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Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate June 17th 2016

We don’t know who won the football game that Germany were playing when we went to bed last night. We had pulled down the shutters (required anyway because it remains light here until after 10.15pm) and that had muffled any noise coming from across the road where people had gathered to watch the game on a large screen in a garage. The weather is OK this morning and there is only a small chance of rain later in the day. We don’t plan to do too much that we can’t walk to while we are here so the blogs for the next five days could be a bit light in content(what was that I heard you say ‘thank goodness’!) However, we do have a need for an ATM to top up our dwindling supply of Euro ... read more
The path ahead to Bullay
Bullay across the river
Looking downstream to Alf from the bridge to Bullay

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate June 16th 2016

We have a reasonable distance to cover today down to the Moselle River today and so we were on the ball for a 10am departure. We hadn’t seen our hosts since we arrived too early yesterday afternoon and they gave us a key to let ourselves in after we did some shopping. We did hear a open and close a couple of times and with no cars in their car parks we guess they have gone off to work or wherever. So we will just leave the key on the table in the apartment and head off on our way. We have had enough of motorway driving at 120kph which results in the countryside flashing by, at least close up. So today we will zigzag our way using more provincial roads at least as far as ... read more
Electric train on other side of the River Moselle
Down stream barge
Back end of the barge

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Fritzlar June 15th 2016

After a comfortable night at the ‘Mom and Pop’ apartment we got ourselves packed up relatively early for us as we reckoned we had a full day ahead. Not so much in the kilometres to do but we have a plan to stop at Kassel and visit a Schloss that houses the largest Rembrandt painting collection in Germany and that might take some time to get through. First though we are going to check out a museum nearby those houses relics of the days when the East German border met the West German border just the other side of Bad Sachsa. We aren’t sure that the museum will be open but we will give it a try anyway and also there may be something marking where the border ran outside the museum. A little bit of ... read more
The old East West border at Tettenborn
View od the grounds Wilhelmshohe Castle,Kassel
Wilhelmshohe Castle,Kassel

Europe » Germany June 14th 2016

We have two days to cross virtually all of Germany to get to the Moselle River far in the west of the country and in doing so we have booked a couple of nights in places no one before has ever heard of simply because they are just the right distance between each other, they are apartments with cooking facilities and they fit the BBA V3 budget! It has been a most comfortable stay in our Air BnB apartment in Radebeul and we guess the weather hasn’t been too bad either. The road taking us on the first leg of the journey had us really confused as we seemed to head in all 4 quarters of the compass. However as we negotiated an entry onto a motorway, the A4 we were pleased to see that our ... read more
A little bit of smoke,but 6 fire engines,really!
Action happening in Steina
Colditz Castle from the river that runs through the town

Europe » Germany » Saxony » Dresden June 13th 2016

The forecast for today when we went to bed last night was not good with rain predicted for most of the day which will not make for a pleasant day of sightseeing. However, the forecasters thankfully have got it wrong and there were patches of blue sky appearing as we awoke. Late last night Gretchen got her mobile phone working and the updates downloaded and there was time to check this morning that it was still working as she had left it last night. Now there was no need to go searching for a replacement phone today. We are meeting Emily today who is taking the train down from Cottbus, an hour and a half or so north of Dresden where she is studying at the University. She is going to guide us around the sights ... read more
Remnents of original structure Kreuzkirche
Frauenkirche,Dresden.No photos allowed inside

Europe » Germany » Saxony » Radebeul June 12th 2016

We are having trouble getting used to the light arriving so early in the morning as we head further north. Goodness knows how we will cope when we get to Norway where it will be light for 18 hours and the other 6 hours of the 24 hour day will just be a dusk type situation. ML had a little rain overnight and this morning looks fairly typical of many of the recent days we have experienced with overcast skies and cool temperature. Our apartment overlooks the car park where Peggy has been for the night and it was good to see that she is still there this morning with all four wheels intact. Gretchen didn’t have any luck last night before she came to bed to fix her phone so we will have another attempt ... read more
Our neighbours across the main street,ML
Just us on the road
Well it was just us for a few moments

Trying to set fire to things while on a BBA is difficult for me not to achieve or so it seems. On the BBA V2 we had the burning toast incident at Cumbernaud which resulted in the local fire brigade being called to the Travelodge we were staying in when I overlooked the damage one piece of bread in the toaster could do while I was on Skype with our eldest daughter. It is not that we have burnt any hotel rooms as yet but today we or should I came close and I must take full responsibility for this morning’s close call. Our apartment here in Lohberg is large with a separate kitchen/dining room to the lounge and the bedroom. I had got the pan out of the cupboard and put some water in it ... read more
Avenue of trees,Czech Republic
Entertainment in the colonnade

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Lohberg June 10th 2016

We have a major problem with the crashing of the cell phone when Gretchen tried to download updates. She spent time last night trying to chat online with Samsung back in NZ to get a fix to the problem but without any luck. The best they could offer was to send the phone in for fixing and they didn’t seem to understand that we weren’t in NZ so therefore sending the phone into them was mission impossible. Anyway, life must go on and if we can’t get a fix then we might have to buy another cell phone to take its place. Our activity today will be a bit more relaxed than yesterday when we took a hike in the forest up to Arbersee. One of the attractions that we have discovered in Lohberg is the ... read more
The Germans know how to stck firewood neatly
Looks like a donkey but isn't a donkey
Badger type animal

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Lohberg June 9th 2016

A bit of a change this morning for us as the closeness of the apartment to the eastern hillside seems to have made it later for the sun to really light up the day. A decision to be made over breakfast as we look out to the mountain that could be the challenge for the day or do we satisfy our hiking desire by making it just as far as the lake below the mountain? The sun made a brief appearance before it clouded over again but at least this will make hiking a little easier especially if there are sections that are over open farmland. We don’t know a lot about what is ahead of us as the map we have is not too descriptive. There was some time for administration including washing clothes and ... read more
Yep,we are on the right trail
The trail ahead
Hikers vs tractor hauling logs

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Lohberg June 8th 2016

It has been a very peaceful three days in Geretsried and we were pleased we located ourselves here away from the hustle and bustle of Munich. Now today we have got ourselves around the outside of Munich to the east and then north to Lohberg which is in the Bavarian National Park close to the Czech border. The easiest way was to plan the journey, at least initially; in short stages just to make sure we were always on the outskirts to be far enough out of the city traffic. The day had started cloudy but as we got on the road the sun broke through and it looked promising although we weren’t too concerned if we had some rain as today was all about getting from point A to B with the only sightseeing to ... read more
Avenue of trees,delightful to drive through
Just one of the many small Bavarian villages we passed through today
The rain had stopped by the time we arrived in Lohberg.All that was left were a couple of clouds

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