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December 12th 2011
Published: December 13th 2011
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Central StationCentral StationCentral Station

Passing time at Central Station
I warn you, I just wrote 400 words and then managed to loose it, so the next 400 words will probably have a bored brain dead undertone.

Firstly, It seems only right I start our Western Australian adventure with the long journey to it.

We decided to stay on the Gold Coast longer instead of moving on to Sydney as planned as we're going to Sydney later anyway. So we had an annoyingly long journey from Surfers Paradise to Sydney. 17 hours. On a bus. I think I can leave it to your imaginations to wonder what a delight that was. It left at 8 in the morning and got to Sydney at 1 the next morning. Our flight to Perth left at 8 that morning. It seemed like a brilliant idea. We would have to be at the airport at 6 anyway. Why waste money on a hostel for just a couple of hours? We'd get the last train to the airport at 12.40am and spend the night sleeping on the uncomfortable airport chairs. Its a right of way for a backpacker, isn't it?

What we hoped wouldn't happen-which of course did- is the bus get to
Australian FoodAustralian FoodAustralian Food

Street Festival Perth
Sydney late. We missed the last train to the airport. It suddenly didn't seem like such a good idea. The next train was at 4 am. We imagined 3 hours in a dark cold drunk and tramp infested inner city train station and all of a sudden didn't feel so blase about it. We tried to see if there was another way to get to the airport at that time but got told the domestic airport didn't open until 6am, not sure that was true but it meant we were stuck at Central Station. We walked into the main part of the station and felt a calm set upon us. The station was filled with workers putting up xmas decorations. We were saved from Mr Shuffle, Beardy, Stares-a-lot, Mr.Hippy and Baldy. The entertaining amusing tramps who would have seemed a lot more sinister and slightly teriffying if it weren't for our friends in the yellow high-vis jackets. "Everday I'm Shufflin'"

I'd planned to stay wide awake, keeping a beady eye on my bags but of course, due to our lack of sleep on the bus, I fell asleep. In true tramp style I managed to make my self a

Perth Street Fair (Subiaco)
warm little nest for the night but when I awoke (with a violent shaking from Chloe) it was time to get our train to the airport. Despite asking a train worker if we were getting the right train, as it didn't say Domestic airport on the board but it did say via airport, and after him saying yes, we got on the train only to see it on the map sail past the airport on the wrong line. Fortunately, someone finally guaging from our bags we were going to the airport told us we were on the wrong train and to get off and wait for another. We were tired, angry at the man who told us to get on, and now freezing cold on the outside platform having to wait 30mins for another train. We finally got to the airport and as we invisioned we were welcomed with an air of safety with the bright lights, the obligitory McDonalds and Duty Free.

After a 4 hour flight we arrived in Perth and were greeted with the wall of heat every travaller wants to feel after being cold for the past 24hours.

We stayed with Nat and Matt
Perth at nightPerth at nightPerth at night

Perth at night.
Bilinski, friends of Chloe's, for a week. It was a nice change having a city holiday. Their flat has a shared pool and feels like a holiday complex. We went out to some cool bars and restaurants with them. A week full of Pizza, Cocktails, Wine and Cider in the Sun. We went to a gig to see Emma Louise, a brilliant singer and a brilliant evening. On the first night we went to a cool Street Festival/Fair where I had a Crocodile burger and Chloe had a Shark burger. Two more Australian foods ticked off the list. The tail end of the week was less sunny but the beginning of the week offered 36degrees. I thought I'd die in that kind of heat but its pretty dry and laying on the gorgeous City Beach and cooling off in the turquoise water was a heavenly afternoon.

