cover which should make it OK for a walk around the sights of Trondheim. The city has a population of around 200,000 and has origins that go back to 1000AD.The Viking King Olav is buried in Nidaros Cathedral and the city has had numerous major fires in its history with almost all of the wooden buildings downtown being burnt and having to be replaced. The city was the capital of Norway until 1217 and has been fought over on many occasions. In WW2 the Germans occupied the city from the day they declared war on Norway and it was occupied right up to the day the Germans surrendered in May 1945.It was a major base for the German Navy. The German occupiers did have plans and they ... read more
Fish wharf,Trondheim
Old Town area,Trondheim
Houses on the Nidelva River,Trondheim

Europe » Norway » Trøndelag » Trondheim July 10th 2016

It is a pity that out house we have stayed in overnight in Kristiansund did not have its terrace with comfortable seating facing east rather than west. If it had we could have enjoyed our breakfast in warm sunshine. Instead we sat in the kitchen/dining room with the sun shining brightly through the windows making it so warm that we had to open the windows to let some air in. This has been the first occasion since we have been in Norway that the morning has started off with so much bright sunshine. For the last few nights we have had singles beds or bunks but at least they have been in the same bedroom. However last night was a bit different. We still had single beds but horrors they were in separate bedrooms! We got ... read more
The neighbourhood,Kristiansund
Old town,Kristiansund
One of the few old buildings left in the old town,Kristiansund

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Kristiansund July 9th 2016

My first instinct this morning was to get up and take photos of reflections in the lake that is below our cabin. And that was even before scurrying off to the ablution block to be first there. However, I was foiled on the reflections as there was light rain falling and the mountain scenery had ‘dissappeared’and been replaced by low cloud with the light rain. We will keep our fingers crossed and hopefully the weather will soon clear and the photos can be taken. So my attention turned to a shower and use of the toilet. It was going to have to be a dash through the light rain across the grass and up the driveway to Unit #7 where the ablution block is located. Our German neighbour was going to lay down a challenge as ... read more
View from the cabin
Looking towards the mountains we came from yesterday
Beds only in these new cabins

Europe » Norway » Western Norway July 8th 2016

We had a good night’s sleep in our bunk beds in our little cabin alongside the Nordjjord.Not that we will get used to the very short amount of nighttimes at this time of the year in Norway at our latitude. The worst thing waking up in the morning is looking at your watch and although it is light outside the clock says it is just 5am and you want to sleep at least another hour. I lay there and thought about getting up or trying to go back to sleep and in the end the former won out. I had thought that by going to the ablution block at 6am I would have the place to myself. Not so! I had to take a seat and wait for both the toilet and shower to come free. ... read more
Nordfjord at Olden
Just mountains
Strange cloud formation over the mountains

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Nordfjordeid July 7th 2016

The day has dawned(we will call it dawn at 7am,even though the sun rose officially this morning at around 4am)fine and clear and a more perfect day for the road and scenery ahead we don’t think we could have asked for. Our studio has suited us well and having cooking facilities and a refrigerator has been a real bonus to keep our costs down and also keep our chilled groceries where we need them to be when they are out of the chilly bag. The only small thing against the studio was that it had a garlic smell when we arrived and the man on the front desk when he checked us in sort of gave us an apology by saying that they had had a bus load of Korean tourists the previous night who had ... read more
Houses and skilift behind our apartment,Myrkdalen
New house with grass roof,Myrkdalen
The hairpins!

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Flåm July 6th 2016

We had been going to do two activities in one day when we initially planned our time in this part of Norway but yesterday we got one of those activities done. That is, we took our cruise on the fjord and now just have the world famous Flam Railway to ride. And hopefully with just one cruise ship due in port at Flam, according to the website we found showing us port arrivals there today, we shouldn’t have too much difficulty getting tickets for the train ride. We decided that the afternoon was probably the best time to ride the train when there should be slightly fewer people. This is taking the cruise passengers who need to be back on board their ship in plenty of time for departure and also the bus tour groups who ... read more
Stalheimsfossen through the forest
Close up Stalheimsfossen
Can't get enough of Stalheimsfossen

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Flåm July 5th 2016

We made the most of a lie in this morning which meant we did miss the sun because by the time we hit the road the rain had come back. Bergen wasn’t going to let us depart without giving us another soaking. We have had a very comfortable stay in this apartment and we have had everything we needed including a comfortable lounge suite to relax in. We know we have a couple of challenging days ahead in cabins so we have made the most of a bit of comfort. Buying petrol in Norway is a bit of an experience which is out of the ordinary for us. As there are roughly six kroner to the dollar and petrol is around 14 or 15 kroner per litre we have tried to work out in our head ... read more
The apartment was upstairs,Bergen
On the E16,Norway
Italians with table and chairs at lunchtime on the E16

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Bergen July 4th 2016

Prospects for keeping dry in Bergen look good if the weather we awoke to this morning holds for the day. After a very long day yesterday we managed to lie in this morning to prepare ourselves for a few hours on our feet again when we visit the old town are of Bergen. Bedding arrangements have come in all types on the BBA V3 and we have added another type here to the list. Single beds in separate rooms! We haven’t slept this far apart from each other in 44 years! We have another roomy apartment in Bergen with a lounge/dining room and even a little balcony, although we are not sure there is room for the two of us at the same time. It will come in handy this morning for putting the washing out ... read more
Light Rail Bergen style
Old Town Hanseatic buildings,Bergen
Shopping in the old town,Bergen

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