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November 15th 2011
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We're feeling a bit nostalgic and sentimental already. The last 4 days or so have been so amazing that we're trying our hardest to keep hold of the fringes of Fraser Island as it slips away from us. The Whitsundays and Fraser Island are over, only to be remembered by photos. I know this is slightly ridiculous but seriously, the BEST 3 days.

Before Fraser Island we did a days sailing trip round the Whitsunday islands. It was so beautiful. Whitehaven beach is the nicest beach I've ever seen in my life. White sand blue/green sea. Amazing. Unfortunately also got badly burnt here as I got sand stuck to me everywhere after going in the water so reapplying was difficult. This has now resulted in a very blotchy tan on my back and the whitest most obvious strap marks you've ever seen.

Now. Fraser Island. As well as the absolute stunning beauty of the place, two other things added to the immensity of this trip. 1) The lovely group of people we were with. 2) and MOST importantly, our Tour Guide. Peter Meyer. He is the most amazing tour guide we've had. He was so funny and knowledgeable and talented that me and Chloe I fear were a little bit in love. (and if the Cool Dingo press people ever find this then yes Peter, your brilliant)
It cannot really be explained to others but if your ever going to go to Fraser Island I would very much recommend a Cool Dingo 3 day tour (particularly if you get Peter)

Lets just say our middle names are now 'Danger'. In the UK we didn't want to see any bugs or snakes out here. On Fraser Island we were actively looking for them. Snakes (tick), Huge Spider (tick), Cane Toad (tick) Goana/Lizard thing (tick) Dingoes (tick) Deadly Ants, no joke. (tick).

Peter named me Ninja Assassin and Chloe Pixie. (This has to catch on, please everyone call Chloe Pixie) Ninja Assassin came from my new found role of March Fly killer. March flies have to be the most irritating flies. They're pretty big and they bite. I became a dab hand at killing them, so much so by the second day Peter was teaching me how to catch them between your fingers. It may be gross but out here I fear I've turned into some sort of Bushman. We even ate, (hold onto your stomachs) the honey stuff that comes out of the March flies....bum. Its basically the part in their body they keep the honey in when they suck it out of flowers. So its not that gross.....I think.

We saw loads of the island, beautiful lakes, the Champagne Pools etc but not without disaster, A flat tyre on the first day and a breakdown and stuck in the sand the second day. It was all fixed by Peter with a little help from all of us pushing the bus through the soft sand. The perils of an Island made of sand. Things were soon made well by a sing a long on the bus or one of Peters story.

I could really go on about Fraser Island all day so I'll stop. (Although have a look at Peter Meyer photography, he's an amazing Photographer)

General observations of Aus:
-It's expensive, a bottle of water here easily costs you about $3.60 (2.40ish) for a 600ml. We're living off 2 meals a day, mainly of crisps. But do not fear worrying adults, its all made better by the food we get fed on trips. 😊
-The meat here is different. It tastes fleshier. Particularly Bacon and Chicken. Almost as if its raw. Kind of has the consistency that you would imagine human flesh tasting like. Lets just say I've gone off Chicken.
-They've got so much choice in soft drinks. Random but true. They have the same brands but thousands more flavours. Unfair much?
-They seem to love the song Im yours by Jason Mraz.
-Australians are lovely!

Things I've learnt about Chloe:
-Don't bother talking to her at night or in the morning. She won't be listening to you, your talking to yourself.
-She's just as sentimental as me which is very handy when I'm chattering nonsense.

Missing anything from England? (other than friends and family of course)
- Polite queuing. I'm not joking. I miss the order, the unsaid way things are done. Its not the Aussies, its the french, the germans, whoever I don't know. I just know they're not English speaking. I've been pushed out of the way while queuing to get back on a boat from the sea, in a food queue, in a queue to get a photo of a snake. What on earth do they think i'm going there, waiting behind others patiently. Yer sure, you go ahead. I've been waiting here for ages but you push right in front of me. Bring back the conservative English ways!

Anyway, onto the next part of our trip, down to Brisbane/ Gold Coast/ New South Wales.


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15th November 2011

Holiday romances
are dangerous. Weve had a few weddings don't want one in Ozz. Love grandad
26th November 2011

Don't worry I won't run off with an Australian!haha. Love to you and Nana!x
17th November 2011

Only discovered your blog when I hacked into Beth's facebook account..after an intense reading sesh I feel like I'm there with you - efficient blogging! All new tech to me ;) sounds amazing, and I'm super proud of you with the OCD/bug thing! Can't wait to see whats next. Have fun ladies. x
26th November 2011

Why thank you, I'm proud of myself. ;) I hope you had a brilliant honeymoon! I want to hear all about it. Send me an email!x
20th November 2011

Sounds/looks like your having an amazing time Jess. Slightly jealous of the perfect looking beach! I'm enjoying reading your blog, and Izzy likes the pictures...honestly she smiles at them! I won't let your brother read this one as it does sound like you might have a bit of a crush on Peter! ha ha only joking! Anyway take care and I'll look forward to your next blog. :) x x x
26th November 2011

To the Fam...
That is so cute Alex that Izzy smiles! I miss her. And I laughed out loud about the not letting Jamie read bit. Can you pass on to Jamie from the message he sent me...Don't worry I'm alive. I'm not going to miss Izzy getting cuter and Daisy 'representing' whatever that means. Haha.xx
26th November 2011

These pictures are actually making me feel sick!!! They're far too nice...
1st December 2011

i think we all fell in love with peter...
Hey Jess and Pixie! awesome blog! That weird beach in the middle of trees that you went to on the last day looks amazing! In our defence, it wasn't an Aussie that pushed in to see the snake:P Anyway hope you're having lots of fun wherever you are in Oz at the moment. Let me know when you get back to Sydney!

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