Central America - 101 Things to Buy on a Chicken Bus

Published: August 30th 2010
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101 Things to Buy on a Chicken Bus in Central America

OK. This list was inspired by a journey on a chicken bus out of Santa Ana in El Salvador.

Up until that point we had been fairly impressed by the range of things being sold by sellers coming onto the buses. But in Santa Ana the bus station is in the middle of the market and as the buses work their way through the market at less than walking speed a continual stream of sellers goes from bus to bus with quite a range of stuff on offer.

Our attempts to remember 101 different items has only reached 90 so far {with no cuddly toys or chickens yet} but I hope people will comment and add to the list and that it will soon get up to 101.

Here’s The List….

• apples

• arthritis and rheumatism tablets

• avocados

• back scratcher

• bags of flour

• bags of refrescos

• bags of water

• bananas

• batteries

• biscuits

• bottles of water

• business card holders

• car in
The Miracle PillThe Miracle PillThe Miracle Pill

One of these cures everything
a bottle

• caramalised nuts

• caramels

• chewing gum

• chicharone

• chocolates

• cigarette lighters

• clotriberal cream

• complete meals {chicken with rice and tortillas}

• cough sweets

• crayons

• crisps

• cucumbers

• donuts

• eggs

• fried plantains

• green peppers

• hair clips

• handbags

• hats

• “Hello Kitty”

• ice lollies

• inflatable plastic cow

• jammy dodgers

• jelly

• jewellery

• joke books

• juice

• ketchup

• knickers

• lemons

• limes

• lollipops

• mangoes

• matches

• milk

• a "miracle" cure

• mirrors

• needles

• newspapers

• nuts

• onions

• oranges

• padlocks

• pain killers

• pants

• papas fritas

• papayas

• pastries

• peanuts

• sweets

• pens

• perfume

• pineapples

• pink wafer biscuits

• plantain chips

• plastic bowls

Jewellery, JewelleryJewellery, JewelleryJewellery, Jewellery

And Clotiberal Cream - whatever that is ?!?

• radishes

• razor blades

• religion

• rheumatism salve

• scissors

• sellotape

• socks

• soft drinks

• toe nail clippers

• toilet paper

• tomatoes

• toothbrushes

• toothpaste

• torches

• tortillas

• towels

• watches

• water melon

• worm tablets

• yucca

….and Here’s the Chicken Bus Challenge

To travel around Central America only using chicken buses and anything you buy (including food) you have to buy without leaving the bus (i.e. you buy it on the bus or from the window).

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30th August 2010

Items for list
Don't know if they sell them down there as well, but inhere we also have: -Coloring books -Knife sets -Sunglasses -DVDs / music CDs -Wrestler masks -small fans that spray water -belts Probably something rings a bell or you'll see it later on
11th September 2010

Items for the list
Shame I missed out on the Wrestler Masks. I think I might have made a purchase!
21st September 2010

no worries, when you come to Mexico you'll see tons of them. Quite cheap, huge variety and can sell them in Europe for a fortune!

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