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Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant » Sint Anthonis July 20th 2012

This day we should leave England and going home to Netherlands. I didn't want to go home. It felt too early to leave. I really had the feeling that I could stay at least some days or even one week (two weeks?) more. But we really had to go, we couldn't stay longer. We had to go back with the bus, and early. We had to gather 7.15 am (English time) by the bus. Our hotel, in Luton opened the breakfast earlier today, at 6.30 am (Normally at 7 am). We couldn't use the English traditional breakfast, but we had a good breakfast. Arriving at 7.10 am almost everyone of the group was gathered by the bus. The luggage had to go in the bus. We should leave at 7.30, but we left 15-10 minutes earlier. ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Oxfordshire » Oxford July 19th 2012

Yesterday, it was a little bit a disappointed. Today, we should visit Oxford, and tomorrow we should go home. So, we hoped that today it would be also one of the highlights of our trip. And it was. Oxford is a very beautiful city. It feels small, open, not very busy and is very atmospheric, also because of it beautiful, cultural buildings. And all highlights are easy to walk (well, some parts take a huge walk, but you do not need to take a taxi). I think it was more beautiful than London, because London is bigger and it feels very huge. Also, London is very busy, especially at the Oxford street and almost all highlights are far off each other, so you need to take a taxi or the metro. So, today, Oxford! At 10 ... read more

Today, we should visit in the morning the little towns Bourton-on-the-water & Chipping Campden. Really nice towns, but not spectacular. In the afternoon, we should visit the Roman Villa (Yanworth), where ruins of one of the biggest villa's from the Roman Empire were open for public. This would be the highlight of the day. However, this day was a disappointment (not by the weather). Today, at 9 we left our hotel in Swindon after the breakfast. First, we should visit Bourton-on-the-Water. We took a tourist route with the bus. Our driver drove "adventurous". Some roads were very small, and we had a big tour bus. The driver drove maybe a little bit hard, also through the curves of the road, and sometimes we had to brake very hard, because of oncoming traffic. However, I never felt ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath July 17th 2012

Today, we visited Wells & Bath. In Wells, the famous Wells Cathedral was advised to visited. Bath is known about it Roman Baths. The old Romans build a whole temple complex around a geothermal spring. So, this day was full of (historical) culture. Around 9 am we left with the bus to Wells. Wells, is the smallest city (not a town!) in England, but also famous about its Cathedral. This cathedral is ornate with 300 sculptress, whereas 150 of them are life-size. The building of this cathedral started in 1175. However, historians think that at the year of 705 another church stood on this place. And the entrance was free, however a photo permit was 3 pounds. We bought one. Again, this cathedral was big, and similar "gothic" building. We took the stairs "Chapter House Steps" ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Dorset » Shaftesbury July 16th 2012

Today, we should visit in the morning the Stourhead Gardens. In the afternoon we should visited Shaftesbury. Because we were travelling in a group, our day program was known before. However, it sounded a little bit boring. However, the Stourhead Gardens was not boring at all! We left early today, after breakfast. However, it was starting to rain (not that hard), even when we arrived. Typically English weather. After buying the tickets, we could enter the gardens. Now it stopped to rain, at least for a while. The garden is known about its temples bridges and tunnels, which you also could visit. Even for disabled people there was a hike trail. And you also could choose a small and large hike trail. We choose to hike the largest trail, of 2 miles (3 km). However, the ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Wiltshire » Stonehenge July 15th 2012

Today, we had a day full of history. First, we should visit Winchester, hereafter Salisbury and a final trip to Stonehenge. This day was a big highlight of our trip. First, Stonehenge, which I really wanted to visited when I was young. Second, Winchester. Who doesn't want to visit the city of King Arthur? So totally excited, we started our third day in England. The day started after breakfast and we left our hotel in Reading. Winchester was once the capital city of England. When we arrived, we first want to visit the Cathedral of Winchester. However, it was Sunday and a ceremony held, so we couldn't enter. The oldest part of the Cathedral is from the 13th century. However, we took a small walk around the Cathedral. Then, we took a walk in the Centrum. ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City July 14th 2012

At this day, we went to visit London. I never visit this city and I really wanted to visit it, in combination with Stonehenge and Winchester. So, today, one of the highlights: London! First, we took breakfast in our hotel (Novotel in Reading). The breakfast was extensive and good. You could choose a traditional breakfast (eggs, bacon, and toasts). But you also could choose sandwiches, fresh fruit, and yoghurt. Tea and coffee was included. And of course, in England you have to take the English breakfast tea. Breakfast was a little bit early for us, because, we were waked up during the night. Reading is a university city, and during the night we waked up by screaming of (drunk) British people. After breakfast we went with the bus to London. It took almost one hour before ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Berkshire » Reading July 13th 2012

Today it was the day. This was my first trip, ever. It was a long day, started at 5 am (Dutch time) when my alarm waked me up. We had to leave at 6 am. However, I was so excited, that I didn't sleep that well. Together, with a friend, Hans we booked a trip by Effeweg (Dutch organization) to the South (East) of England, called "Highlights of South-England". This was an 8 day trip were we should visit London, Oxford, Winchester and Stonehenge, and many more! Also, breakfast and diner was included. After my parents picked up Hans, we went to Nijmegen, where the bus should pick us up. Here, there was a check-in point, where a bus of Effeweg should came. Here, we could check in, and the bus brought us to the central ... read more

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