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July 14th 2012
Published: January 24th 2013
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The Big Ben in London
At this day, we went to visit London. I never visit this city and I really wanted to visit it, in combination with Stonehenge and Winchester. So, today, one of the highlights: London!

First, we took breakfast in our hotel (Novotel in Reading). The breakfast was extensive and good. You could choose a traditional breakfast (eggs, bacon, and toasts). But you also could choose sandwiches, fresh fruit, and yoghurt. Tea and coffee was included. And of course, in England you have to take the English breakfast tea. Breakfast was a little bit early for us, because, we were waked up during the night. Reading is a university city, and during the night we waked up by screaming of (drunk) British people.

After breakfast we went with the bus to London. It took almost one hour before we were in the city centre of London. There, we did a "Sightseeing tour". It started to rain, especially in the beginning. Gladly, our bus was covered. There are also busses which weren’t covered, but taking pictures then is a lot easier. First, we cross The Greek Par, the St. James Park and Covent Garden. First, we visit the Westminster Abby. In this

Nelson Column
church all the coronations of the Royal family of Britain occur. From here, we took a walk to the Big Ben, which is in fact a part of the Houses of Parliament. The Big Ben is named to Benjamin Hall. This clock is the heaviest clock in the world. It was very nice to see the Big Ben. Then we visit the Trafalgar Square for a fast photo stop. We saw the Nelson Column. This square is named to Horatio Nelson, which defeated a float from the French/Spaniards (of Napoleon) by the sea battle Trafalgar. Then, our bus stopped at the Aldwych Street, and we could do whatever we would like to do.

Together with Rick and Mary we visit the British museum. First, we went to the "old Egypt" site. We saw real mummies! Also, we saw the Crystal Skull and some other beautiful culture treasures. After our visit, we went to eat a hotdog.

We went to visit the Oxford Street, but first we decided to drink a pint of beer in a pub. This pub was in the middle of London. And then you standing in the pub, all unknown beers and what

A real mummie! (in the British Museum)
do you have to take? We choose the beer "London's Pride". Well, we were in London, so why not? The beer was very good, so indeed it's London's Pride!
We didn't go shopping at the Oxford Street, we only walked through it. It was very busy. However, we took a small visit to the China Town. I really liked that. In the middle of London, you got one street totally in China style!
Then we visit the Piccadilly Circus. Hereafter, we went to the Covent Garden, listed to some street musicians.
Sadly, we didn't had time for the London's Eye (a big Ferris wheel, where a ride would take 45 minutes) because we had to took our bus back to the hotel.

After diner, we joined the "London by night tour". Here, we drove the Olympic Lane, which wasn't closed yet. Two days later, we heard on the news that the lane was closed. So, we drove on the Olympic Lane! Then, we first visited the Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus and China Town again. We also visited the Buckingham Palace. Some guards were actually waiting there and walking

I taste the beer "London's Pride".
there route. That really looked very nice. Hereafter, we visited the St. Paul's Church. This church survived the Second World War, because it's a strategy to keep a centre place (the church), where a lot of houses stood around which were bombed around it. Then, we visited the Tower of London. This tower had different kind of destinations in its past. For example, it was a jail and a palace before. Then we drove on the Tower Bridge. Then, we went back at our hotel.

London was totally ready for the Olympic Games, just as whole England/Britain. At this day, we saw all highlights in one day of London. It's a really beautiful city. Sadly that we didn't had time to make a ride in the London's Eye. Maybe next time, when I go back. No doubts about that, one day I want to visit London again.

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Piccadilly Circus at day

Buckingham Palace

A bus in London

China Town at Night

The Underground

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