Perth is a really cute city. Its tiny. It's basically a town with a few high rises which gives it more of a City status in your mind. From Kings Park it feels like you can see the whole city. Not including suburbs, there is mainly two streets with the shops on. We

Perth at night from Kings Park. Pretty cool photo.
were excited about Perth until the huge storm on the Tuesday. A day inside made us a bit lazy but we still had a walk around the city and then went to Fremantle that week. Fremantle is lovely, there's some really unique shops that make you want to buy everything. Even the wartime themed food shop made you want to buy some dried fruit from the large sacks. However the grey still seemed to drain the excitment from our souls for a couple of days. Australia's not supposed to be grey. Be that as it may Perth seemed to loose its shine, its right what people say theres not a whole lot to do over here. Well not near-by anyway. Everywhere in Western Australia is hours and hours away from each other, its so isolated and despite the people it makes you feel a bit lonely. But we definately had some brilliant evenings out with Matt and Nat...(whats that Chloe? Do you need to go on Book of Face to write a letter? 😊 )

We're now a bit further south in a town called Bunbury with some more friends of Chloe's. The journey here felt more Australian than
Perth City BeachPerth City BeachPerth City Beach

Perth City Beach exeeded our expectations.
anywhere we've been so far. Yellow grass, sparse amount of trees and those wierd metal fan things. We've only been here since Fri eve. The beach near-by isn't as picturesque as City Beach but its sooo long and any beach is relaxing. The only problem with the West Coast sea compared to the East is the prevelance of sharks. We've heard so many stories of recent killings and maimings that its not funny. So we won't be doing too much swimming I don't think. Last night we went to a little gig with a group to see a singer called Jonny Taylor. It was in a beer garden and was a lovely afternoon in the sun.

There was another storm today but we're hoping to go to Margeret River and down to Dunsborough and Yallingup beaches.

In general- I've had more casualties (My hat, my flip-flops). We think Chloes managed to get bitten by another Spider, we've seen our very own Red Back Spider (Reddy the Red Back) and I've managed to get Swimmers Ear, an Ear Infection, an a hefty $90 doctors fee. Swimmers Ear= imagine a thousand insect bites inside the small canal of your ear.

Cambridge, we felt at home.
Ok, slight exaggeration but its pretty itchy. I made it bleed, I have to use stupid ear drops, and I can't really swim in water. Four lengths in a pool and my ears are agony, might be why I can't dive too but who knows. There goes my new vocations since being here of a Dive Instructor, an Underwater Photographer, a Marine Biologist and a Dolphin Trainer (The dolphin show at Sea World nearly made me cry, if you've known me a long time, you'll understand, Dolphins have always been my favourite animal). I'm not joking, I really want to do one of these as a job. Stupid Swimmers Ear.

Still having an amazing time, feels more like we're living here now, not doing some touristy thing every day of the week. Different but still really good. Missing home? Not really (no offence) I obviously miss family and friends, after all I've missed giving my gorgeous Chelsea a hug when she just got engaged and I may have cried when my neice Daisy spoke to me on the phone and every baby I see makes me think of my new neice Izzy. But we're not home sick, we're both

Matt and Nat at The Aviary Rooftop bar.
really enjoying ourselves. Enjoying the experiences and enjoying the independance.

Love you all!!

Chloe says AAAAHhhhhHHHHHHHHHhh!!!


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Cool bar, had to take a photo of that amazing picture behind chloe.

Sunset on the Ocean. Cottlesloe Beach

Amazing Rays

Theres so many I could put up. So pretty.

At a lovely Harbour bar...with lovely happyhour cocktails.
San Churro'sSan Churro's
San Churro's

Another chocolate place...San Churro's
Park in Perth CityPark in Perth City
Park in Perth City

Park in Perth City

15th December 2011

Spell checker
B4 u strt a carear as a jurnalist u mite want to lern how a spellcheker wurks
18th December 2011

latest blog
really good to see your latest blog feeling a bit down so it cheered me up great pictures I could understand you falling in love with it there. Is Chloe on a trampoline? If not she's a really good jumper. Been to tasha's wedding tea that Janice Jermy organised everyone had to take a little kitchen gadget. They've signed for there flat now in Amersham it's above a one stop supermarket. Anyhow carry on having a good time no more falling asleep in stations! X x x
22nd December 2011

NOW that's more like backpacking...
Scary nights in a cold bus station rather than spending a few bucks on a hostel... Making me all nostalgic! The flight home loooooooms - keep rinsing it JB+Chlo!x

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