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Europe » Italy » Friuli-Venezia Giulia » Trieste April 22nd 2011

Triesting Times Three Countries In One Day The amazing hospitality being shown us in Croatia continues. Sanja’s brother, Miki, and his girlfriend, Doris take a day off to take us to Trieste in Italy. This involves travelling from Croatia, through a corner of Slovenia, and into Italy. There are good quality roads all the way. There has been a lot of road building in recent years but there’s also a lot of toll stations to pass through to help pay for it. Miki is also very careful to keep to the speed limits in Slovenia – both him and Sanja have told us that the Slovenian police hand out large instant fines for anyone caught speeding. Miki is clearly on a different career path to Sanja. He is an expert at finding his way to Trieste ... read more
With Miki And Doris - Our Guides For The Day
Canal Grande, Trieste
Miki Guides Us To The Bike Shop

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Rijeka April 20th 2011

Sex On The Beach Dobiti Sobu! We are very lucky to have an apartment to ourselves just a short walk from the beach. On the Wednesday we decide to spend the morning on the beach. It’s not a particularly sandy beach but it seems to be the best beach in the Rijeka area. This is where people come in the summer and we’re told it gets very busy. It’s still quite early in the year, the sea is still quite cold {We’re not brave enough to go too far into the cold water} and we almost have the beach to ourselves. The only other people on the beach are the couple who are apparently having sex on the opposite side of the beach. {OK. I’ve deliberately called this page “Sex On The Beach” to see if ... read more
Angiolina Gardens, Opatija

Europe » Croatia » Istria April 19th 2011

The Rovinj Of The Killer Truffles ”Legend Has It…..” On Tuesday we have Sanja to ourselves for the day and she takes us out to various places in the Istrian Peninsula. The area has been fought over throughout history and has been part of Austria, Hungary, Italy and Yugoslavia in recent years so it’s not surprising to find that most of the places we see are fortified towns on the top of hills. Sanjatakes us all over the peninsular giving us lots of information and telling us the history of the places we visit. I think I’ve forgotten most of it! Perhaps someone will help me out… The World’s Smallest Town? Hmmmm…. Our first stop is Hum, officially the smallest town in the world. Is there some official definition of a town? Hum has a population ... read more
The Smallest Town Has The Smallest Windows
This Is Where The Elders Met
Glagoltic Alley

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Rijeka April 17th 2011

The Three Wise Men Back To Croatia I had travelled to Croatia and other Balkan countries a few years ago and have managed to stay in touch and become good friends with most of the group of people I met there. My Croatian friend, Sanja, has recently had a baby daughter so the three of us who still live on the same continent, myself, Emma and Jo {I think we came close to persuading one of the Canadians to come!} are going to Croatia to visit Sanja and pay homage to baby Hana. My initial plan of bringing gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh didn’t materialise so we’ve arrived with Haribos and baby-grows. And instead of arriving on camels from the Orient we’ve flown by Easyjet from Gatwick. There’s an unexpected detour for me on the ... read more
The Three Wise Persons With Sanja And Hanah
The Apartment At Kostrena
Our Apartment At Kostrena

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » Viñales April 8th 2011

Vinales Soroa The final destination on the tour around Cuba is Vinales on the west side of the island. We stop off on the way from Santa Clara to Vinales at Soroa. Soroa probably has quite a lot to offer but as this is a stop-off on the way to Vinales and we just have time to visit the Orchid Garden here. The gardens have more than 25,000 species of orchids from around the world with the microclimate of the region being particularly suitable and it’s not long until I’m filling up another memory card in my camera. Vinales Vinales itself is a small town set in a beautiful limestone valley. The limestone has been eroded leaving a lot of interesting rock formations called magotes. The area is now a UNESCO World Heritage site with a ... read more
Didn't I Have Something Important To Do Today?

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Santa Clara April 6th 2011

Santa Clara Wednesday 8th April We spent most of the previous day travelling across the island from Santiago De Cuba. It’s a long bus ride but I’ve been buoyed by the news that my Santaria prayer for a football ticket has been answered and Pat and Henry are rather pleased that, 10 days into our tour, their luggage has finally caught up with them! Our hotel, the Los Caneyes is a large tourist hotel. At first we seem to have hit new levels of comfort. For the first time since leaving Havana we have something to attach our shower attachment to. Cat is slightly embarrassed to find herself in a suite with two bathrooms and with a bottle of champagne wai... read more
Captured Arms
Che Memorial
Inside Armoured Train

Santiago De Cuba Monday 4th April I’m trying to squeeze a tour of the rest of Cuba into two weeks. I would really liked to have spent more than two nights in Santiago De Cuba. Santiago is Cuba’s second city and was once the capital of the island so there’s probably a lot more to see than I could squeeze in to my brief stay. Our first stopping off point is the Moncada Barracks. This was the scene of Fidel’s first unsuccessful attempt to start a revolution in Cuba when Fidel and a number of students attacked the barracks. The bullet holes from the gun battle had been repaired but these have now been restored to give a better impression of what the building looked like after the attack. The barracks now serves a more useful ... read more
Changing The Guard
Musican In The Main Square
Re-enactment at El Morro

Fidel’s Place The Sierra Maestra Mountains The Sierra Maestra Mountains are Cuba’s highest mountains, on the East of the island. We are stopping off here on the way to Santiago De Cuba which will give me the chance to visit Fidel Castro’s headquarters in the mountains from where he launched the Revolution. Our tour bus takes us as far into the mountains as it can. From here we are to transfer to a “fleet” of 4WD taxis to take us up to our overnight hotel. There seems to be only four suitable taxis working this area so most of the group head off to the hotel while myself, Graham and Ernesto wait an hour for one of the taxis to return for a second trip. While we are waiting a strong thunderstorm breaks. We take shelter ... read more
Resting At A Friendly Farmhouse
Fidel's House
The Sierra Maestra

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Camagüey April 1st 2011

Camaguay Friday 1st April Camaguay is Cuba’s third largest city and one of the oldest settlements on the island but I suspect that that main reason that the organised tour stops here is to break the long journey as we head to the east coast of the island. We arrive here late in the afternoon in time to settle into the Hotel Plaza and head out for a meal at a local Paladar, a family home where they have been granted a licence to serve meals to visitors. On this occasion we get served a fairly standard Cuban menu but with the inclusion of goat meat, which I haven’t seen anywhere else in Cuba yet. The Hotel Plaza has probably seen better days but it seems to be where tour parties are taken as there are ... read more
Not Everyone Gets To Pose With Their Own Statue!
Che Watches Over The Bank Of Credit And Commerce

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro March 31st 2011

Topes De Collantes Topes De Collantes is a nature reserve in the Escambray Mountains just to the north of Trinidad. We give up our comfortable coach for some more suitable transport and head to the park to spend a couple of days there enjoying the park. There aren’t any hotels there. We stay at a hacienda, or large farmhouse, where we have a choice of a tent or sleeping on a mattress on the veranda. We spend a couple of days doing fairly modest walks in the mountains and visiting some of the caves, pools and waterfalls. I also learn the names of some of the different plants and birds we come across in the park but I’m afraid that this information doesn’t stay in my brain for too long. At one point we nearly lose ... read more
Coming Out Of The Caves We Meet Our Dinner
The Hacienda At Codina
On The Road

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