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From: October 30th 2009
Until: November 18th 2009


I booked my trip to Ethiopia on the same day as I decided to quit work. It’s one of those places I’ve always wanted to visit. So as soon as my holidays aren’t constrained to school holidays I can go to Ethiopia at what I think will be the best time of year. It should be the end of their rainy season now so I was expecting it be hot and sunny but still very green.
Most people of my age will remember the horrific TV pictures of the famine of 1984/85 which lead to Live Aid and that may be the first image of Ethiopia that comes to mind. I’ve flown over Ethiopia and had to spend some time changing planes at Addis Ababa airport and was amazed at how green the whole country looked. {Addis Ababa must also get the prize for the world’s cleanest airport - for the few hours I was there it was being continually cleaned!} Having said that, I have been reading in the news that Ethiopia and other East African countries have again suffered from poor rains for the last two years. Oxfam have been saying for some time that more than 6 million people are in need of assistance and the Ethiopian government has asked for international help a couple of days ago so I really don’t know what to expect.
I expect Ethiopia to be quite a bit different from other African countries. Its history is very different, being the only African country not to be colonized, one of the first Christian countries and home to the first Muslim settlement in Africa. I was given a book to read that was based around the reign of Emperor Tewodros - I had never realised that my country had been to war with Ethiopia!
The geography of the country will also be quite different. The area I’m going to is on the highest plateau in Africa - this is the area of Ethiopia which produces all the Olympic champions. Everywhere is at an altitude of more than 6000 ft - no mosquitoes!! - which should make the climate more tolerable.
Among the things I’m hoping to see are

I’ve joined an organised tour for this trip. I’m flying into Addis Ababa and I’m spending a couple of days looking ‘round Addis and maybe getting used to the altitude before joining the tour group for the trip around Ethiopia.

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