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Jessica B

As yet I've mainly only been to Europe and I'm eager to explore further a field. Next trip...3 months in Australia with my friend Chloe!

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island January 31st 2012

This seems slightly pointless writing this whilst back at home in England, almost a week since me and Chloe finished our New Zealand trip but I just feel I should finish the blog properly by telling you all about New Zealand. Where to start? You'll be glad to hear that I'm not going to reccount it day by day as that would be longer than either of our attention spans can handle. Our favourite Island was definately the South Island. There were some beautiful spots on the North Island but I have to consult my photos to remember them which is never a good sign. Our/My favourite parts of the North Island were probably kayaking at the Bay of Islands as I'd never done it before. The rain and wind didn't help but our sore muscles ... read more
Near Rotorua, North Island
White Water Raftin, North Island
Natural Geyser, Whakapapa, North Island.

This is going to have to be a short one as I have about 10 minutes left of Internet and the Internet where we've been staying is pretty expensive. We've been having an amazing time in New Zealand, such an beautiful landscape. Reminds me of Scotland at times and Canada (not that I've been) at others. This country makes me think of Dad quite a bit as I know he'd love it! The group we're on tour with are lovely, about 23 girls and 2 boys.haha. So parents have no need to worry! We already feel like we've all been together for ages and I'm currently learning danish due to the 8 Danish girls (and one boy) on our trip. Its really fun! What have we done so far? We've done Coastal Kayaking which was tough ... read more
Whangarei Falls
Looking over Cathedral Cove

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney January 4th 2012

About a week and a half ago now we flew from Western Australia to Sydney, New South Wales. We had planned to stay at this house with these two girls who were house sitting (long and confusing story). So personally, I didn't have much expectations, it could go either way. But still, me and Chloe had in our mind the touristy things we wanted to do while we were there and we would do those things no matter what happened. I've randomly started this blog talking about people rather than the things that we did as the girls basically made our week. Jess and Nicole were so friendly and cool, as were their family and friends that we automatically felt like we'd known each other for ages. I know this sounds like a Jess and Nic ... read more
Three Sisters at The Blue Mountains
Our little picnic by the Mountains
Blue Mountains

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney January 3rd 2012

I've been a bit slack with the old blog and so I apologise to all those that read it. Basically the parents... I haven't really spoken to the family much recently so for once I feel this is actually of use to fill you all in. I left you last in Bunbury, Western Australia. Fun capital of Australia it is not however it was nice chance for me and Chloe to relax a bit. Me and Chloe managed to read 2 books during the 3 weeks in WA, those that know me will know what a miracle that is. The weather was a bit pants to start of with but by the end of the week we got some nice hot scorching days. However it wasn't all just sitting around reading. We went to the gorgeous ... read more
Mellup Beach
Barrows Gnomes

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Bunbury » Bunbury December 12th 2011

I warn you, I just wrote 400 words and then managed to loose it, so the next 400 words will probably have a bored brain dead undertone. Firstly, It seems only right I start our Western Australian adventure with the long journey to it. We decided to stay on the Gold Coast longer instead of moving on to Sydney as planned as we're going to Sydney later anyway. So we had an annoyingly long journey from Surfers Paradise to Sydney. 17 hours. On a bus. I think I can leave it to your imaginations to wonder what a delight that was. It left at 8 in the morning and got to Sydney at 1 the next morning. Our flight to Perth left at 8 that morning. It seemed like a brilliant idea. We would have to ... read more
Australian Food
Perth at night

Oceania December 1st 2011

Heyy!! Chloe here!!...thought I'd give you a little entry!! First ups..major AAAAAaaahh!! Oh and by the way we are trying to get some pics for you to have a look at!! Proving a task and a half!! Hopefully we can get some up soon! We love a bit of imagery ey! Ok, so Jess left up on the waterfalls at Springbrook...pretty amazing place..the clouds seeped beneath the tree tops shades of deep greens, mountains,stunning waterfall with the gold coast (surfers paradise) high risers in the distance..All in one picture!The area had a mystical and secret feel to it (the fog could've had something to do with that mind you!) but yes, one of my fav places thus far! It did rain..and I mean bucket it down but it added to the feel of it..trekking (our version ... read more
Me and Chloe learning to Surf
Chloe Standing...on sand.
Chloe with a surfboard.

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Gold Coast » Surfers Paradise November 26th 2011

I can practically hear the lines on your faces crease and change from a slightly bored dissinterested facial expression to pure glee. Yes, I will admit I'm looking out the window at grey skies. Since being on the Gold Coast we have been unable to have one single 'beach day'. We've had one day of rain and lots of stormy clouds. But you twisted jealous lot its still been hot hot hot. The suns been out from time to time but even with the clouds its humid and sticky. About 27-30degrees. Still, it doesn't encourage me to get in the sea for a surf lesson, too grey and cold for a bikini. I'm hoping for Sun before we leave on Tuesday. Gotta surf on the Gold Coast. Anyway, lets go back two weeks, after the WONDERFUL ... read more
Me feeding Asian Elephant
With the Irwins

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Noosa November 15th 2011

We're feeling a bit nostalgic and sentimental already. The last 4 days or so have been so amazing that we're trying our hardest to keep hold of the fringes of Fraser Island as it slips away from us. The Whitsundays and Fraser Island are over, only to be remembered by photos. I know this is slightly ridiculous but seriously, the BEST 3 days. Before Fraser Island we did a days sailing trip round the Whitsunday islands. It was so beautiful. Whitehaven beach is the nicest beach I've ever seen in my life. White sand blue/green sea. Amazing. Unfortunately also got badly burnt here as I got sand stuck to me everywhere after going in the water so reapplying was difficult. This has now resulted in a very blotchy tan on my back and the whitest most ... read more
Photo 3
The Day 3 girls
Photo 5

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Great Barrier Reef November 8th 2011

All I can say is today was AMAZING. One of the guys warned us that it wouldn't look as bright as you see in pictures due to the lack of red light or something but it was still breath takingly colourful. Hard to describe. We saw so many fish (although no Nemo fish, turtles or Reef Sharks, only disappointment) and corals that were just beautiful. We just snorkelled but because its so shallow your still in amongst it all. I tried to dive but due to my annoyingly "precious" ears I couldn't. The pressure was too bad, they wouldn't equalize/pop and I couldn't ignore it, felt like something might burst. So only slight gutting thing. Chloe couldn't dive either as she ticked that she's had asthma so atleast we were in the same boat. I really ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cape Tribulation November 6th 2011

Well, we survived Auckland. Mainly due to a free trip that got us out of the city and I have to say New Zealand is beautiful, so we're looking forward to going back in Jan. The Rainforest was the first port of call. Had a brilliant day, driving through the rainforest, going to a Wildlife Sanctuary where we got to hold a Koala (tick) feed Kangaroo's (unexpected tick) and stroke a baby Crocodile. Saw some breath taking views and went for a walk along Cape Tribulation Beach/ In the rainforest. Here our tour guide-who looked suspiciously like Steve Irwin and was called Steve- proceeded to pick up a large red ant with a green bum and bite the bum off. When he uttered the words, you try it, I couldn't resist. I'm like a child in ... read more
Beatiful New Zealand
Getting my Tetanus jab from the Sky tower.
Mushrooms on Mount Victoria

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