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Back to Antigua Friday 27th August Today should be an easy relaxing day as we make our way from Juayua back to Antigua in Guatemala. It's about a 4 hour drive and Alberto is going to take us in his minibus. We start the day with a very local breakfast of coffee and pupusas. The coffee is from Alberto's coffee plantation. Pupusas are unique to El Salvador - they are like a small tortilla made from cornflour with various fillings and then cooked on a griddle. Some of the local women have come to the hotel to show us how the pupusas are made and, of course, we have to have a go at making them ourselves. The morning is spent by most of us looking around the town again while Mark and Gemma are feeling ... read more
I Show How It Should Be Done
There Was A Bridge Here Yesterday
Repairs Have Already Started

Juayua Thursday 26th August Juayua is a small town in the coffee growing area in the hills of Northern El Salvador. It's a single bus ride from Santa Ana that shouldn't take too long. But, as is becoming the pattern for this trip, we have transport problems as the pick-up taking us the short distance from our hotel to the bus station gets stuck on top of a speed hump! The longest part of the bus ride from Santa Ana to Juayua is actually the start of the journey as the bus tries to negotiate its way through the obstacle course that is Santa Ana market while belching thick black diesel fumes over any fresh produce for sale and we are raided by boarding parties of market traders. I've previously described the joys of shopping on ... read more
Traditional Weaving Skills And Equipment
Ataco Coffee Mill
Our Room At Hotel Juayua

101 Things to Buy on a Chicken Bus in Central America OK. This list was inspired by a journey on a chicken bus out of Santa Ana in El Salvador. Up until that point we had been fairly impressed by the range of things being sold by sellers coming onto the buses. But in Santa Ana the bus station is in the middle of the market and as the buses work their way through the market at less than walking speed a continual stream of sellers goes from bus to bus with quite a range of stuff on offer. Our attempts to remember 101 different items has only reached 90 so far {with no cuddly toys or chickens yet} but I hope people will comment and add to the list and that it will soon get ... read more
The Miracle Pill
Jewellery, Jewellery

Santa Ana Trying Not To Look Like A Gangster The journey from El Tunco to Santa Ana is not a particularly long one but it does take three separate buses to get to Santa Ana. There are no great dramas or break downs and we reach Santa Ana on time. On the journey we have the usual flow of sales people through the buses including someone selling worm tablets again - selling worm tablets seems to be good business in Central America. We are even treated to an in-flight movie on the last bus. And just when you think a posse of enterprising popcorn sellers will flood onto the bus we are left alone. I am approached by a man with a stick at one bus stop. It's a very small stick and he's not being ... read more
The Cathedral, Santa Ana
The People Of Santa Ana Eat Like Their Pizza
At The Viewpoint In The Cloud Forest

Hammock Time Surfer Dudes Hang Loose in El Tunco El Tunco {Which means "The Pig"} is a small village on the Pacific Coast of El Salvador. It takes us less than an hour to get here by bus from San Salvador and as we arrive on a Sunday the village is at it’s busiest with lots of Salvadorians making the day trip. There's very little to El Tunco, about two streets and a beach - this is definitely a place for chilling out. And it's not a beach for sunbathers. For one thing it’s cloudy and raining when we arrive, and for another this is not a sandy beach. For some reason the pebbled beach reminds me of childhood visits to Rhyl. This is a beach for surfers. All the other guests staying at our hotel ... read more
Hammock Time
The Beach
Surfer Dudes

San Salvador A Friendly Welcome and some Goodbyes The guide books aren’t too kind to San Salvador. The country of El Salvador doesn't get too many tourists. It was a dangerous place to visit during the civil war but the war came to an end nearly twenty years ago. El Salvador has come as a pleasant surprise to our group. In the small towns we have been to everybody has been really friendly and welcoming to us. San Salvador, though, has a reputation for it's crime rate and it's gangs. We arrive at our hotel, the Villa Real, in the mid-afternoon and decide to go and have a look around the city. The receptionist at the hotel looks horrified when we ask her to book a couple of taxis to take us to the “historical centre” ... read more
The Main Square And National Palace
Public Transport
San Salvador Market

Cinquera The village of Cinquera is about an hour's drive from Suchitoto. The village was a stronghold for the guerillas during the civil and all the houses in the village were at some point destroyed by the army. The village is now being rebuilt but there are lots of reminders of the civil war deliberately left in place and a museum is meant to be opening there quite soon. In the morning we go to Cinquera Park, an area of forest in the hills around Cinquera. Some of this area had originally been farmland but it was abandoned when the army destroyed the crops and has since returned to forest. Further into the hills is the area where the population of Cinquera fled to when the army arrived and eventually formed themselves into guerilla bands. We ... read more
Old Guerilla Camp At Cinquera
With Pablo Alvarenga
Exploring Cinquera Park

Suchitoto One of the guide books describes Suchitoto as being like Antigua in Guatemala before the tourists arrived. It has the same kind of colonial feel as Antigua with the cobblestone streets, the central square and no new buildings in the centre. It’s another of those small towns where everybody is really friendly to us and with a relaxed laid-back atmosphere. Our hotel, the Posada Del Sol, is just two minutes walk from the main square and right next to the post office {but, somehow, I again fail to find and send postcards during my couple of days here}. We meet our guide for our next couple of days, the excellent René. René owns a restaurant on the main square as well as his tour company. When he is not organising stuff for us he is ... read more
We Saw This Design On A Lot Of Houses
The Cigar Lady
Ruins Of The Church At Aguacayo

On The Buses Wednesday 18th August Today is another long day of travelling as we leave Honduras and head towards El Salvador. Our ultimate destination is the town of Suchitoto which is going to be four or maybe five bus rides and a border crossing away. The first panic of the day is caused by me. The driver of the eight o’clock bus decides to leave half an hour early and I’m the only one of the group who can’t be found. {Whoever heard of a bus in a third world country leaving early??} They manage to find me though and the bus waits and we get underway OK. We are travelling by a public minibus which goes through lots of small towns on the way to Santa Rosa as the crew of the bus seem ... read more
Clearing Up the Mudslides After The Rains
Bible  Class On The Bus

Copán Monday 16th August It’s another long travelling day today as the alarm wakes us up at 5:15. I wake up with the song “Total Eclipse of The Heart” in my head. How did that get in there?? We’ve got possibly 9 hours of travelling ahead and I’m sure I’m going to get beaten up by the rest of the group if I can’t stop myself singing that. We’ve got quite a complicated journey ahead to get from Roatán to Copán, our next destination. Our journey will be by taxi, ferry, taxi, bus and then one more bus and will take us back through La Ceiba and San Pedro Sula again. Let’s hope we make all the connections! We do make all the connections! The final bus, from San Pedro Sul to Copán we make with ... read more
Watching The Rain
Copán Ruins
Copán Ruins

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